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I told you about these horses over a year ago and tonight I’m driving and on the radio is Susan Ash of  @HavasupaiHorses talking about the horrors still going on there.  I naively thought my exposing them that tourists would choose a different destination for their vacation, not so! PLEASE take action and help these starved, abused, kicked, whipped, rarely given water horses.

They are literally worked to death; they steal baby horses from the wild before they are ready to be taken away from their mother, work them till they drop dead on trail leave them there because they’ll just get another. I will be posting places and people to contact. From listening to Susan tonight it seems that the best action we can take is to discouraged patrons of this trail, to find alternate ways of getting to the top of the mountain; there are helicopters rides for 90 bucks

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source CAARE Citizens for Alternatives to Animal Research and Experimentation

June 2017


I know it sounds unthinkable, but the National Institute of Child Health and Development (NICHD) is funding experiments that have deliberately starved pregnant baboons to see what effect it will have on their offspring.

One study looked at heart development of young baboons born to malnourished mothers. Not surprisingly, these young baboons had cardiac abnormalities that resulted in premature aging of the heart.

Click here to send your comment to the Director of the NICHD objecting to the use of federal funds to carry out these cruel and medically pointless experiments which cost tax-payers $1.78 million in 2017 alone.


See this NIH grant – Mechanisms of placental, fetal brain and renal outcomes of IUGR

The study, conducted on baboons housed at the Southwest National Primate Research Center, was carried out by the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Wyoming.

Pregnant baboons were starved on a diet lacking one-third of the calories in a normal diet so that they were chronically malnourished during pregnancy and nursing. This is a huge deficit for pregnant animals whose bodies must cope with the metabolic burden of the developing infant.

The young baboons weigh 10% less than normal baboons of the same age and are now being used in studies to determine what effects this has on their developing bodies.

After the heart study is over, they will be used in further research. Tragically, these unfortunate animals will be subjected to a lifetime of experiments.

The baboons are housed in a colony and must be captured, isolated and sedated to get regular blood pressure measurements. They also undergo cardiac MRIs, which is normally a non-invasive procedure in people. But because animals cannot voluntarily cooperate, they are given general anesthesia and intubated on a respiratory ventilator.

The stress that these invasive procedures place on the baboons undoubtedly has a profound impact on their entire cardiovascular system, negating the validity of the research.

Worldwide, there have been many studies on the effects of low-birth-weight on children, including cardiac defects. Cardiac MRI is a painless and non-invasive way to study the physiology of the heart in human patients, including children. The baboon studies are nothing but cruel and unjustifiable.

Monsters on horseback bully the moms just trying to nurse their babies


By Buffalo Field Campaign

Government hazers descended upon our soon-to-be national mammal this Monday, marking the season’s first forced removal operation west of Yellowstone National Park. Agents with the Montana Department of Livestock (DOL) and Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) disturbed and chased forty-four buffalo with about twelve newborns from lands west of the South Fork of the Madison, in the Denny Creek area, a place buffalo love. Unfortunately, this is one of the last strongholds for the few seasonal private and public lands ranchers in the Hebgen Basin. However, no cattle occupy these lands until mid to late June. They are gone by October. Because of the short-term presence of cattle, these lands were excluded from the Governor’s year-round buffalo habitat designation. Ranchers like to use the excuse of brucellosis, but the real reason buffalo are chased out of this area is because the ranchers don’t want to share grass with the native buffalo.

BFC patrols were out in force documenting from multiple angles. The buffalo were chased across the South Fork of the Madison, then down a long power line trail which eventually led to the Madison Arm Road, where they hazed them further down the dusty gravel road, bullying them across the Madison River, and over to the bluffs that lead to Horse Butte, where buffalo are now safe from such abusive harassment. The buffalo were pushed at least ten miles, the tiny calves trying desperately to keep up with their moms and the rest of the herd. Our bike patrols followed, documenting everything, and tried to appeal to whatever compassion the hazers might have had to give these baby buffalo a rest and chance to nurse. When buffalo are left alone, newborn calves will take naps every five minutes, getting up to nurse for a few moments, maybe romp around for a bit, then quickly bed down for another nap. While the hazers went at a slower pace than usual, it was still too much for those little buffalo. Hazing, no matter the pace, is always abusive — that is the nature of it, to make wildlife uncomfortable or frightened enough to leave the place of their choosing to escape the danger.

The calves were growing more exhausted by the second. Their little legs were tiring, they were hungry, confused, and sticking close to their mothers. But the hazers wouldn’t relent. Nursing breaks and naps, which they sorely needed, were entirely out of the question. Surprisingly, a couple of hours into the haze, the hazers did stop for a moment. Did they actually hear our concerns? Did the buffalo reach a soft spot in their hearts? Of course not. The reason they stopped is because a couple of Yellowstone park rangers came through to observe. The rangers just drove through saying “nice and slow, that’s what we like to see,” and went on their way. As soon as they were out of sight, the cowboy tactics resumed. The rangers will likely report that the haze was “going well” but our footage will be able to show the truth of what really took place. It’s hard to know, but we hope that this first haze will also be the last of the season.

The buffalo hazed this week were part of the first large group to venture to this part of the basin this spring. In past years we have seen many more. In fact, there are very few buffalo in the entire Hebgen Basin right now, which is a source of concern. It’s also ironic, as this is the first time they are permitted to be here without the threat of hazing. In years past it was not uncommon to see between 400 and 600 buffalo, while currently there are barely 200. On a recent trip into the park we counted only forty buffalo between West Yellowstone and the Madison Junction, making us wonder if the hunt, slaughter, and winter kill had combined to severely impact the central herd, which migrates both north into the Gardiner Basin and west into the Hebgen Basin.

Fearing the worst, I called Yellowstone’s bison biologist who confirmed that management actions and winter kill had taken a heavy toll on the central herd, but he indicated that there were also some unusual weather patterns this year that may have contributed to so few buffalo being in the Hebgen Basin, changes that lead the buffalo to use the landscape differently than we normally see. Changing weather patterns are just a small piece of it, though. While natural forces are formidable enough, when combpounded with annual kills through indiscriminate boundary hunting and capture-for-slaughter, the population becomes increasingly vulnerable to collapse. Without understanding how their management decisions and climate change are combining to affect the health and viability of these herds, the agencies are threatening the future of America’s last wild bison.

Being on the ground, with the buffalo, observing them in their habitat, learning how and when they use the areas they choose to use, observing their behavior, family structures, and dynamics allows us to see the patterns and subtle changes that may hold significant meaning, and it puts BFC in an extremely unique position to be the strongest and most educated advocates for the country’s last wild buffalo.

Wild Buffalo Abused for eating grass “meant” for cattle raised for food in the Hebgen Basin

MEAT EATERS HAVE NO IDEA HOW FAR AND WIDE THEIR CHOICES REACH TO DAMAGE THE LIVES OF THOSE THAT JUST WANT TO LIVE THEIR LIVES, RAISE THEIR CHILDREN AND BE LEFT ALONE. They are harassed to keep them from grazing on the grass that cows raised for food eat.  So the buffalo are harassed and slaughtered to keep them from eating the grass that the ranchers want their cows who are raised for food to eat. Just so meat eaters can have their steak or hamburger.  Pretty disgusting if you ask me!

BFC (Buffalo Field Campaign) has witnessed two hazing operations in the past week, both targeting wild buffalo who migrated to the South Fork / Denny Creek area of the Hebgen Basin.

2017 05 11 01 001 haze 3seay800This portion of the Basin south of the Madison River is currently a “no tolerance” zone for wild buffalo. Last Thursday, a total of forty-seven adults including pregnant females and juveniles, along with eight newborn calves (some born just yesterday) were pushed off of their chosen ground. Six riders, three with the Montana Department of Livestock and three with Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, did the dirty work. They were assisted by two Gallatin County Sheriffs and our new game warden. The buffalo were not having any of it. They immediately took off from the riders at a dead run and got the attention of another group of nineteen buffalo (including two big bulls who we were concerned about getting shot) and while the 47 took off in one direction, the 19 took off in another, never to be seen again. The agents were left in the dust. The 47 kept running right down the Madison Arm Road along Gallatin National Forest. After a few miles, they ducked off deep into the woods. It seemed the hazing was over when the agents loaded up their horses, but a few miles down the Madison Arm Road, they pulled over and unloaded again.

2017 05 11 01 002 haze10seay800

They eventually found the buffalo in the woods and proceeded to chase them along the road, down to the lake shore, back onto the road, and back down to the shore. From here they made them swim across and go up to the Northwest Bluffs of the Madison River, where they are allowed to be. It was a long, hot day for the buffalo and BFC patrols. The calves were exhausted, and hopefully, they are now resting. Afternoon patrols are keeping an eye on them. BFC was all over this hazing operation and didn’t miss a thing. Here are a few snapshots from the day. And there’s not a single domestic cow on the land they were hazed from, most of which is public land. All of this is paid for with your federal tax dollars.

Buffalo again returned to the area later that afternoon but no actions were taken against them until the following Tuesday. It seems that the “serious threat” of brucellosis transmission that Montana livestock interests use to harass and kill wild buffalo is only a concern Tuesday through Thursday, and never after 5 pm, when it’s time to clock out and take a long weekend.

2017 05 11 01 003 haze5 10seay800

Tuesday’s haze was conducted by the Department of Livestock, Fish, Wildlife & Parks, and the US Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. The hazers started bullying twenty-seven adult buffalo and six newborn calves and found a few more along the way, so it ended with a total of thirty-nine adults and juveniles and six newborn calves. Like last week, the hazers had another challenging time with it. The buffalo took off, again leaving them in the dust and heading straight for thick timber, where the agents lost them for at least an hour. While they searched, a huge thunderstorm rolled in, dropping heavy rain and hail, soaking the bullies.

2017 05 11 01 004 haze17seay800

A while later, the cowpokes found them and pushed them through cattle-free public lands of Gallatin National Forest, over tons of fallen trees (very hard for the wee calves to navigate) to the Madison Arm Road, down to the Madison River, back up to the road, then back down to the river (sound familiar?), forcing them across to the northwest bluffs where they finally left them alone. But the agents weren’t done. They headed over to Red Canyon, site of the only summer cattle ranch in the buffalo’s year-round habitat, where there currently are no cows. The agents attempted to haze a family of eight adult buffalo and one new calf. The agents found themselves on the wrong side of the fence from the buffalo so they couldn’t get to them. As they moseyed back to try to find their way around to the buffalo, one of the riders was bucked off his horse and the buffalo, having seen the riders, were already gone. The new MT Fish, Wildlife & Parks game warden drove out to the buffalo’s location and proceeded to fire off cracker rounds (explosives fired from a shotgun) to try to scare them further. The buffalo walked just a few more yards, over to land where they are allowed to be, but the cowpokes went after them anyway, on foot (a first!), hootin’ and hollarin’, and firing cracker rounds. All but four buffalo swam across the water to the Narrows Peninsula of Horse Butte, and after that, the bullies finally left.

TAKE ACTION! Help us end hazing (and slaughter). Call Montana Governor Steve Bullock and tell him to work with the legislature to repeal MCA 81-2-120, the law that puts authority over wild buffalo in Montana into the nefarious hands of the Montana Department of Livestock, and to endorse a plan that respects wild bison like wild elk in Montana. #406-444-3111 or governor@mt.gov.


Source: Wild Buffalo Abused by Hazing in the Hebgen Basin

The best available science presented in the petition shows that the Yellowstone bison are unique, significant, and genetically and behaviorally distinct. For this reason, the Yellowstone bison population is critical to the overall survival and recovery of the species.


11/13/14 PRESS RELEASE from Buffalo Field Campaign & Western Watersheds Project

ESA PETITION from Buffalo Field Campaign & Western Watersheds Project



EXTINCTION? – Are wild buffalo going extinct?

ESA OVERVIEW and fact sheet from the USFWS

USFWS Rejects ESA peitition (BFC press release)

BFC, Others File Law Suit Against Federal Government (BFC press release)

Please support:
Buffalo Field Campaign
PO Box 957
West Yellowstone, MT 59758
Tel: 406-646-0070
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
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Boxer puppy dies after Andrew Lacy Callaway stomped on his legs and hips

-HUMAN GARBAGE- Andrew Lacy Callaway 600 block of East Oak Street, Wylie, TX

Andrew Lacy Callaway, 27, was arrested Sunday on a charge of cruelty to nonlivestock animals. He was released from the Collin County jail after posting $15,000 bail later that day.

Police were called to the 600 block of East Oak Street on May 2 after several people reported seeing a man stomping on a puppy.
Officers seized the dog, a boxer named Diesel, and took him to the Wylie Animal Shelter for evaluation. 
The puppy underwent surgery Tuesday, but his injuries were too severe, police said.
Wylie city employees and volunteers had begun to call the pup Spirit.
“All those who had the opportunity to meet Spirit or hear his story mourn his passing,” Wylie police said in an email. Callaway has been arrested repeatedly on drug charges in Collin County since 2010, court records show. Some of the charges were dismissed; he was sentenced to probation or agreed to deferred adjudication on other charges.

If convicted of the animal-cruelty charge, Callaway faces 180 days to two years in state jail.

Some additionial information about Andrew Lacy Callaway:

Mugshots.com ID: 21308551


Height5′ 9″ (1.75 m)

Weight155 lb (70 kg)

Eye ColorBrown

Hair ColorBrown



EthnicityNon Hispanic

CellLower Level Booking

Arrest Date10/01/2012 [this is a listing for a previous arrest]

Release DateN/A

Days Confined1

SO Number233413

Emergency Contacts for :Andrew Lacy Callaway

  • Jack Henigan


Relationship Name
Brother/Step-Brother Callaway, Carter
Uncle Callaway, Ramon
Friend Chambers, Austin
Uncle Henigan, Jack
Aunt Rightmire, Deborah


Offense Degree FineAmt Costs Amount BondAmt Scheduled Release Date Hold Reason Issuing Authority Attorney Name
MAN DEL CS PG 3/4 <28G State Jail Felony $0.00 $0.00 $5,000.00 Local Warrant
POSS MARIJ >4OZ<=5LBS State Jail Felony $0.00 $0.00 $5,000.00 Local Warrant
MAN DEL CS PG 2 <1G State Jail Felony $0.00 $0.00 $5,000.00 Local Warrant
POSS CS PG 3 < 28G Class A Misdemeanor $0.00 $0.00 $1,000.00 Local Warrant
POSS MARIJ <2OZ Class B Misdemeanor $0.00

Sadistic Game Warden Tanner Dixson Murders Innocent Family Member



Faline, the gentle deer, who chose a human family, The McGaughey’s,  as her own, entered the McGaughey residence on the morning of December 19, 2016, ate three cookies and then left to wander around outside. By that afternoon, she had been fatally and purposely shot by Tanner Dixson, Sadist Game Warden, while her human family and caretakers watched in horror.
Tanner Dixson, a game warden for the state of Kansas, was practically salivating at the prospect of knowing he would soon be able to end an innocent life. For a psychopath, ending an innocent life is seemingly more thrilling and packs more of a punch than ending the life of someone who deserves it.  A psychopath has had to practice his entire life and become good at balancing fitting into society and being able to continue his psychopathy; what better occupation than a law enforcement officer. And in this case just throw out a few official sounding reasons that are exaggerated parts of obscure laws and a few scare tactic statistics and there you have it;  and now he is ready to murder an innocent deer who is quiet, meek, shy, loving and kind. Faline came into the Mcgaughey’s life after she followed Kim Mcgaughey home one day to the family’s six-acre farm outside the town of Ulysses around 22 months ago when the animal was less than a year old.falene-deer-4  The family started feeding Faline two years ago when she came in with a broken leg and then refused to leave. “But she had free rein to do whatever the heck she wanted.  “There was no way you could keep her in an enclosure.” What is clear about Faline is that she was an unusual doe.  Taryn McGaughey, 34, said in an interview that the deer had followed her mother, Kim McGaughey, and the two, had an “instant connection.” Soon the deer had been dubbed Faline, after Bambi’s companion, and she made fast friends with the dogs, horses, and goats on the property.  The doe came and went as she pleased, sometimes roaming several miles, said McGaughey, who added that her mother had previously been told by a local game warden that this relationship was fine so long as the deer was not confined. Kim Mcgaughey fed Faline and gave her water. She put colorful knitted collars on the deer so that hunters would know not to shoot her. falene-12
The three-year-old deer apparently hated the wind and would lock the front door using her head and would often sleep in Kim McGaughey’s room. “She would get on the bed and stand like she owned the place,” said Taryn McGaughey, a fashion, fitness and glamor model. Taryn McGaughey, who said she believes Faline “thought she was a dog,” has photos and videos of the deer inside the home, standing on furniture and playing with her 8-year-old son.falineBed “She was house-trained, she would also come into the house behind me, sleep on the floor while I watched TV,” Kim McGaughey told the commission Thursday, describing how the deer would knock on the door with her head or bleat when she wanted inside. “I would answer her with a bleat back because it sounded like she was hollering, ‘Mom.’
Everyone in the area knew Faline, so when she went missing in December, Kim McGaughey posted a Facebook message asking people to keep their eyes peeled. That, the McGaugheys think, led someone to tip off wildlife authorities. On the afternoon of Dec. 19, 2016, game wardens arrived at the workplace of Kim McGaughey, an emergency medical technician, and issued her a ticket for the confinement of wildlife. [even though Faline was never confined and came and went as she pleased] She told the wildlife commission that she immediately called three Kansas zoos to ask if they’d take the deer, and that one told her to call back when they reopened in the morning.   Kim McGaughey questions the rush, saying the deer was dead within 45 minutes of the game wardens approaching her at work.

“After having her 22 months, they couldn’t even give us 12 hours to try to take her to a sanctuary,” said Taryn McGaughey.

“They said they were worried about our safety, but cats and dogs carry more diseases than any deer ever would. ” She would never get a chance to explore alternative locations for Faline. The wardens had gone to her house, said Taryn McGaughey, who was visiting from Las Vegas and filmed what happened next. In one video, she asks a warden who pets Faline’s head:

“So you’re going to shoot her in the head?” He responds: “Yeah, I am . . . it’s the most humane way to shut her down, to solve this problem.”

In another video, the wardens can be seen walking around the McGaugheys’ property after the deer, who takes quick steps but does not run from them. Taryn McGaughey can be heard saying, “Run, Faline, Jesus.” Soon, when the deer and the wardens are far from sight, a gunshot rings out and McGaughey is heard breaking down into sobs. Four additional shots were fired after that, she said.


These Terrorist Bullies, who are not real men in my book, chase Faline around her yard at her home, a place where she has always felt safe and secure.  Faline knew something was wrong and was so confused because it was at her house and probably had no idea they were there to KILL HER.

Can you imagine how terrified Faline is?

Faline had always felt safe on the McGaughey’s property and I can only imagine the fear, confusion, and danger she sensed in these few minutes before these murderers corner and kill her!




A petition was written by Michelle Phillips to bring Justice for Faline

Petition to fire Tanner Dixson for murdering an innocent deer

Her reason for the petition is as follows”

As a veterinarian and rural farmer, I recognize that Faline and the bond between her and this family was one in a million. That such a rare and precious thing could be so callously and senselessly destroyed, sickens and saddens me to no end. No amount of justice is going to bring Faline back, or erase what happened to her, but hopefully in achieving justice, this family can find some consolation when the perpetrators are punished. Just because something is legal does not make it morally or ethically right. What these men did while hiding behind their badges takes morals and ethics to, for me, an unimaginable low. They should be fired for unethical behavior unsuitable in a public servant. And they should continue to be publicly ostracized. They need to feel some of the pain that their actions have caused – a fraction of the pain that this family will continue to feel for the rest of their lives.
Hopefully we can send a message to people who think they are above the law or who think they are big fish in a little pond and therefore can act with impunity, that they will be held accountable. Maybe in doing so, we can prevent something like this from happening in the future.
Thank you, Taryn, for bravely taking the video and shining a light on this tragedy. Without you and your camera, they would have gotten away with it scott free.

Michelle Boelter, Delta, CO
Jan 11, 2017


School of Monsters


Cecilia Catholic School, a PK-8 private elementary school in Broussard, Louisiana

Teacher throws chicken for children to chase.

On February 24, 2017, St. Cecilia Catholic School, a PK-8 private elementary school in Broussard, Louisiana, conducted a “chicken run” ritual for Mardi Gras. In the video clip, 8th-graders and a male teacher throw chickens into the air to be chased, grabbed, and tackled, as in a football game, mistreating them strictly for fun, and possibly injuring them in the process. St. Cecilia Catholic School is teaching students that it’s good sport to be a bully as long as the victim is defenseless.

What Can I Do?

Please contact St. Cecilia Catholic School and protest the “chicken run” ritual. You are also encouraged to post a comment on the school’s and the TV station’s Facebook pages. Urge St. Cecilia Catholic School to change this abusive ritual into acts of kindness, leaving chickens and other animals permanently out of the school’s staged entertainments. No school should encourage children to enjoy hurting chickens or anyone else. Most likely there are students at this school who are ashamed of this ritual, but are afraid to speak up for fear of ridicule and reprisal.

Here are the contacts you need to Speak Out:

George Fontenot, Principal:

St. Cecilia Catholic School 
302 West Main Street 
Broussard, LA 70518 
Phone: 337-837-6363 (If the message machine is on, leave a message and request a call back, including your phone number)

Tara Boone, Director of Curriculum:

Email: tboone@scsbluejays.org

St. Cecilia Catholic School Facebook Page:

St. Cecilia Catholic School 
Comment on the ‘chicken run’ ritual here.

KATC-TV Facebook Page: 

KATC on Facebook

Thank you for taking action!