Cruelty to Animals, Wild Horse Lies
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Wild horses have been mating with aliens from outer space.

The government would put out that statement if they thought you would believe it.  Our government lies about so many things and one of the reasons is they know the majority of its citizens just don’t care about anything unless it directly affects them today, right now other than that it is someone else’s problem.


This is all about lies they tell to cover up why they are so concerned with wild horses.  If you follow the money, you end up in the Cattle Ranchers backyard.  Cattle ranchers want the wild horses and burros gone.  THE ONLY REASON THEY WANT THEM GONE IS that the wild horses and burros eat the grass the cattle ranchers want as food for their beef cattle raised for slaughter to sell as “beef”.

When the wild horses eat the wild grass it cuts into their profits and the government protects the cattle ranchers because they generate money and wild horses are just wild horses and they don’t generate money.  Our government sees anything that generates money as a top priority and anything that doesn’t well then we need to get rid of it, hence the roundups, hence the lies that the horses are hurting the environment plus every other lie imaginable to cover up why they are torturing the wild horses.  They would even say Wild horses have been mating with aliens from outer space if they thought people would believe it.



  1. Anonymous says

    These horses need to live out their lives just like everything and everybody else. Cattle ranchers need to be controlled just like any other criminals including some government officials who have no respect for animal rights.

  2. John Dough says

    People!!! Please learn the characteristics of psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists, etc. They’re ALL the same. These are so called “people” are without conscience, without remorse, without empathy. It is PANDEMIC and they run the governments of the world. They are also in your FAMILY. Remember KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Do NOT confront them when you figure out what they really are. You could end up getting killed. If you live with one, just keep cool, do not react to their created drama and get the hell away from them as soon as possible. DOCUMENT everything they do and say everyday. This is the only thing that is going to save you if the law gets involved. Many, MANY women are sociopaths, yet people stereotype women. Not a good thing. Narcissistic/Sociopathic “women” are the MAIN reason WHY there are misogynists in the world. Imagine having a sociopath for a mother? WOW!! TIP: they have actual biological BRAIN DAMAGE and there is NO CURE…

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