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I told you about these horses over a year ago and tonight I’m driving and on the radio is Susan Ash of  @HavasupaiHorses talking about the horrors still going on there.  I naively thought my exposing them that tourists would choose a different destination for their vacation, not so! PLEASE take action and help these starved, abused, kicked, whipped, rarely given water horses.

They are literally worked to death; they steal baby horses from the wild before they are ready to be taken away from their mother, work them till they drop dead on trail leave them there because they’ll just get another. I will be posting places and people to contact. From listening to Susan tonight it seems that the best action we can take is to discouraged patrons of this trail, to find alternate ways of getting to the top of the mountain; there are helicopters rides for 90 bucks

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  1. these pictures are from way back any complaints that are given of Animal TORTURE to the Animal Control Department does immediately act with what the procedures is to be and not every one is a monster their is no understanding from some of you outsiders as to your real world you have ACCESS to everything even your Veterinarian just a call away , Imagine yourself living in the canyon with out a veterinarian to come to your call in a Animal control mobile full of supplies in 5 minutes we d not have this! a lot of major IMPROVEMENTS have been made and you wish to retaliate in such a destructive way and you are welcome you did come to Havasupai and literally put your fullest to defame our BEAUtTIFUL! home.

      1. Sorry, I misunderstood… I thought you Are the person who abuse animals… It made my blood boil… 🙁 That is why I wont go close to this place – Ill end up in a jail… or I can go and end up in jail to bring more publicity to this place…

    1. Why don’t you carry all that crap on your back in 130-degree heat? when you do that I will remove this exposé about the monsters, yes Monsters who torture horses or any animal. Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment or abuse in any other way. These horses do not belong to you, no animal belongs to anyone. Horses have needs and wants, they have preferences just like you do. they hurt, they laugh, they cry, they feel tired, they feel hot, they love and enjoy things. They are sentient beings and not your slaves. Leave them alone.

    2. Of course not all Havasupai are monsters. And it’s understood that living in a small isolated community, you do not have readily available veterinary services like most populated areas have. But that is no excuse for the injuries inflicted on the animals to begin with. The people in the community that are NOT monsters need to stand up to the ones that ARE monsters. Tell them! Let them know they are not only hurting the animals, they are hurting you as well, and they are hurting the rest of the tribe by ruining your business, your source of income. People in the outside world around you take animal cruelty very seriously, as you can tell by all of these letters calling you monsters. YOU live there and see it every day. It has to stop. The men handling the horses are making all of you look bad, and as long as no one does or says anything about it, it will only get worse. Lead by example. Get all the people together that actually care and walk out there yourselves and tend to the horses, clean their wounds, give them water and love. Clean up the trash. A group effort will go a long way…and if the “monsters” see everyone else doing what they should’ve been doing to begin with, maybe they’ll get the message & start caring more themselves. And once the horses are healthy & happy again, more people will come visit, which means more money.
      Let the men responsible for this mess read this letter. I know it’s insulting to have “outsiders” tell you what to do with your business, so look at it this way…Do you want to make more money? Are you sick of white people telling you how to do your job? There is a simple answer; Treat the animals with the respect they deserve and the rest will fall in to place. More money will come, and outsiders will leave you to your business. But that’s part of the problem, isn’t it? Day after day, spoiled white people expecting & demanding, and for not much money…not enough to feed you, the horses, proper gear for the horses and everything else. But what can you do? Without tourism, no money. It can’t be both ways. So there has to be a balance, a middle ground. Being angry and rude to the people, or hurting the horses is obviously not the answer. Maybe put up signs asking politely to respect the inhabitants of this land. Signs saying We live here, this is our home…Please respect that and don’t treat us like we are your servants. Raise the prices enough so you can buy better horse blankets and saddles & food. Establish strict rules for how the horses are handled. Call a meeting for everyone involved to discuss these ideas and any other ideas that might make this situation better. Everyone involved (including the horses) need to be happy…otherwise, what’s the point? Why do anything at all if you’re just going to be miserable? If your village is full of love and happiness, that energy will radiate and everyone will feel it.

      I wish for love, happiness and prosperity for all of you, for that is what is needed to heal these wounds.
      Love & Light,

      1. Horses are not anyone’s property! They are Gods creatures and need to be set free. They are not anyone’s slaves and these people are treating them like slaves. These people are evil


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