Cruelty to Animals, Hunting, Serial Killers
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Phil Brown sociopathic serial killer

5737 Meadeville Rd Gap PA 17527-9304 Phone: (717) 768-3673

This guy needs to be skinned and exported to China
Phil Brown of Gap, PA is a horrible monster exporting all the murdered foxes and sent them to China and Europe. He was paid $25 for each murdered fox.
– 1202 fox caught in 90 days
– 1200 caught in 89 days
– 9247 traps check in 90 days
– 13 fox average a day for 90 days

And if Paul Browns hatred of animals wasn’t clear by all the foxes he murdered, his other business is killing other wildlife which he refers to as pests.


  1. P Levernier says

    What a sick monster!!! Expose this cruelty to all around him!

  2. yvonzilla says

    Skin That S.O.B A live BURN IN HELL you Ass Hole. Dead A Hole Dead.

  3. Tom Ferreri says

    Another pathetic loser with no soul. The wheel of Karma grinds by day and grinds by night, his day and night are coming.

  4. HollyG says

    This is completely outrageous! What does one do to stop this kind of thing? If it’s legal to trap these foxes then how do you get people to respond, other than venting their horror at this monster? Chinese are just as culpable. They rape the land, kill animals (rhinos for aphrodisiacs, if you can believe a country of over 4 billion people really needs one) because they can’t control their own population. If there wasn’t a market for these things, then these morons wouldn’t kill. Obviously, this jerk has no other income. How to stop him??????????

  5. Jorge Gonzaga Filho says

    He os the kind of people that makes world a bad place.
    I am ashamed of muito specie.

  6. Anonymous says

    Why are the local wildlife and game wardens not keeping this killer in check ?

  7. James Creely says

    Because the Dept. of Fish and Game are a fucking terrorist government organization committing atrocities against animals.

  8. Animal Lover says

    Look him up on Facebook under Phil Brown of Gap Pennsylvania and message him there–flood his message box with messages. His picture shows up on his fb site. The phone number noted here has been disconnected. He is one sick SOB who is totally devoid of a conscience or empathy. I believe they call sickos like that, psychopaths. He needs to be locked up for the good of EVERYONE.

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