MONSTERS at Dartmouth College

SAEN exposes FATAL NEGLIGENCE at Dartmouth Collegereceived_1455551734485391resulting in dehydration deaths of 13 voles. Imagine, Dartmouth staff being so INEPT that they are incapable of simply making sure that animals have waterpicsart_01-06-12-00-35. SAEN NEEDS YOUR HELP – SHARE this post & CONTACT USDA to demand MAX FINE against DARTMOUTH!

➔ ➔ TELL USDA to SLAP Dartmouth with HUGE FINE!
(919) 855-7100

Sample Message:
Dear Dr. Goldentyer, Dir, USDA Eastern Region
Please levy the MAXIMUM FINE against Dartmouth College for their disregard of the Animal Welfare Act when their carelessness caused 13 voles to die of thirst. Their negligence should NOT be tolerated and MUST be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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➔ ➔ SAEN EXPOSES Dartmouth’s Negligence in MEDIA:

Depicted are representations and not actual images from above facility.

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5 thoughts on “MONSTERS at Dartmouth College

  1. “…In an emailed statement, Dartmouth said the animals died in two incidents — one batch from dehydration after they contracted diabetes unbeknownst to researchers, and in another case from what Dartmouth officials called an “unfortunate oversight.” – Yes, the oversight was very unfortunate, especially for the poor voles who were on the receiving end of this “trivial mistake”…..


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