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Michelle Martens watched and was sexually aroused as her 10-year-old daughter was raped, murdered, dismembered and burned

In August 2016 MONSTER Michelle Martens sat back and watched as her 10-year-old daughter Victoria was raped while she begged for mercy then killed and dismembered by her mom’s boyfriend Fabian Gonzales and his cousin, Jessica Kelley. Martens said she then had sex with Gonzales 20 minutes later. she also told police that she ‘liked watching Victoria being raped’ by her partner and Kelley.

County Public Works Supervisor and Sadist Carlos Luaces Sprayed A Nest of Newborn Robin Chicks with Poison

“If you see any three-headed birds flying around, baby birds flying around, they just got sprayed with Roundup… they were cute, but they had to go.” These words were said by Carlos Luaces while he was wearing a backpack containing the deadly chemical. The West Milford Department of Public Works Superintendent reportedly sprayed the nest, containing one baby bird and three unhatched eggs, when it was perched just outside of the Department of Public Works garage. Other employees at the garage reportedly found the nest with the dead bird inside. They then relocated it to another part of the yard.