The Top 3 Outrageous Lies Hunters Tell

Hunters have long used blatant lies to pacify public anger and to manipulate people into believing that their serial killing is not only NOT immoral and unethical, but actually beneficial. Here’s the truth.

We help animals by keeping their populations in check. If we didn’t kill them they would starve from overpopulation.


If this were true, there would be piles of evidence [bones/bodies] all over the planet in places where hunters have historically found the habitats and animals too inaccessible to kill. The world would have heard these stories each time scientists discovered closed, ecological loops–islands–of which there are 10s of 1000s on Earth.

The biological reality is that if left alone, animal species regulate themselves. These ‘controlling’ elements are based primarily on food supplies and weather. Conditions which trigger hormonal responses in the females of non-human species. These responses determine whether the offspring will be male or female; how many babies a given animal will have; or if indeed they will have a successful pregnancy at all. Factor in disease and natural die-offs, and if hunting were never undertaken again, the environment would, for the first time in hundreds of years, function as the perfectly synchronized interdependent system Mother Nature intended.

“Dis”harmony–overpopulation–is CAUSED BY HUNTING. Species will adapt to FILL a void. These ‘voids’ are caused by Fish and Wildlife policies which encourage hunters to decimate natural predators, i.e., cougars, coyotes, wolves, etc.– a standard practice of wildlife “managers” throughout the world. Obviously once predators are removed, if food supplies are plentiful and weather conditions favorable, an overpopulation problem is created. However, if conditions are NOT favorable, a massive environmental disaster, resulting in the starvation of animals targeted by such “management” methods becomes the reality.

Wildlife officials KNOW FULL WELL they are manipulating prey species to the point of overpopulation by killing off their natural predators. This is done out of A) GREED. Hunting licenses and other hunting-related revenues bring big bucks into local, state and federal coffers. B) Because state and federal wildlife “management” are completely CONTROLLED by hunters whose interests are 100% self-serving. The non-hunting public is totally disregarded, and their tax dollars hijacked for wildlife mass murder, with estimates as high as nearly 5 BILLION animals slaughtered annually by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services.

Without the money we contribute, many of the areas which exist for animal populations wouldn’t be there.

Every single taxpaying citizen supports our National Parks system, and ALL OTHER PUBLIC LANDS. Hunters contribute with revenues generated by hunting licenses and other hunting related usage fees.

Whatever hunters provide in fees is minuscule in relation to what they COST the U.S. taxpayer. POACHING IS RAMPANT. Multiple billions are spent–annually–in manpower and on the increasing decimation of protected and endangered species from hunters’ criminal activities, which far outweigh the comparatively tiny contributions of hunting licensing/usage fees.

The taxpaying public and wildlife are continually egregiously abused for the sole benefit of hunters. 50% of federally funded wildlife “refuges” regularly allow trapping/hunting within them. This disenfranchises the non-hunting public from enjoying these lands and bastardizes the purpose of wildlife “refuges” which were created to PROTECT the inhabitants. The average taxpayer is forced to support these refuges, which in turn SUBSIDIZES hunters–not the other way around. If most hunters had to purchase this same acreage and maintain its wildlife, few would have the where-with-all to do so. Without taxpayer funding, these wildlife refuges would not exist, and neither would the land hunters exploit at the public’s expense. The war on our wildlife is an elitist’s game, fully SUBSIDIZED by the abuse of taxpayer money to the tune of BILLIONS annually.

We are avid environmentalists and conservationists.

Hunters claiming to be “caring” environmentalists because they help support green spaces [so does every taxpayer] is like saying you’re pro-animal because you support slaughterhouses. Perpetuating the existence of animals for your own benefit [via artificial overpopulation] at the expense of their pain, suffering and death does not make you an environmentalist–only a malevolent opportunist. Hunting/poaching ranks second behind habitat destruction, as the leading cause of global, non-human species loss. Hunting is nothing short of ecological rape and the deluded and depraved partaking in such selfish acts of bloodlust can find no HONEST justification for their crimes.


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You can thank Hunters for this:

Bald Eagle Killed By Gun That Never Shot Him

By Solon Kelleher

A team of wildlife rescuers failed to save a bald eagle who succumbed to what one licensed rehabilitation specialist called a “horrible excruciating death.”

Two men found the eagle shivering in a river in Waverly, Iowa. They brought the eagle to Avenue of the Saints Animal Hospital, where the veterinarians began to treat him for lead poisoning after tests showed lethal amounts in his system, according to KWWL (Waverly). It is believed the lead came from bullet fragments or fish tackle.

They also named him River.

YouTube/Anelia K. Dimitrova

Rescuers assisted him through the lead-induced seizures and, for a while, they expected him to heal. Unfortunately, the lead had already done too much damage and, on Wednesday night, River lost his life.

But, River is not alone. Lead poisoning is a common hazard to birds of prey.

Hunters may choose to purchase lead bullets, because they’re cheaper and, in some cases, safer than other materials. But, occasionally, these bullets end up killing more than just the targeted animal.

“Animals like eagles and other birds or prey at the top of the food chain … eat animals that have lead,” the rehabilitation specialist’s son told KWWL. “It accumulates in their tissues and can poison them, it’s a very powerful neurotoxin.”

Wildlife rehabilitators in Waverly are hoping to use the eagle’s death to educate the public about the dangers of lead poisoning. In some states, like California, lead bullets have already been banned in many circumstances.

For more information about lead ammunition and its dangers to wildlife, visit the Humane Society of the United States. #huntingsucks #huntersaresociopathic



Please send in names and addresses of those who murder animals

  1. Kendall Jones


9 Things No One Told You About Hunting~source PETA

Hunters make up many excuses to justify their pastime. However, cruel, unnecessary killing—which is what hunting is—has no justification.

1. REAL sports involve competition between consenting parties and don’t end with the deliberate death of one unwilling participant.


2. Wildlife departments often cull majestic predators, such as wolves, bears, and coyotes, to prevent predation on elk, caribou, and deer so that hunters will have more animals to gun down.

3. Natural phenomena such as predators, starvation, and disease kill primarily the sickest and weakest individuals. Hunters, on the other hand, strive to kill the larger, stronger animals because they want to hang their heads on a wall, and this weakens the remaining population.


4. Most hunting occurs on private land, where laws that protect wildlife are often ignored or difficult to enforce.


5. When animals are killed, families are broken up, often leaving young animals to perish of starvation or attacks by other animals. For animals such as wolves, who mate for life and live in close-knit family units, hunting can devastate entire communities.

6. Hunters often accidentally injure and kill animals other than the ones who are being hunted, including horses, cows, dogs, and cats. Sometimes hunters even injure or kill themselves or other humans, such as hikers and other hunters.


7. Dogs used for hunting are often kept chained or penned and are denied routine veterinary care. Some dogs are lost during hunts, and others are turned loose at the end of hunting season to fend for themselves.


8. Hunted animals often don’t die painlessly or quickly. Many animals must be shot multiple times. A British study found that some wounded deer suffered for more than 15 minutes before dying.


9. When injured animals escape from hunters, they usually endure prolonged, painful deaths as a result of predation, shock, or exposure.


Millions of animals are killed by hunters each year. Stop the bloodshed by refusing to go hunting and by sharing this page and educating people about hunting.


  1. Nancy says

    We hunt every year. We have an abundance of deer, we eat our deer. Yes a buck would be nice but we eat the meat either way. They are not wasted. When we get an extra we give to the needy.
    We are not animals because we hunt, that’s not fair to say.

    • it really does not matter if you eat it or not, how would you like it if your children were made available as food because there are many people who think they taste delicious ? what if we gave the left overs to charity would that be ok ? we can slaughter them humanly, just put a plastic bag over their heads and when they are done we can butcher them right up and yum baby.

      if you think this is foolish, it is just what you think is ok, those animals do not belong to you, those animals are not your food, you can say they are but that does not change the truth.

      the day is coming when the world will stand up for the defenseless and people that kill will pay the price.

      we are vegan, we have realized the lies and now we know the truth, we see how greed and evil excuse killing pain torture holocaust and death and i must say we are getting really fed up with it.

      this does not even begin to reflect the atrocities committed each and every day against animals

      • Warwick says

        Because you live in an affluent western society you can chose to ignore nature and take on a vegan lifestyle. That’s your choice. Living a simpler, less environmentally damaging lifestyle by participating in the circle of life is Nancy;s choice.

        Perhaps you need to get outside, and see how gentle nature really is. Watch a snake crush and eat it’s prey. See a fox slaughter chickens and leave the carcasses. Wonder at how wolves can start eating a deer before it has died. This is nature. It is cruel, heartless and not at all gentle.

        If I were Bambi I’d take the hunter and the sudden shot rather than being run down by the wolves. Even a botched shot’d be quicker and less terrifying than being chased knowing that I’m about to be torn apart.

        As for your threats – It’s not OK to hunt, but is is OK for the vegans – the self appointed moralists – to judge and take vengeance on those that do not share their beliefs? Now that sounds like hypocrisy, doesn’t it?

      • Nope just defending an animal that doesn’t want to die, where is the animals choice? I will always be their voice.

  2. Not “YOUR” deer. YOU don’t have an abundance of deer. Deer are native animals who are vital to the ecosystem. They belong here and have a right to be here far more than you. They also aren’t needlessly cruel, destructive, or sadistic.
    If I killed a human and my excuse was “I ate them, they weren’t wasted,” would that make it right? No. The only difference is speciesism. Ecologically speaking, the deer you murdered are far more important than you. Morally speaking, the deer you murder are far more important than you; a serial killer is far less important than its victims.
    Humans are natural born herbivores, by all scientific evidence. From our natural pH to our intestines, saliva, stomachs, teeth, jaws, instincts, senses, etc., etc… When you murder animals, you’re doing it for the mere sadistic pleasure of it. When you eat animals, you’re doing it for the mere taste of it (even though you first have to cook their flesh and smother it in herbs, spices, sauces, smoke flavor, and so on–all of which are plant based foods and flavors, in order to be able to stomach it and the cooking process is also important because it’s unsafe for a human to eat raw flesh due to our weak herbivorous stomach acid; not to mention it would be impossible to chew as it already almost is). And when you consume animals, not only are you selfishly destroying the ecosystem and selfishly murdering an innocent being and breaking up a family causing immeasurable suffering, but you’re also destroying your body! Your human body isn’t even capable of properly digesting flesh and secretions!
    You’re not helping the needy. If you want to help the needy, stop destroying our earth, stop creating victims and creating unimaginable pain and suffering, and stop feeding people flesh that is proven to cause cancer among and array of other diseases e.g. heart disease, kidney disease, bone loss, IBS, onset diabetes, and so on… Will you be there to help pay for their medical bills when the time comes, too?
    If you want to help the needy, save the money you spend on “hunting” and go buy them HEALTHY groceries like organic fruits, vegetables and grain. No one is buying the pathetic guise of “helping the needy” so it’s ok to be a terrorist… That’s almost as popular as using the disgusting guise of “conservation” by destroying nature…

    Your “logic” is astounding. “We are not animals because we hunt.” Not even sure where you were TRYING to go with that, but humans are animals too, and we are frugivorous/herbivorous ones.

    “A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite. And to act so is immoral.” -Leo Tolstoy

    “Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” -Albert Einstein

    • Warwick says

      Homo Sapiens developed as omnivores. Like many of the great apes, we are designed to eat plants but are well suited to taking advantage of opportunities to predate or scavenge.

      As for the rest of your “logic” – I’m afraid there is no good answer to a rant, so I’ll go have my dinner.

      Is that my steak? Yes thanks, right there beside the potatoes and salad..

  3. Warwick your arguments are inadequate, basically logical fallacies (nature is cruel so it’s ok for me to be an idiot blah blah, vegans hurt vegetables blah blah) but it is telling and people like you only ever understand one thing; being put in the position of that which you do not have the empathy or simple intelligence to understand, without it happening to you. Hunt and be hunted would be your choice if I had my way, then I could quite get into the whole malarky.

  4. Tayler says

    I’m not a hunter, never want to aim a gun at another living thing.
    But you’re all forgetting something very important: We, too, are animals and thus are part of the food chain. It’s been this way since the first humanoids evolved.
    True enough, we have evolved to a point where it’s not nutritionally necessary to eat meat. But we have teeth that are designed to pierce and tear through flesh.

    The purpose behind the hunting is what makes some humans worse than animals… If you’re hunting because it’s a very cheap way to feed your family and you don’t mind putting in the work, good on you. You’re an omnivorous animal who doesn’t need someone else to prepare your meat for you. If you’re hunting because you want to hang antlers on your wall, you need therapy.

  5. Anonononononononon says

    What if a person is stranded or in the wilderness? Like, a tornado blew them 1500 miles from the nearest civilization (just being creative.) Is it fine to kill a deer to survive? Maybe even kill a few because you might not be able to eat deer for a while. Better to have a surplus than none.

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