Veleda Bailey Starved Her Dogs While She BBQ’s Hamburgers

At 97 S 27th St, Wyandanch, NY 11798 is a house of horrors; Veleda Baileys kids played around a dead dog that was decomposing in the yard while still tied to a tree while she BBQ’d hamburgers.  Her excuse; “I didn’t have the money to feed them”dayofrescue3

Five emaciated dogs were found half-dead in the garden of a Long-Island Resident, near New York City

image-1About 40 protesters gathered outside First District Court in Central Islip on Thursday before the arraignment of a Wyandanch woman who was charged with animal cruelty.

Veleda Bailey, 35, was charged in November after Suffolk County police, SPCA officials and members of an animal rescue group found one of Bailey’s dogs, Five emaciated dogs in her backyard. Five of her other dogs were found emaciated, Suffolk County prosecutors said.

One of the dogs suffered from parvovirus and pneumonia and later died, according to Linda Klampfl, director of Almost Home, the Bohemia-based rescue group that first alerted officials to the incident.

Bailey admitted to SPCA officials that she had not fed the dogs in two weeks, according to Suffolk SPCA Capt. Paul Llobell. A necropsy revealed that Soldier, a pit bull mix, had died of starvation.

Protesters waved signs, many showing pictures of Soldier lying dead, and chanted, “no chains, no pain” outside court Thursday morning.

Veleda Bailey, who was accused of animal cruelty after the death of her dog Soldier, is arraigned before Judge Fernando Camacho at First District Court in Central Islip on Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017. Photo Credit: Ed Betz

“We’re here to see this case through,” said Keri Michel, 41, of Blue Point. “We want to make sure that woman is held responsible for the abuse of those animals.”

The protesters were accompanied by Genesis, a black pit bull mix found emaciated at Bailey’s home, who is now “plump and happy,” protest organizer Kylie Edmond said.

Genesis and three other dogs taken from the home will be available for adoption through Almost Home.

Several protesters attended Bailey’s arraignment and cheered afterward outside the courtroom.

“This was a terrible case of animal cruelty and we hope this is the first step on a journey toward justice for these dogs,” Klampfl said.

Bailey’s attorney, Daniel Russo, declined to comment on Thursday’s arraignment.

Bailey pleaded not guilty to one felony count of aggravated animal cruelty and six misdemeanor counts of failure to provide sustenance, Llobell said. If found guilty, she could face a 2-year sentence.

Bailey’s bail was set at $25,000 cash or $50,000 bond, Llobell said. She is due back in court on Feb. 10.

14 thoughts on “Veleda Bailey Starved Her Dogs While She BBQ’s Hamburgers”

  1. A maximum of 2 years is a pitiful sentence for such a heinous crime. This Oxygen thief deserves nothing less than 5 years in prison and in an ideal world, life with no parole. Heartbreaking Abuse.RIP “SOLDIER” Your Life Did Matter

  2. This is truly one of the most horrific cases of premeditated animal abuse in the US that I’ve read about. She slowly tortured an innocent animal to death. Shooting would have been more merciful as it would have been instant. She is human waste, void of empathy, compassion or love. And she doesn’t look undernourished at all.

  3. The depths to which so-called humanity have fallen are inconceivable. Think not of what this lowlife monster did to these innocent animals, but think of the lesson she has ingrained in her children. It’s perfectly all right to starve an animal. Vomitous.

  4. Stop feeding Veleda Bailey too !! and a sentence of 10 years !!

    On Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 6:28 AM, The Monsters Among Us wrote:

    > Alafair posted: “At 97 S 27th St, Wyandanch, NY 11798 is a house of > horrors; Veleda Baileys kids played around a dead dog that was decomposing > in the yard while still tied to a tree while she BBQ’d hamburgers. Her > excuse; “I didn’t have the money to feed them” Five ema” >

  5. PLEASE go to Change.Org and go to JUSTICE FOR SOLDIER and PLEASE sign the petition. To date, there are 8,000 signatures but we Need 10,000 for the district attorney to push the residing court judge FERNANDO CAMACHO for the Maximum sentence of 2 YEARS JAIL TIME for her Inhumane Cruelty. God Bless You All for your attention and time reading this from my heart. We Need To Be The Voice For All Dogs And Cats Everywhere.

  6. You hood rat black bastard. I hope karma does u in big time, you selfish pos. Exactly what makes the world say…….BLACK LIVES DONT MATTER!!!!

  7. HEARING SET June 13 for this case. Scheduled to enter a “suggested” plea deal. NO JAIL TIME! 5 years probation, 5 years not allowed to reside with or have any pets and either 630 hours community service with Almost Home Animal Rescue, or 6 months jail. If she does not do her work in community service, she goes to jail. Only consolation here seems to be if she ends up with a felony on her record and it fucks up her life.

    1. Yikes, she is doing com service and will be working w animals? that’s a scary thought. Just hope she is not in charge of feeding any of them.
      And definitely needs that felony. Stupid dumb B!

  8. These articles seems to be written in a rush and can be quite confusing, I cant figure out how many lots of dogs there were and how many of them died. Im sure the articles can be edited, I just cant understand why they always have chunks of confusing text often with odd grammar and spacing. “Five emaciated dogs in her backyard. Five of her other dogs were found emaciated” is a cryptic math riddle to me- are they saying the same thing but in reverse order? I love this site and am grateful there are people out there making it happen- so im not meaning to sound critical in any way, just pointing it out because i notice it happens quite often.

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