Sadistic Game Warden Tanner Dixson Murders Innocent Family Member



Faline, the gentle deer, who chose a human family, The McGaughey’s,  as her own, entered the McGaughey residence on the morning of December 19, 2016, ate three cookies and then left to wander around outside. By that afternoon, she had been fatally and purposely shot by Tanner Dixson, Sadist Game Warden, while her human family and caretakers watched in horror.
Tanner Dixson, a game warden for the state of Kansas, was practically salivating at the prospect of knowing he would soon be able to end an innocent life. For a psychopath, ending an innocent life is seemingly more thrilling and packs more of a punch than ending the life of someone who deserves it.  A psychopath has had to practice his entire life and become good at balancing fitting into society and being able to continue his psychopathy; what better occupation than a law enforcement officer. And in this case just throw out a few official sounding reasons that are exaggerated parts of obscure laws and a few scare tactic statistics and there you have it;  and now he is ready to murder an innocent deer who is quiet, meek, shy, loving and kind. Faline came into the Mcgaughey’s life after she followed Kim Mcgaughey home one day to the family’s six-acre farm outside the town of Ulysses around 22 months ago when the animal was less than a year old.falene-deer-4  The family started feeding Faline two years ago when she came in with a broken leg and then refused to leave. “But she had free rein to do whatever the heck she wanted.  “There was no way you could keep her in an enclosure.” What is clear about Faline is that she was an unusual doe.  Taryn McGaughey, 34, said in an interview that the deer had followed her mother, Kim McGaughey, and the two, had an “instant connection.” Soon the deer had been dubbed Faline, after Bambi’s companion, and she made fast friends with the dogs, horses, and goats on the property.  The doe came and went as she pleased, sometimes roaming several miles, said McGaughey, who added that her mother had previously been told by a local game warden that this relationship was fine so long as the deer was not confined. Kim Mcgaughey fed Faline and gave her water. She put colorful knitted collars on the deer so that hunters would know not to shoot her. falene-12
The three-year-old deer apparently hated the wind and would lock the front door using her head and would often sleep in Kim McGaughey’s room. “She would get on the bed and stand like she owned the place,” said Taryn McGaughey, a fashion, fitness and glamor model. Taryn McGaughey, who said she believes Faline “thought she was a dog,” has photos and videos of the deer inside the home, standing on furniture and playing with her 8-year-old son.falineBed “She was house-trained, she would also come into the house behind me, sleep on the floor while I watched TV,” Kim McGaughey told the commission Thursday, describing how the deer would knock on the door with her head or bleat when she wanted inside. “I would answer her with a bleat back because it sounded like she was hollering, ‘Mom.’
Everyone in the area knew Faline, so when she went missing in December, Kim McGaughey posted a Facebook message asking people to keep their eyes peeled. That, the McGaugheys think, led someone to tip off wildlife authorities. On the afternoon of Dec. 19, 2016, game wardens arrived at the workplace of Kim McGaughey, an emergency medical technician, and issued her a ticket for the confinement of wildlife. [even though Faline was never confined and came and went as she pleased] She told the wildlife commission that she immediately called three Kansas zoos to ask if they’d take the deer, and that one told her to call back when they reopened in the morning.   Kim McGaughey questions the rush, saying the deer was dead within 45 minutes of the game wardens approaching her at work.

“After having her 22 months, they couldn’t even give us 12 hours to try to take her to a sanctuary,” said Taryn McGaughey.

“They said they were worried about our safety, but cats and dogs carry more diseases than any deer ever would. ” She would never get a chance to explore alternative locations for Faline. The wardens had gone to her house, said Taryn McGaughey, who was visiting from Las Vegas and filmed what happened next. In one video, she asks a warden who pets Faline’s head:

“So you’re going to shoot her in the head?” He responds: “Yeah, I am . . . it’s the most humane way to shut her down, to solve this problem.”

In another video, the wardens can be seen walking around the McGaugheys’ property after the deer, who takes quick steps but does not run from them. Taryn McGaughey can be heard saying, “Run, Faline, Jesus.” Soon, when the deer and the wardens are far from sight, a gunshot rings out and McGaughey is heard breaking down into sobs. Four additional shots were fired after that, she said.

[wpvideo KGGUZOWt]

These Terrorist Bullies, who are not real men in my book, chase Faline around her yard at her home, a place where she has always felt safe and secure.  Faline knew something was wrong and was so confused because it was at her house and probably had no idea they were there to KILL HER.
Can you imagine how terrified Faline is?
Faline had always felt safe on the McGaughey’s property and I can only imagine the fear, confusion, and danger she sensed in these few minutes before these murderers corner and kill her!




A petition was written by Michelle Phillips to bring Justice for Faline

Petition to fire Tanner Dixson for murdering an innocent deer

Her reason for the petition is as follows”

As a veterinarian and rural farmer, I recognize that Faline and the bond between her and this family was one in a million. That such a rare and precious thing could be so callously and senselessly destroyed, sickens and saddens me to no end. No amount of justice is going to bring Faline back, or erase what happened to her, but hopefully in achieving justice, this family can find some consolation when the perpetrators are punished. Just because something is legal does not make it morally or ethically right. What these men did while hiding behind their badges takes morals and ethics to, for me, an unimaginable low. They should be fired for unethical behavior unsuitable in a public servant. And they should continue to be publicly ostracized. They need to feel some of the pain that their actions have caused – a fraction of the pain that this family will continue to feel for the rest of their lives.
Hopefully we can send a message to people who think they are above the law or who think they are big fish in a little pond and therefore can act with impunity, that they will be held accountable. Maybe in doing so, we can prevent something like this from happening in the future.
Thank you, Taryn, for bravely taking the video and shining a light on this tragedy. Without you and your camera, they would have gotten away with it scott free.

Michelle Boelter, Delta, CO
Jan 11, 2017


13 thoughts on “Sadistic Game Warden Tanner Dixson Murders Innocent Family Member”

    1. This is a horrid and abominable situation. My daddy always told me you dont kill your pets. Tanner Dixson commences paying for his crimes and will never be given reprieve. I am so thankful for the creator of this website!

  1. There has to be justice done for this innocent animal! Publish the names and addresses of the morons that came to murder Faline. Then society will get justice even if the law does not. Karma has a way of leveling the playing field.
    These pictures are absolutely beautiful except the ones showing her impending murder. All I can say is WHY????

    1. Pam name and shame is very effective. Are you in a position to get any of the wardens names besides Dixons? If not I can try but truly swamped at the moment.

  2. My thoughts which I entered as a comment on the petition:
    “As a lifelong animal lover I find this wanton act of cruelty egregious and not in keeping with the practice of game wardens I’ve known in several states. As a healthcare professional I find KDWPT Warden Dixon’s slaughter of a non-threatening animal, in front of the humans who loved and cared for said animal, disturbing. When there are more humane solutions to a problem (such as a sanctuary or relocation) KDWPT should have utilized it. Instead, Game Warden Tanner Dixon went “rogue”. In the videos it is painfully obvious that he and the other wardens derived a sense of pleasure as they targeted and shot Faline multiple times. His comments to the family prior to the killing were cruel, as if he relished taking the deer’s life. This is not the behavior of a well adjusted person, let alone one who serves in a law enforcement capacity. KDWPT has a program called Operation Game Thief which allow citizens to turn in poachers. I’m curious as to the name of their program that allows their wardens to stalk and kill a tame, harmless, confused deer? In my state it’s called hunting.”

    I urge everyone to sign & share the petition plus this story of Faline’s murder on social media, email circles and with friends/family. People like Tanner Dixon are dangerous and should not have a job that allows him to carry a weapon. His actions on December 19, 2016 are proof.

  3. Does anyone see the contradiction of this whole incident. This deer not causing a problem and what? three or four grown armed men show up to chase and kill (TERRORIZE A FAMILY OF NICE PEOPLE0 USING A DEER TO JUSTIFY THEIR VIOLENT BEHAVIOR. The sad reality is the playing field must be even.

  4. Has this subhuman poor excuse for a man Tanner Dixon been punished for his evil behavior ? Someone please let me know or post something about the latest news on this subject.

    1. As far as I am aware nothing has happened to Tanner Dixson even though the ticket he wrote was thrown out in court. I was so disgusted by the actions of Kansas dept of wpt that i traveled there from Texas (I was born raised and lived in Kansas first 50 yrs of my life.) Also a tame deer, Lola, hangs around our home where we now live in Texas and has for three years. Tame deer are fine in Texas as long as fences are less than 8ft.

      Any rate I went to a KS wpt meeting in Aug 2017 and informed them that Texas Oklahoma and other states treat this very differently than Kansas that this is just barbaric and must change. I was thrown out of the meeting! I am disgusted with my home state but wont stop until justice happens.

      1. Robert James McDonell

        James, what they did by throwing you out of the meeting is called “Moral cowardice”.

        Moral cowardice is a BIG problem with APPOINTED bureaucrats & when pressured about a wrong the bureaucrats have committed they panic & do what they did to you, like get rid of you anyway they can, which is admitting that they, the bureaucrats knew they were in the wrong. If you had been a tax paying Kansas resident @ the time you could have hired an attorney to sue the state of Kansas for illegally barring a Kansas state citizen both their 1st amendment right to hear & be heard as well as violating YOUR right to peaceful assembly on ‘taxpayer funded’ public property.

        We have a family attorney that specializes in both our 1st & 2nd amendment rights & let me tell you that if he had been in your place @ the time, the state of Kansas would have ended up paying millions of dollars for outright violating an American citizens constitutional rights & Liberties.

        I REALLY appreciate your concern, diligence & outright affection towards Taryn & her family regarding the holocaust that they went through watching Faline being murdered. Few Americans would have made that trip that you took to Kansas to protest Faline’s murder. It’s Americans like you James that give me hope in Americas future.

        Best wishes to you & your loved ones!


  5. Thank you for your comment, Bob. This blog has been stagnant for about 2 years I really must revise it and get it going again the amount of animal abusers in society right now is overwhelming. I am currently trying to get youtube to ban the baby monkey videos that sadists from all over the world think are cute and funny to post but youtube cares more about the money that these cruel and evil videos bring in than they do about the suffering it causes.

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