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Ever wonder what the wild horse and BLM issue is all about?

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The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.~ Arthur Conan Doyle

Ever wonder what the wild horse and BLM issue is all about? Plain and simple the greedy cattle ranchers raise cows for slaughter so people can eat them.  The cows are kept on the millions of acres that the government owns.  the ranchers pay the government a grazing fee and they feel that entitles them to pressure the government to get rid of large herds of wild horses that have lived on the land for hundreds of years and just 100 years ago, about 2 million mustangs roamed the North American terrain. Now, there are fewer than 25,000 mustangs left in the wildnews_ap_396105873637_rqv9vw

The greedy cattle-ranchers go crying to the Bureau of land management [BLM] that wild horses are eating their grass.  So the government has a propaganda-list of lies as their reasons for rounding up and terrorizing wild horses with helicopters, where many are separated forever from their families, fatally injured from running for their lives out of sheer terror, trap and enslave in cramps pens in the burning hot sun for years with no shelter, all sorts of poisons and chemicals to kill, abort and sterilize wild horses, and sold for slaughter. The BLM has to lie because if everyone knew the truth then there would be more outrage.

THESE WILD HORSES LIVES ARE MADE MISERABLE BECAUSE PEOPLE CHOOSE TO EAT MEAT. Please stop eating meat.  Most animal abuse comes down to human greed, selfish habits with the unwillingness to change and a complete lack of empathy.  Please consider the others that you share this planet with.





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