Monsterous Zoo Allows Visitors To Torture its Animals

Kangaroo Pelted With Rocks Dies in Fuzhou Zoo in China and it is not the only time. This type of thing happens often. Basically, Fuzhou Zoo is a place where animals are trapped, cannot get out and are on display for the sadistic visitors to torture.

Petition regarding this murder

A woman looks on as the kangaroo appears to be writhing in pain on the ground of her enclosure at Fuzhou zoo. Screenshot_1

A 5-year-old male kangaroo at Fuzhou zoo in southeastern China, with a foot injury, from a visitor throwing a stone to make it jump. A 12-year-old female kangaroo died at the same zoo after being pelted with rocks. When the bored Kangaroos weren’t putting on enough of a show for the sadistic visitors of the  Fuzhou Zoo in southeast China; they picked up bricks and rocks and started throwing them at the helpless Kangaroos killing one and severely injuring another. What type of society does and allows this?
A 12-year-old female kangaroo suffered a severely injured foot when she was struck by bricks and concrete chunks on February 28 at the Fuzhou Zoo in Fujian province. The kangaroo died days later and an examination by a veterinarian revealed that the cause of death was likely a ruptured kidney caused by being struck by the projectiles.  A few weeks later, a five-year-old male kangaroo at the same zoo was injured the same way.The following are pictures of the first kangaroo’s smashed and nearly severed foot, and of the animal receiving treatment via intravenous drip before she died.cba485dec93561a5d793b6157ef69543nc-composite-kangaroodeath Visitors to the zoo are known to provoke the kangaroos to get them to display their signature hopping mode of locomotion using their powerful hind legs. Nothing was ever mentioned about if anyone would be punished over the matter, but in a further disgusting and insensitive move the zoo said the dead female would be stuffed and put on display.   The zoo also stated they will look to install security cameras to deter visitors from harming animals in future.
[How about closing down this hell on earth for animals and send the remaining animals to sanctuaries?]China’s unregulated zoos and wildlife parks often make news for their flat out cruel actions and reasons, typically involving abysmal conditions in which animals are kept or insensitive actions by visitors in a country where the notion of animal rights is nonexistent! Among recent examples, horrified visitors to an animal park in eastern China’s Jiangsu province last June watched as tigers killed a donkey that was released into their enclosure by investors angry over a business dispute related to the zoo, according to media reports. A few months earlier, a zoo visitor died after he was mauled by tigers whose enclosure he entered in the city of Ningbo, south of Shanghai.8596248-3x2-940x62781c3d542-5bd1-11e7-98d7-232f56a99798_1280x720_1301197a0d17d87737e54edadc091a60660d4ccba485dec93561a5d793b6157ef69543inconsiderate-zoo-visitors-kills-kangaroo-by-throwing-bricks-just-to-see-her-jump-world-of-buzz-4Kangaroo-stoned-to-deathAsiaWire-KangarooKill-03.jpgnc-composite-kangaroodeath


Dogs are Beaten into Submission to Walk Upright Wearing Human Clothes This is an Asian Amusement that needs Awareness to stop them from doing it.

At first sight, this might seem cute to some onlookers but if they only know how these abused dogs are tortured into submission to walk on their back hind legs with human clothes on. If you happen to see this please report the video, report it to the authorities, reprimand the makers of the video or in person.


Ever wonder how they get them to walk upright? They beat them into submission of course.  This is common practice in some Asian countries.





So the monsters of this story are bee slavemasters Justin and Tori Engelhardt and the 2 little shits who did the actual murder.

Vandals smash beehives, killing 500,000 bees
note: i don't care about the business 
that had these bees working as slaves; 
had they been free they would still be 
alive so i blame the slave masters that 
ran this operation. I am sad for the 
murder of the 1/2 million bees that lost 
their lives because they lived in slavery.

Bees are rapidly disappearing around the U.S., and that could be potentially devastating because bees are essential to the production of many major food crops. Without bees, there would be no blueberries or apples. Now one Iowa honey company says vandals smashed 50 beehives and killed at least half a million bees, and nearly destroyed the entire business completely.

Justin and Tori Engelhardt of Iowa’s Wild Hill Honey discovered the smashed beehives on Thursday, December 28, when they went out in the morning to check on the bees. All 50 of their hives had been smashed to pieces. The bees, unable to survive the cold temperatures outside the hive, were piled dead in the snow. Justin Engelhardt said nothing was stolen except for the security camera.

At the time, Engelhardt said the destruction had probably destroyed Wild Hill Honey completely because insurers don’t offer beehive insurance and the business couldn’t absorb the approximately $50,000 worth of damage that had been done.

Since news of the vandalism got out, however, Go Fund Me efforts on Wild Hill Honey’s behalf have raised more than $35,000. Engelhardt posted to the company’s Facebook page that the money would allow them to rebuild and start operating again in the spring.

“Thank you to everyone for your generous contributions and your amazing show of support. Because of you, we will be able to continue our business in the spring. We are deeply moved by your compassion,” Engelhardt wrote on Facebook. “Between the contributions and the equipment we were able to salvage, our needs have been met. There are so many great causes to support. Our wish is that this spirit of compassion will be used to help others now. All fundraisers for Wild Hill Honey are now closed. Thank you.”

Smashing the beehives and killing half a million bees was a senseless attack, and police are still looking for the culprits. But the fact that thousands of strangers saved the business from ruin makes this one of the most inspiring food stories of 2017.

If anyone has the 2 brats names please message me, you can remain anonymous,

Wild Buffalo Abused for eating grass “meant” for cattle raised for food in the Hebgen Basin

MEAT EATERS HAVE NO IDEA HOW FAR AND WIDE THEIR CHOICES REACH TO DAMAGE THE LIVES OF THOSE THAT JUST WANT TO LIVE THEIR LIVES, RAISE THEIR CHILDREN AND BE LEFT ALONE. They are harassed to keep them from grazing on the grass that cows raised for food eat.  So the buffalo are harassed and slaughtered to keep them from eating the grass that the ranchers want their cows who are raised for food to eat. Just so meat eaters can have their steak or hamburger.  Pretty disgusting if you ask me!

BFC (Buffalo Field Campaign) has witnessed two hazing operations in the past week, both targeting wild buffalo who migrated to the South Fork / Denny Creek area of the Hebgen Basin.

2017 05 11 01 001 haze 3seay800This portion of the Basin south of the Madison River is currently a “no tolerance” zone for wild buffalo. Last Thursday, a total of forty-seven adults including pregnant females and juveniles, along with eight newborn calves (some born just yesterday) were pushed off of their chosen ground. Six riders, three with the Montana Department of Livestock and three with Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, did the dirty work. They were assisted by two Gallatin County Sheriffs and our new game warden. The buffalo were not having any of it. They immediately took off from the riders at a dead run and got the attention of another group of nineteen buffalo (including two big bulls who we were concerned about getting shot) and while the 47 took off in one direction, the 19 took off in another, never to be seen again. The agents were left in the dust. The 47 kept running right down the Madison Arm Road along Gallatin National Forest. After a few miles, they ducked off deep into the woods. It seemed the hazing was over when the agents loaded up their horses, but a few miles down the Madison Arm Road, they pulled over and unloaded again.

2017 05 11 01 002 haze10seay800

They eventually found the buffalo in the woods and proceeded to chase them along the road, down to the lake shore, back onto the road, and back down to the shore. From here they made them swim across and go up to the Northwest Bluffs of the Madison River, where they are allowed to be. It was a long, hot day for the buffalo and BFC patrols. The calves were exhausted, and hopefully, they are now resting. Afternoon patrols are keeping an eye on them. BFC was all over this hazing operation and didn’t miss a thing. Here are a few snapshots from the day. And there’s not a single domestic cow on the land they were hazed from, most of which is public land. All of this is paid for with your federal tax dollars.

Buffalo again returned to the area later that afternoon but no actions were taken against them until the following Tuesday. It seems that the “serious threat” of brucellosis transmission that Montana livestock interests use to harass and kill wild buffalo is only a concern Tuesday through Thursday, and never after 5 pm, when it’s time to clock out and take a long weekend.

2017 05 11 01 003 haze5 10seay800

Tuesday’s haze was conducted by the Department of Livestock, Fish, Wildlife & Parks, and the US Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. The hazers started bullying twenty-seven adult buffalo and six newborn calves and found a few more along the way, so it ended with a total of thirty-nine adults and juveniles and six newborn calves. Like last week, the hazers had another challenging time with it. The buffalo took off, again leaving them in the dust and heading straight for thick timber, where the agents lost them for at least an hour. While they searched, a huge thunderstorm rolled in, dropping heavy rain and hail, soaking the bullies.

2017 05 11 01 004 haze17seay800

A while later, the cowpokes found them and pushed them through cattle-free public lands of Gallatin National Forest, over tons of fallen trees (very hard for the wee calves to navigate) to the Madison Arm Road, down to the Madison River, back up to the road, then back down to the river (sound familiar?), forcing them across to the northwest bluffs where they finally left them alone. But the agents weren’t done. They headed over to Red Canyon, site of the only summer cattle ranch in the buffalo’s year-round habitat, where there currently are no cows. The agents attempted to haze a family of eight adult buffalo and one new calf. The agents found themselves on the wrong side of the fence from the buffalo so they couldn’t get to them. As they moseyed back to try to find their way around to the buffalo, one of the riders was bucked off his horse and the buffalo, having seen the riders, were already gone. The new MT Fish, Wildlife & Parks game warden drove out to the buffalo’s location and proceeded to fire off cracker rounds (explosives fired from a shotgun) to try to scare them further. The buffalo walked just a few more yards, over to land where they are allowed to be, but the cowpokes went after them anyway, on foot (a first!), hootin’ and hollarin’, and firing cracker rounds. All but four buffalo swam across the water to the Narrows Peninsula of Horse Butte, and after that, the bullies finally left.

TAKE ACTION! Help us end hazing (and slaughter). Call Montana Governor Steve Bullock and tell him to work with the legislature to repeal MCA 81-2-120, the law that puts authority over wild buffalo in Montana into the nefarious hands of the Montana Department of Livestock, and to endorse a plan that respects wild bison like wild elk in Montana. #406-444-3111 or


Source: Wild Buffalo Abused by Hazing in the Hebgen Basin

The best available science presented in the petition shows that the Yellowstone bison are unique, significant, and genetically and behaviorally distinct. For this reason, the Yellowstone bison population is critical to the overall survival and recovery of the species.


11/13/14 PRESS RELEASE from Buffalo Field Campaign & Western Watersheds Project

ESA PETITION from Buffalo Field Campaign & Western Watersheds Project



EXTINCTION? – Are wild buffalo going extinct?

ESA OVERVIEW and fact sheet from the USFWS

USFWS Rejects ESA peitition (BFC press release)

BFC, Others File Law Suit Against Federal Government (BFC press release)

Please support:
Buffalo Field Campaign
PO Box 957
West Yellowstone, MT 59758
Tel: 406-646-0070
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
Website by 4M Consulting

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MONSTERS at Dartmouth College

SAEN exposes FATAL NEGLIGENCE at Dartmouth Collegereceived_1455551734485391resulting in dehydration deaths of 13 voles. Imagine, Dartmouth staff being so INEPT that they are incapable of simply making sure that animals have waterpicsart_01-06-12-00-35. SAEN NEEDS YOUR HELP – SHARE this post & CONTACT USDA to demand MAX FINE against DARTMOUTH!

➔ ➔ TELL USDA to SLAP Dartmouth with HUGE FINE!
(919) 855-7100

Sample Message:
Dear Dr. Goldentyer, Dir, USDA Eastern Region
Please levy the MAXIMUM FINE against Dartmouth College for their disregard of the Animal Welfare Act when their carelessness caused 13 voles to die of thirst. Their negligence should NOT be tolerated and MUST be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

➔ ➔ SHARE THIS POST to spread the word!



➔ ➔ SAEN EXPOSES Dartmouth’s Negligence in MEDIA:

Depicted are representations and not actual images from above facility.

#SAENonline #voles #NewHampshire #Dartmouth #Hanover #GoBigGreen #stopanimaltesting #stopanimalabuse #stopanimalcruelty #stopanimaltorture #biomedicalresearch #animalliberation #untileverycageisempty #labanimals #vivisection #antivivisection #animal #animals #stopanimalexploitation #exploitation #vegan #stopanimalexperiments #governmentwaste #alternatives #cruel #unnecessary

Marc Ching Betrayed over a 1000 dogs and lied to celebrities because of greed

Marc Ching, owner of Animal Hope and Wellness foundation, “a charitable organization” [more like an uncharitable organization] based in California. Their number is (818) 317-5863, his cell is 916 996-6610.

The Fluffball 2015

The majority of this page is taken from source George knowles/ link to original article
When Hollywood stars including Matt Damon, Joaquin Phoenix and Minnie Driver filmed an emotional appeal to stop China’s brutal dog meat trade, horrified animal lovers from Britain and around the world rallied to the cause.
Volunteers from the UK and the US flew out to help charismatic animal crusader Marc Ching – who orchestrated the celebrity appeal – stage a daring bid to shut down slaughterhouses and rescue 1,000 dogs from the dinner table.

The animal lovers promised to find homes for the dogs in the West.

But a Mail on Sunday investigation has found that – unknown to his Hollywood backers and donors – Ching’s high-profile operation deteriorated into farce, and ended with hundreds of dogs suffering slow and excruciatingly painful deaths within days of being rescued.

We found that:

  • Many of the dogs died after being locked in cages and denied basic treatment and injections that might have saved them;
  • Volunteers were left behind desperately trying to save the dogs’ lives, while Ching flew back to the US after the rescue suffering from depression;
  • Up to two-thirds of the dogs are now believed to be dead, with the British head of an animal charity involved in dealing with the pitiful aftermath saying: ‘Those poor dogs just went from one hell to another’;
  • Questions have been raised over shock videos used in the celebrity fundraising appeal of dogs being tortured, burned and boiled alive;
  • Only a few dozen of the 1,000 dogs made it to new homes overseas, and two international charities, including British-run Soi Dog, are paying for the majority of the dogs still alive to be taken out of China.
  • Ching, who runs an LA pet nutrition business and restaurant for pets – and whose customers include Matt Damon – began travelling to Asia to rescue dogs from slaughterhouses in September last year.

1. Celebrity Appeal: Matt Damon (left) and Minnie Driver (right) appear on Ching’s website, which shows dogs being tortured, to highlight his crusade against the dog meat trade

He achieved cult-like status among US animal lovers after claiming to have been shot at, beaten by thugs and to have had the barrel of a machine-gun put in his mouth in a series of dog rescues in countries including China, South Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

After nine months of solo missions in which he claimed to have almost been killed a number of times, and to have rescued 300 dogs, he was ready for something more ambitious. He released his celebrity appeal days before the infamous dog festival at Yulin in southern China in June. During that event, thousands of dogs, many transported in packed cages from big cities, are killed and then eaten.

The volunteers responded to Ching’s Facebook appeal for help in what he told them would be a ‘historic’ mission to shut down slaughterhouses by paying owners and then rescuing 1,000 dogs from certain death.

In the shambolic rescue that followed, Ching’s volunteers took 300 dogs to a shelter in the city of Nanning, 130 miles from Yulin, set up by his charity the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. A further 700 went to Buddhist sanctuaries after Ching struck a deal with monks to buy the dogs between them.

Within days, dogs with disease and distemper began dying en masse in their cages at one of the Buddhist sanctuaries where – unknown to Ching – religious beliefs dictate that animals are denied any treatment and instead nature is allowed to take its course.


The aim was to shut down slaughterhouses and rescue 1,000 dogs from the dinner table

The chaos worsened after Ching flew back to the US and then cut off funding to the Nanning shelter after a spectacular falling out with businessman Jeffrey Beri, the man leading his volunteer team in China.

Incredibly, Ching admits hiring men described by others as local thugs to break into the Nanning shelter at night and snatch more than 100 dogs – some already lined up with adoptive homes overseas – to take to a shelter run by his supporters 500 miles away in Changsha.

Ching accused Beri of misusing funds and sexually harassing staff. Beri, who denies the allegations, says he has since spent £50,000 of his own money to stay in China to care for the surviving dogs and find them homes overseas.

Beri said: ‘The only reason I am here is to save as many of the remaining dogs that I can. When this is over, I would like a complete audit of what has been donated to and spent by [Ching’s] charity.’

The Soi Dog Foundation, run by Briton John Dalley, is paying for 70 dogs in Nanning to be sent to foster homes overseas at a cost of around £1,500 per dog. The Humane Society International has meanwhile taken in 120 dogs and is funding their export to new homes overseas. Another 90 remain in Changsha with Ching’s charity.2. The harrowing rescue mission: A cage is packed with dogs being prepared for the slaughterhouse at the Yulin Dog Festival. Ching recruited UK volunteers to save them, saying some would be re-homed in the West 2. The harrowing rescue mission: A cage is packed with dogs being prepared for the slaughterhouse at the Yulin Dog Festival. Ching recruited UK volunteers to save them, saying some would be re-homed in the West

A female volunteer from the US, who gave her name only as Sarah because of abuse and threats she says she has received from some of Ching’s supporters, said the June rescue went disastrously wrong from the outset.

‘We thought the rescued dogs were all going to a safe house in Nanning,’ she said. ‘Instead, 700 of them ended up at Buddhist sanctuaries and most died because they didn’t get the care they needed.

‘If they had been left in the slaughterhouses to be hit on the head and killed, it would have been better than the suffering they went through.’

Sarah said she and other volunteers were also ordered to leave 100 rescued dogs in their cages in Nanning from 7am until 4pm in sweltering conditions so that Ching could be photographed with the animals.

Ching ordered Sarah and other volunteers to leave on June 23 but she refused and decided to stay on to care for the desperately ill dogs.

She believes between up to 700 of the 1,000 dogs originally rescued are now dead. Beri estimates around two-thirds died.
Sarah said: ‘Marc wanted everyone out so the dogs could disappear and die. He said most of the dogs were so sick they would die.

‘But I can tell you that of the dogs given care, 90 per cent will survive. For those not given care, 90 per cent will die.

‘Marc has raised awareness of the dog meat industry but at a great cost to dogs themselves.

‘I was led to believe we were going to rescue the dogs, give them proper medical care and place them in homes. I didn’t know we were going there to pull them out of the slaughterhouse then just dump them.’

Concerns over Ching’s tactics surfaced three months before the Yulin rescue when he visited the Soi Dog Foundation in Phuket, Thailand, and took a dog with severed paws for adoption in the US. He later claimed on his website he had rescued the animal from the dog meat trade.

3. The desperate aftermath: Dying dogs at a Buddhist sanctuary where Ching's foundation placed 700 animals. Ching did not know that the Buddhists would not help sick animals, and many of the dogs ended their days in agony

3. The desperate aftermath: Dying dogs at a Buddhist sanctuary where Ching’s foundation placed 700 animals. Ching did not know that the Buddhists would not help sick animals, and many of the dogs ended their days in agony
‘I told him repeatedly those dogs were not from the dog meat trade but from road accidents and cruelty cases in Phuket,’ said Dalley.

Ching blames the error on a mistake by his assistant.

Dalley suggests Ching failed to intervene when he filmed shocking scenes of cruelty used in the celebrity appeal to raise funds. His videos show dogs being hung by the neck, dogs with their paws hacked off, and a dog being strung up by the neck in a public park in Indonesia and yelping as it is blow-torched.

Dalley said: ‘In one in Indonesia you can see at the beginning a guy puts his thumbs up to him [Ching] as if to say, “Are you ready?” At the end the guy is turning around as if to say, “Was that OK?”

‘I don’t understand how anyone who professes to be in animal welfare can film that sort of thing without intervening. He could have saved those dogs.’

In a telephone interview from California, Ching admitted making mistakes with his Yulin rescue but insisted that he did not regret it. ‘All of those dogs were supposed to die,’ he said.

He admitted he ‘didn’t know the philosophy of the Buddhist monks’ and hadn’t realised the dogs sent to them would be left to die.

He estimated about a third of the dogs died and claimed that some had been distributed to local animal welfare groups to be adopted within China, explaining the disparity between his estimate on survivor numbers and those of his volunteers.

Ching insisted the celebrity appeal did not raise much money.

However, a video of him in a slaughterhouse in Yulin that was released days later raised hundreds of thousands of pounds, according to his assistant.

He said the videos on his website were filmed while he was posing as a meat trader to get into slaughterhouses and was unable to rescue dogs without blowing his cover.

Peter Li, China policy specialist of the Humane Society International, said: ‘We don’t believe buying dogs is the right approach, especially buying dogs at the festival and in great numbers. It encourages the trade. I hope what happened at Yulin this year will not happen again.’

David Donnert and Vicenta Pages are Monsters They Enslave and Beat Tigers so they can perform Tricks for Profit

Head Slave Master Vicenta Pages White Tiger Show with With Master Exploiter David Donnert101_0345

Gandhi, a 2-year-old Bengal tiger was being exploited by Vicenta Pages in front of 33 elementary school children when Gandhi does what a normal tiger does when being exploited and enslaved and made to perform tricks, he attacked her and then he was whipped and beaten by David Donnert, for doing what a normal tiger does

These tigers are exploited, enslaved and abused behind the guise of an “educational program” The only thing this teaches children is that it is somehow natural for these majestic cats to be kept in cages while whipped and humiliated to perform tricks. This is wrong and any parent who would allow their child to attend and view such  blatant cruelty and an outright crime of the nature of wildlife should also question their parenting values.636130134804449825-pensacola-interstate-fair-tigers-1-copy

Please do what you can to see that these outdated and inhumane shows are seen as just that; dated, inhumane, speciesist and archaic.

One small advancement arose out of this; A spokesperson for the fair states that they were shocked to see the video and will no longer allow “animal acts” at the fair in the future; they will only allow petting zoos and livestock which are just as bad but, baby steps, baby steps!

The following is borrowned from

Most private owners and roadside zoos seem to be using Wal-Mart’s discarded meats to feed their cats.  Please ask Wal-Mart to discontinue enabling the breeding and exploiting of big cats by providing free food.  While Vicenta claims in this article to pay for food from Wal-Mart, that is unlikely given the recycling program Wal-Mart provides free through

Vicenta is a fifth generation performer, her father is Jorge Pages Jr. of the Pages circus family which originated in Cuba and arrived in the US as Circus Pages. Her mother is Frieda Logan-Pages who is the daughter of former Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. Circus elephant trainer Fred Logan.
She began performing on trapeze at one, trampoline at four, on ponies at age 8 in her first solo act. It was around that age when she asked her father when she could join him in the arena with the tigers, he told her when she was older. At age fourteen she reminded him of that fact and she joined her father in the presentation of the family tiger act. At 18 she began performing solo with the tigers.

At age 19 she began a tour with the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus. Her run with Ringling Bros. ended on Labor Day 2009 and Vicenta is now reduced to performing at fairs, festivals, special events and possibly theme parks throughout North America.


If this tiger could speak he would say please let me go; i want to live out my life in a sanctuary and not to beaten into performing tricks


Vincenta Pages Forces Cruelly bread White Tigers to stand on their hindlegs which is unnatural for them and they do it because she has a whip ready to beat them if they don’t

Vicenta Pages

Sierra Exif JPEG

Vicenta Pages Exploits Tigers

Psychopathic Stanley Family Savagely Beat a Concerned Neighbor for Asking Questions about Dog Whose Throat They Slit And Tortured

Link to Original Story

Andrew Payne’s life is in danger from the psychopathic Stanley family; We must support him as much as possible..

Bastrop, Louisiana –Two members of the Stanley family have been arrested and charged with battery since the original dog killing video was released for assaulting local resident 65 year old Andrew Payne. Payne drove past the Bootstrap Kill Pen to find out more about the dog that was killed. As he was parked on the road, Boots Stanley’s father, Greg Stanley, and cousin Michael Stanley, assaulted him, hitting him with a board and fists through his car windows. Payne says he decided to drive by and check out the Stanley family’s property, the auction barn.

“He [Mitchell Stanley] said ‘We’re going to call the police’, and I said ‘Fine.  I’ll wait. . want me to wait for the police?  Someone pulled me over from the right, from the passenger window and said, ‘You’re waiting for me,” says Payne.
“Mr. Payne advised that he was battered by a Greg Stanley who was on the passenger side of the vehicle that you cannot see in the video,” says Chief Campbell.
Boots’s father, Greg Stanley, was arrested and charged with simple battery.
Boots’s cousin,  Michael Stanley, was arrested with aggravated battery.
“I left right away, I had blood coming out, so I just went to the police station and filed a complain right there.  I’m really not sure of what to do at this point. . I’ve had people say you need to get out of town, and I can’t let that drive me out of town,” says Payne.

This Psychopathic family feel that the law does not apply to them and also they are managing horses and other animals can you imagine the horrors the animals face daily? The following photos are of Boots


Boots Stanley Sitting on a horse that he beat to death with a stick for getting stuck in the mud

Stanley after he beat a horse to death with a stick because it was easier than trying to get him out of being stuck in the mud.
Boots Stanley, son of Greg Stanley, own and operate Bootstrap Louisiana Kill Pen a facility that buys horses and sells them for slaughter in Mexico.  Stanley, and friend Steven Sadler,[ LINK TO ORIGINAL STORY ] were arrested after posting a video of themselves torturing a pit bull and then slitting his throat and watching him bleed to death. They were released on bail and entered a plea of “Not Guilty” on September 20.  A new photos show Stanley sitting on a horse that he beat to death with a stick for being stuck in the mud and the other photo shows Stanley holding up his blood covered hand, with the horse’s blood splattered across his face and shirt, grinning like it’s the best thing that has happened to him.


MONSTER Daniel George Kopulos Enslaved hundreds of birds and other animals in a house of horrors

Home [HOUSE OF HORRORS] of Daniel George Kopulos age 41

danielexploit 82 Newtown Turnpike, Weston, CT 06883  (212) 927-5552 Daniel owns Fauna NYC Uptown Birds in New York City Business of horrors. Daniel George Kopulos perpetuates the evil exotic bird criminal trafficking racket. BIRDS WERE MEANT TO FLY FREE NOT LIVE IN CAGES LET ALONE BEING SMUGGLED AND CAGED AND THEN IN THIS CASE TO BE KEPT IN A DISGUSTING HOUSE OF FILTH AND DISEASE. wf-web-animalabuse_aviary-9-16image1__2_wf-web-animalabuse-9-16

Rhode Island Parrot Rescue worker with birds recovered from 82 Newtown Turnpike in Weston.animal-abuse-bird-rescue Upon her arrival at 82 Newtown Turnpike, last week, Corrie Butler said she was overwhelmed by the “cloying, suffocating stench of death and decay.”
Butler and a team of volunteers from Rhode Island Parrot Rescue arrived at the Weston home on Friday, Sept. 16, and removed more than 100 exotic birds to take back to their headquarters in Warwick, R.I.
The day before, Weston officials had found hundreds of birds, snakes, and reptiles, both dead and alive, inside a home and aviary outbuilding on the property. Rhode Island Parrot Rescue was called in to help.

Butler, the Rescue’s facility manager, said the smell was so bad in the two-story aviary that the team had to wear full isolation gear and respirator masks. “The floor was littered with debris, old cardboard boxes, broken down pieces of equipment, open bags of rotted bird food, and clutter,” she said.
The walls and ceiling, she said, were covered with “thick bands of spider webs” that coated the rescue team from head to toe as they entered and exited the building with arms full of carriers containing birds of all shapes, colors and sizes.

The team sorted through the “dessicated corpses” of many birds, in an effort to identify them. A number had decomposed quite a bit. “Amidst the corpses were the remains of what can be described as more beak than body of one bird,” she said, adding that the bird was possibly a toucan.

She said a number of boxes were covered with feces, seeds, droppings, and mites, and were “crawling with insects that no amount of wiping could begin to remove.”

The floor, she said, was covered with at least three inches of “foul, unidentifiable urine soaked refuse.”download

Canvas bags marked “Uptown birds,” were scattered throughout the building. The name on the bags may possibly have been a reference to the property owner’s former business, Fauna, a pet shop located on the upper west side of Manhattan.

On the second floor of the aviary, Butler came across hanging, mesh cages which she said were filled with malnourished, starving birds coated in droppings and refuse.animal-abuse-group-1-880x1024

Erica Collins, media coordinator for Rhode Island Parrot Rescue, called the situation “heartbreaking” because parrots are “beautiful, intelligent and emotional creatures.”

“People don’t realize how intelligent exotic birds can be,” Collins said. “You should have seen their little faces looking out through the carriers as they were brought inside.”

Daniel George Kopulos has been involved in the Scarlet MaCaw project that was probably some psuedo project as nature does not need our help it just needs us to let it be and leave its animals alone.


She said volunteers receiving the birds in Warwick became extremely emotional as they unpacked the impoverished creatures. They immediately assessed their health and put them in clean cages filled with food and water.


“At the end of the day it really took a toll on us,” she said. “If you saw the conditions the birds were living in you would be sick in the pit of your stomach,” she said.

Altogether, Rhode Island Parrot Rescue took in 130 birds from Weston. Quite a bit more than the facility is used to accommodating. Collins said they usually have up to 40 birds at any given time.

To ensure public health and safety measures are followed, the rescued birds are being quarantined for at least 30 days, Collins said.

To help with the substantial veterinary costs and care of the birds, the group is accepting donations on its website, Click on the tab marked “donate & wishlist.” Donations should be marked “Weston Birds” so they are applied to this case.

The public can keep track of the birds by visiting and the Facebook page — Rhode Island Parrot Rescue, where the group gives frequent updates about the birds.

Editor’s Note: The property at 82 Newtown Turnpike, Weston, is owned by Daniel Kopulos, a New York City pet shop owner.

Daniel George Kopulos (age 41) lives at 82 Newtown Turnpike Weston, CT and is affiliated with the Democratic Party. He is a male registered to vote in Connecticut

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The MONSTER Safari Club International in Arizona


Animals are trapped within a fenced enclosure from which they cannot escape, then people go in and pay a fee to kill those animals. Many of the animals used in canned hunts come from private breeders and zoos. These are animals that are indigenous to Africa or Asia, but they’re bred here in the U.S. for this kind of activity.

Nearly two dozen members of Congress have co-sponsored a bill known as the Sportsmanship in Hunting Act, which would make it illegal to transport exotic species between states for the purposes of hunting.

The Safari Club International in Arizona has lobbied Congress and spoken out against bills that would make the practice of hunting exotic game in fenced-in preserves illegal. The organization based in Arizona is defending this controversial type of hunting that is against the law in Arizona.



The Honorable Jan Brewer
Governor of Arizona
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Telephone (602) 542-4331
Toll Free 1-(800) 253-0883 (within Arizona only)
Fax (602) 542-1381

Animals are trapped within a fenced enclosure from which they cannot escape, then people go in and pay a fee to kill those animals. Many of the animals used in canned hunts come from private breeders and zoos. These are animals that are indigenous to Africa or Asia, but they’re bred here in the U.S. for this kind of activity.
Nearly two dozen members of Congress have co-sponsored a bill known as the Sportsmanship in Hunting Act, which would make it illegal to transport exotic species between states for the purposes of hunting.
The Safari Club International in Arizona has lobbied Congress and spoken out against bills that would make the practice of hunting exotic game in fenced-in preserves illegal. The organization based in Arizona is defending this controversial type of hunting that is against the law in Arizona.


The Honorable Jan Brewer
Governor of Arizona
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Telephone (602) 542-4331
Toll Free 1-(800) 253-0883 (within Arizona only)
Fax (602) 542-1381