Sam Clendenin 24 and Tony Clendenin 52 beat an innocent German Shepherd to death

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This sewage scum and his spawn beat Kuma, the German Shepherd, to death with a baseball bat.
Please demand justice for Kuma.

Both are hunters too, gee what a surprise.
The monsters live at 1485 Hansen Ave Merced, CA  95340-2371
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The pos’s tried to say it was self defense but the Merced police  officers said the Clendenins gave inconsistent and conflicting statements. At this point they don’t believe the suspects were acting in self-defense — instead they went after Kuma and purposefully killed him.

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All Hunters Delight in the Killing and Slaughter of Innocent Animals-They lie to cover their True Evil

They Tell the public that they hunt for conservation and several other lies
Here we have a serial killer with his trophy heading home proud of the fact he ran over an innocent animal.
Common Thread with all Hunters/Serial Killers LACK OF EMPATHY


Corey Long: Serial Killer
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Attended  Jefferson High School Monroe, Michigan

Works at Clean Tech
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