Honduran Monsters Tied Explosives to a Street Dog and Lit the Fuse

The Monsters Among Us

On January 1st, 2015 MONSTERS Victor José Laínez, Misael Santiágo Laínez Fugón “Chago”, Rony César Nólasco Laínez “Blás” and Antonio Velásques Ortiz tied 2 enormous mortar explosives to an innocent and starving street dog that they dragged 15 blocks to the location and who looked trustingly at the boys possibly even thinking they were playing with him. He Stood patiently still as they attached the explosives to both of his sides, having no idea what these evil sadists had planned for him. The soulless individuals could be heard laughing throughout the entire video.


As they gleefully lit the fuse and the explosives ignited the innocent little dog who would have loved anyone of these boys unconditionally was ripped apart by the violent explosion all the while their evil laughter could still be heard.

This same evil group hunts their own country’s national animal The protected species Yucatan white-tailed deer and…

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2 thoughts on “Honduran Monsters Tied Explosives to a Street Dog and Lit the Fuse

  1. The world would be a much more serene place if more human beings instilled this in their shallow ignorant minds. We all have to live among each other and it baffles me that most of the human race make it a miserable place to live. Especially for animals, who can NOT speak up.For a human being to be capable of actions like this, it means there is something seriously NOT normal in their minds. The sooner our government and the rest of the world begin to realize that, then and ONLY then will these innocent victims have a chance. To ALL those that look away and DO NOTHING…GO TO HELL

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