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Just like Serial Killing, Hunting is most definitely premeditated. Hunters plan when they’re going to hunt, where they’re going to hunt, what they’re going to hunt with and what species. Everything is planned out, and there is hunting paraphernalia galore to help make the murder easier, along with moon phase charts, deer ‘vocalization’ and everything else in between.

Phil Brown sociopathic serial killer

5737 Meadeville Rd Gap PA 17527-9304 Phone: (717) 768-3673 This guy needs to be skinned and exported to China Phil Brown of Gap, PA is a horrible monster exporting all the murdered foxes and sent them to China and Europe. He was paid $25 for each murdered fox. – 1202 fox caught in 90 days – 1200 caught in 89 days – 9247 traps check in 90 days – 13 fox average a day for 90 days And if Paul Browns hatred of animals wasn’t clear by all the foxes he murdered, his other business is killing other wildlife which he refers to as pests.