The Criminals/Con Men/ Profiteers of animal abuse Are Tudor Niciporuc, Dragos Vana and Nigel Cameron (most likely all one in the same)

The people who run the fraudulent sites do so to harvest email address and other contact info to sell to spammers and unscrupulous marketers. do not fall for their outdated causes, fake petitions created by fake, nonexistent people

Click here for a list of Legitimate Petition Sites  link to share legit petition sites:

What is their incentive in creating fake petition sites?

This is one of the reasons they create fake useless petitions:

Questionable\Fraudulent Petition Sites 🙁

  2. [latest scam site let me know if you have information to the contrary ]
  7. [there is no one named Kim]
  11. (Embassy Against Animal Abuse)
  12. (this is con man Joseph Dimitri’s site) not to be confused with the legitimate
  13.  (this is con man Joseph Dimitri’s site)


Same criminals run these facebook pages, all fraudulent, all meant to deceive, confuse, divert attention

***One person created all of these facebook pages, he goes by the name of Nigel Cameron (most likely an alias)***


the websites that verify the information about these frauds



   link to share legit petition sites:

Legitimate Petition Sites 🙂

  16. (not to be confused with the illegitimate



  1. Alice Cardenas
  2. [This site calls itself a safe petition watchdog site but was created by the fruads to do damage control]


Additional information…..

 ✦ ATTENTION: PETITION SITES TO AVOID – as of February 09, 2015 ✦


~ by Ted Owens

AS OF FEBRUARY 09, 2015!






✦ Yousign,

✦ yousignanimals,

✦ animalpetitions(dot)org,

✦ petitionhub(dot)org,

✦ kimspetitions(dot)com (Added Dec 17/2014)!

✦ HelpSignAnimals(dot)org (Added February 09, 2015)

TheYousign(dot)org Organization Is Comprised Of Yousign, Yousignanimals,Petitionhub, animalpetitions(dot)org!

2 Other Sites That Are Identical In Every way To Yousign (And Are Considered Suspect) Are: kimspetitions(dot)com, HelpSignAnimals(dot)org

They Have More, Including 2 Verified FB Groups & 2 Suspected FB Groups, But The Other Sites Deal With Real Estate And Food!


Scottsdale, Arizona Is The Location Of

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of

this site, or your dealings with this site, please contact us at:| Contact Information

str.Aviator Badescu, nr. 26, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania, Zip Code:




PrivacyPolicy |

The Contact Person Is: Adina Badescu.

Frequently Asked Questions about

Who are you guys? The organization was founded by Dragos Vanaand & Tudor Niciporuc in 2012.

Where are you based? We are based the in European Union, in Romania, but most of our traffic and petitions come from the United

States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.


My Original Post About These 3 Sites:

(From November 2014)



Please Read The Info About,, Romania:,,,, Change!

Do Not S/S Their Petitions!

Background: is registered to a Romanian businessman, who is not known as an animal friend . The other two sites have the same

layout and post the same petitions such as on These two sites are registered on a contact address of which offers a Web site registration on the company’s own address.

In other words, it is intentionally disguised who is behind these two Web pages! Unfortunately, it is assumed that in Romania big money

is earned with animal suffering!

Each time someone clicks on these Web pages/petitions, operators of Web pages get money from advertisers.

We will definitely NOT support these dubious ways of getting rich over sensational animal abuse articles!!!!!

Please spread this info and let the cruel animal images NOT affect you and NOT push you to fall into their trap!!! This info can reproduce itself.

Click to name, E.g. enter the Web pages, then click submit.

Here you’ll get listed the person, on which the Website is registered. On, you can read about what services this

company offers.

INFORMATION ABOUT YOUSIGN.ORG organization was founded by Dragos Vana and Tudor Niciporuc in 2012. Initially started as a PhD thesis project, we

have since grown exponentially but still both founders are actively involved with the development of the website. Dragos, a University

Associate Professor is also a website developer and has earned a PhD degree in web content management systems. Thus he is

covering all areas concerning the technical issues of the website.

Tudor is currently studying for his PhD degree in online marketing and heads the marketing department.

Neither Of The Founders Are Linked To Any Well Known ARA’s On Facebook!

Founder #1

Dragos Vana(Cocu)

Lives in Cluj-Napoca

From Cluj-Napoca

Current City Cluj-Napoca

Hometown Cluj-Napoca

Facebook /vanadragos

Gender Male


Romanian, English, French and Spanish Other Names


Founder #2

Tudor Niciporuc


Studied at Facultatea de Stiinte Economice si Gestiunea Afacerilor


Education Facultateade Stiinte Economice si Gestiunea Afacerilor

College 2007 – 2012

Liceul Teoretic, George Calinescu”

High School September2004 – September 2007

CurrentCity Cluj-Napoca

Hometown Constanta, Romania

ContactInfo Mobile +40 765 484818

Facebook /tudor.niciporuc

Basic Info

Birthday February 17, 1989

Gender Male

Address ForYousign

Str.Aviator Badescu, nr. 26, Cluj-Napoca, jud. Cluj, Romania Zip Code: 400196

Animal Petitions

Part 2 Change

Advice for | Scam check for is


Facts You Should Know About The Site[-] Collapse

Title: Signatures for Change |

Description: The power to make a positive change in the world lies

within each of us and only together

Domain Age:143 Days

WebsiteSpeed: Very Fast

Organisation: Domains By Proxy, LLC

Owner: Registration Private


Owner City: Scottsdale

OwnerPostcode: 85260

PhoneNumber: +1.4806242599

Phone Type: geographic: Phoenix, AZ Qwest Corporation


OwnerCountry : Hidden

WebsiteLocation: United States

Probablewebsite origin:-

88%; Unknown

12%; UnitedStates


*The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity

*This web site is 143 Days old

*The web site expected life (365 days) is relatively short.

*The website appears to be less than six months old

Analysis Details:-

*This website is very new, and as such doesn’t have an online reputation yet. *As with all new businesses, we suggest that you

take care and if necessary get in contact with the owners before placing an order of value. *This site is using an anonymous service – which prevents us from identifying the site owner. This can sometimes be just so that the owner does not receive spam, but be aware that many scam sites

use this asa method to hide their identify. If this is an e-commerce site – we would suggest you confirm the business address with the

website owners.

*The website has been newly registered with a short life expectancy, which follows the pattern used by many fraudulent and

fake selling websites. Please be vigilant and take extra care before providing any payment information.

Via:Reliable Source

30/03/2014 22:47




the website should have an SSL certificate, this protects the data of users of the site so the data being transferred from your computer

to YouSign doesn’t get hacked into and other people get your personal information. You will know that it has the SSL thing

because the web link should be  but instead its which is unsafe for users where a website is

collecting personal information. Also from the law that was passed in 2011, all websites should have an agreement to the user when they

enter the site if they allow or disallow the website to collect cookies from your computer. The cookies basically take what you have been

doing on the site and passing them around to other companies and websites


they haven’t left us with a way to deactivate our accounts but if you take a look the only info they have of you will be your name and

email address, of which you can always block them but what I would do is go to your facebook settings, top right-hand side of

your screen, where you log in & out, click settings, then click the apps tab and delete them if you see them there in your applications,

they will then no longer be able to connect with you via facebook.

They are a totally dodgy company that, in fact, are involved in dodgy real estate activity in Romania and are partnered with at least

another two other makeshift companies and included also. They use petitions as a platform so that they can profiteer

from the advertising space that they rent out, no other petition site behaves in this way, sadly 95% of all their petitions are created by

only a handful of people, the same people, just 6 of them, who all joined facebook on the same day together (isn’t that funny), just

December 2013  and all create several petitions each day and post them, they all work for, they only ever post petitions, never any from any other petition site, never communicate even if you tag them and never sign a single petition

because in fact the are fake people made up by this dodgy company, the more petitions they post the more money they make

out of advertising space, sadly I do not think they care about the petitions, they just care about creating a platform to sell advertising

space and sadly I do not think many of the petition signatures will ever get to their original targets. Here are the people to look out for,

fake, take a look at their profile pages and see how many petitions they are creating, loads and load and loads

each day, it is not normal activity, not for anybody and is so wrong because they are stealing and disrupting our cause and harming the animals..–christine.daviss.5–gabi.douglas.3–profile.php?id=10000-7-215155540

and alsolookout for the names:

John Smith,, England

Richard Gibbs,, America,

they also create the petitions and there is another girl but I cannot

think of her name right now.

OnlinePetition | The Online Petition Platform |

Start  a petition campaign that provokes social change. Web

platform that helps you start an online petition.

OnlinePetition | The Online Petition Platform |

Start a petition campaign that provokes social change. Web

platform that helps you start an online petition.

*******WORD OF WARNING********

These people will cyberbully and harass you into submission if you go up against them!

Please screenshot any correspondence, threats, etc and post them here if you wish.

WE DO NOT TAKE LIGHTLY Scams or Frauds that use Animals as their main money making scheme,

and we shall report these people to their local authorities with proof.


Add Yours
  1. Sharron littlejohn

    Re-reading my above post. I MUST CLARIFY a error that was left out .when i said “i noticed Peta was Left out of the ligimate list” IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE PETA SHOULD BE ON THE LIST FOR ILLIGIMATE SITES !!

  2. MsMarina Black

    Hi there. I sent you a tweet asking but here goes again.
    What about and
    Are they legit or nay?

    • Jacqueline Greene

      NO, NO, NO! Avoid them like the plague! The only real petitions on it have stolen the info from legit petition sites, and this means the real petition (the one that will be delivered) loses signatures, which really hurts a petition.

  3. MsMarina Black

    Please keep me posted. I work with a network or ARAs on FB as well as Twitter among many other things and want to help people reserve their energies for solid petitions.
    I hear you’re the one to ask and there are a number of new sites out since you first wrote your list of good and bad.
    What about and animalpetitions ?

  4. MsMarina Black

    Emphatically agreed!
    I sign their petitions because I’ve seen them get results but will never donate and caution others to do the same – sign but no $.

    • Jacqueline Greene

      Causes seems to work with Care2, which is solid as far as I know. I don’t know if there is an actual relationship there, or they just work well together…

  5. zulma de la ferme

    SOSVOX is a very weird petitionsite. It wants to connect you directly with Facebook. Their petitions are accompanied by the most gruesome pictures… I have a very bad feeling by that site. Does anyone know who is behind it?…

    • andrya2014

      I find them suspicious too. I wrote to them and asked them about something (I can’t remember but it was about signing in) and they didn’t get back to me. But I must confess bother me too — they haven’t helped me get my password to change my name in over a year and every request fails. So I won’t sign for them either.

    • Jennifer Taylor

      I think it is run by Tudor, but I am not 100% sure. I have seen a number of odd petitions only for single animals with whatook like suspect pictures. Another odd thing is that they actually want you to sign in with your Fb or other profile. Possibly another way to ger personal info. I personally would err on the side of caution and avoid signing anything from them. They are also listed here as a fraud petition site.

  6. Joanne O'Shaughnessy

    Can these pages be reported to Facebook and removed by Facebook??? How do we do this??? Is he Internet policed??

  7. Emily Stanton

    I keep seeing yousign org or petitions on my newsfeed and through legitimate sites. Are all these sites aware of these time wasters? Or when people are trying to spread the word through kindness they go through other sites and they don’t always have control what is on their page eg. Not seen? We just want to do what’s right for animals.

  8. Margaret Queen

    Oh great I have signed countless petitions from these, I’m feeling really stupid, duped and more than a little annoyed right now, like all the other people who care for the welfare of animals I thought i was doing a good thing by signing. Have I even helped one single animal ?!!!

  9. Premila Stunkel

    So, SOSVOX.ORG is fraudulent? Oh my goodness?! Alafair, I’m shocked!😨😱
    How much money do these sickenening indiviuals make??? Do you know there are more groups that have been created. There’s the Group. And there’s USA…something…
    Those groups are growing so fast! That stupid PetitionHub group has more than 5000 people as members! Do you know that some supporters of PetitionHub have changed their profile picture to some sort of PetitionHub logo? Is it true that such groups can pay people to become a member? So, all the money that has been collected by those scammers have been misused! Expose Nigel, Tudor, Kimberely? They have been on their “mission” for so long!It’s going to be difficult to stop these indiviuals!!

    • andrya2014

      I never send money to these sites. Sorry but until I know an org is legit I won’t. I will give to my local SPCA though and other local groups. Helping at home.

  10. Emily Stanton

    Is No more CRUELTY Towards Animals a legit site? Someone had put on their page something by yousign. I put in a quick comment saying that I’d recently found out this yousign was a scam and I would get them more information. In under 2mins I could not get back into the CRUELTY towards animals! Think they’ve blocked me? Yousign sites are still open to me. Can anyone help me out here?!!

  11. Deborah Demmer

    How do we expose these people?… Why are they not reported to the animal authorities? kindly advise..

  12. barbpets

    I stopped signing fraud petitionhub, isignanimal, but I never signed in facebook on the fraud petitionhub, isignanimal, etc. Please don’t sign both in the fraud links. Thank you very much some of them who warned me last summer.

  13. Nancy Meute

    Just came across one that I’ve never seen before – It looks ‘strange’. Why would a petition be on a ‘shopping’ site? And they, like the other ‘bad’ ones, start off wanting 50,000 signatures. The photo is also one I’ve already seen on a legit petition site recently. Any answer about this new one?

    • Alafair

      there are no instructions on analyzing; i know of the ones i have listed because i have reasearched in depth, i dont want to share the exact things i have learned because if do they will only do more to hide them, for now it keeps them obvious to me.
      the consequence is that these frauds gather your information and sell to spammers, the fruads become popular and people think they are helping animals when they are not, they take time away from those signing when the signers could be using their time, efforts and money in ways that actually help animals. Signing the fake petitions spread disinformation, and these fruads could not care less about animals, if they did they would not be making petitions that go no where. I have dedicated my life to helping those without a voice, if one tiny thing i was doing was hurting vs helping an animal i would stop immediately, because saving animals is more important to me than my ego. if i put so much effort into running petition sites and was putting out lies, and things that dont help; you would have to question my intentions. In animal advocacy you are either helping to save lives or you are not. there is no gray area, to me if someone refuses to step out of the gray area, then they are hiding something, the dishonesty is obvious, and their intentions are not good and animals dont need crap like that. Does that make sense?

      • Miriam Schiro

        What about people such as trudy Middleton…that looks for true life tragic stories then she makes petitions out of it without the owner of the tragic permission? A fb friend just got taken today by Trudy Middleton. Trudy Middleton took my fb friends tragic story that just happened to her also took Kerr pictures her dogs tragic pictures and made a petition without her consent. My friends said that she died not know Trudy Middleton and why did she do that without her Vincent. The petition trust used is a fraud one as well…it’s called what can my friend do about this? She’s irate and want to 93rd charged in Trust Middleton for doing that.

      • Miriam Schiro

        Sorry I had to repost my question comment to you because I noticed was too much typos. So here it is again corrected (i hope lol)

        What about people such as trudy Middleton…that looks for true life tragic stories then she makes petitions out of it without the owner of the tragic permission? A fb friend just got taken today by Trudy Middleton. Trudy Middleton took my fb friends tragic story that just happened to her also took her pictures her dogs tragic pictures and made a petition without her consent. My friends said that she does not know Trudy Middleton and why did she do that without her consent? The petition trudy used is a fraud one as well…it’s called what can my friend do about this? She’s irate and want to charge Trudy Middleton for doing that.

    • Kat parker

      Bad site and check the privacy policy. Notice when they say things like we don’t sell your mission or do anything you don’t want us to do unless you give us permission and when you sign your name and give them information giving them permission and you’re providing information to them that’s the catch. Also check and see how long they been a website and it’s like short time that’s a very strong indication that they’re not legit. The list that can happen with the sites is Bill take your mission and I’ll sell it to many many places legitimate businesses by origin of businesses sadly and it’s all about information now so animation and the worst that can happen mobile the worst could be worse and this is the Fisher site and they can sell your password because your password you use on that site you may have used on the other sites like PayPal or like your bank or like shopping site Amazon. Is this password on a site like one that saves your passwords and then they get them all. How many of us use the same password over and over again Because its easier to remember? If you joined any of the bad sites change all your passwords–everything–don’t forget to change your Facebook password, change your bank password, anything that you may have a password on whether or not it’s the same password YOU USED ON their site because like I said they can get onto your password SAFE STORAGE sites sometimes and then they can find out a lot more. they are really smart and are many many programs written for them to find out this information they don’t have to come up it out of their heads every time. The work is written to programs that are just waiting to take your information and sell it. There’s a ton of applications out there that are written to steal your information they want everyone’s information so you’re just one piece of the pie for these people they probably sell thousands of names at a time and where’s the pictures are on site along with their petitions they want you to sign another signal that it’s a scam site. You are a commodity. that’s what they make their money doing. Their livelihood depends on staying on top of the business of ripping us off for OUR informatioN.

      Thepetitionspot is another bad scam.

      ** Forgive the typos. no time to scan for errors.

  14. Premila Stunkel

    I’ve received two emails from shopforyourcause. I deleted the first one without giving it a thought. I have a screenshot of the second one. What on earth is that?! A website??!! Alaifair, I’ll sent you that screenshot in a few minutes. And how did they get my email address?! 😵😲😱😰

    • Alafair

      Helena, is it .net or .com ( OR the .net one is ran by criminal Joesph Dimitri. can you email me any information you have on series of events of disappearing donations? I know someone who is personally in litigation with J Dimitri.
      please email me alafair@

  15. Miriam Schiro

    So it’s out the fraud is out do how come they still being away with it? How come authority haven’t been notified about this? And is they have been notified regarding this how come they not doing anything about it? The scammers should go to jail. How come they are not jailed?.Also these scammers go around checking for tragic stories then they steal it and make petitions out of it without the owner of the tragic permission. What is i.e. suppose to do about that?

    • Miriam Schiro

      Sorry so much TYPO.

      Corrected sentences that has typos above:
      *and if they have been notified regarding this…
      * (last sentence) What are we suppose to do about this

  16. Nancy Meute

    Here’s another one I’ve never seen before: Why would they state that it’s an ‘Official Sierra Rise Campaign’? I get emails from Sierra Rise and have never seen this ‘campaign’. Thank you for checking.

      • Nancy Meute

        I wasn’t going to sign anything from Sierra or Defenders, but recently they both seem to be headed in a different, better direction. Are they still the ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’? Or are they actually trying to distance themselves a bit from the hunting/fishing?

  17. Steve Moore

    Hi, what about the smaller ‘NGO’ charities that post online (Facebook) like Guardians of the Voiceless and Nami Kim etc, whilst it appears they do really good work they are, I’m sure, receiving a flood of donations with graphic images, images which I know could be staged or at least not the full picture or just kept at a minimum to attract attention and follow up but funds are taken in great excess. I am not saying I know this is happening but I wondered if people had personal experience. Having worked with NGO’s in Asia I know that 99% of indigenous set ups are at best badly run and mostly just a money making attempt. Even my own dealings with the Brooke in Pakistan was an eye opener, upshot is they are operating to help the owners of donkey’s not the animals themselves, for instance they do not deal with abandoned animals period, once they can no longer work the Brooke is not interested.

      • Steve Moore

        Short answer Alafair, ‘as far as you know’? Care to elaborate? I am on your side, I think this is important, and this is a wholly different and worse case than fake petition sites (the actual effect of petitions is minor anyway) who is checking their accounts? ‘They’ are receiving a flood of donations and this is becoming rapidly more common (posting pics on Facebook with a paypal address). Are there all of a sudden a lot of animal lovers in Asia??? more likely ppl are smelling the money, help me to do something if you don’t respond in more detail (privately is obviously better except there is no contact details for you here, but you can contact me via fb and we can discuss where to go, either another section on your site or some other way, but heed me I am smart and I know Asia and I know if it isn’t bad yet it soon will be, so why not try to stop them before?

  18. Antoinette Armenta

    Hello fellow animal lovers!! I am here to ask if we can make a few petitions stop stop these vile people!!?? We need to do something to stop these scoundrels from stealing from poor innocent animals.

    These horrible disgusting people need to be stopped like now. Please let me know if there’s anything i can do

      • Yen Brouwer

        We all know they are scam.sites , and that they use other postings for their so called petitions. But can.anyone tell me how they get these horrific video clips…as you can.not find them a.ywhere emse on the internet.and the rumour goes..they “produce” get more people convinced they are REAL and not Fake as we are saying.

  19. Yen

    This site is hosted from the wellknown GODADDY
    GoDaddy is by far the biggest target of thieves, due to the sheer amount of domains under management. So it is very strange that any legit petition site would use a know problem.Host for their petitions.
    I am not that far yet with my research that i can say for a 100% that they are a fraud but I just don’t take the risk as they have to much in common with YouSign !!

  20. Sharyn L.

    You have made a lot of accusations with no real substantive proof. PETA petitions are legit. Just because you do not believe in their methods does not mean they are not a legit company. Same goes with Care and I suspect quite a few others you have listed. If you so carelessly included PETA on your list, what others have been included that should not be there?

    According to you, YouSign use petitions as a platform so that they can profit from the advertising space that they rent out. So do many others companies including Google. YouSign petitions are created by individuals and it is up to those individuals to forward the petition. I have at least a couple of contacts who have created YouSign petitions – animal advocates, so don’t make the assumption that these people do not exist.

    In general, much of what you have stated as fact are assumptions…and not very good ones at that. What you have achieved is putting people off of helping animals because you have not done your homework.

  21. Sharyn L.

    WHERE DID THIS POST ORIGINATE FROM? I see no author and no link to a site that identifies the author. The first part of this message was cut and pasted from a similar message circulating online.

  22. Nancy Meute

    I found another petition site that is linked to The creator actually admits to being the founder of (In the About portion) The new site is

  23. Sharon Chapman

    Shame on them, these scumbags are making money of the misery of animals, they truly are evil, I hope they rot 😠😡

  24. premilastunkel

    Hello! Can someone, anyone help me out, please. I’ve been told that Avaaz and Forcechange are not legitimate sites? Is this true? Is the list of fraudulent websites getting longer?! 😨😦😵😳😲😱😟😰Please help! Thank you!

  25. Tina White

    PETA kills thousands and steals animals from loving owners! I have a friend whose lil’ pup was stolen from her porch! PETA only gave herna gift basket for her grief! PETA lies and uses our donations to buy more supplies to kill more animals!

  26. Nancy North

    I do not understand why PETA would be stealing/killing pets. I have read this elsewhere. Even though their focus is on non-domestic animals – why kill pets/domestic animals?

  27. Elke Winkler

    Hello I need help… I signed a petiton at PetitionHub, it is about a very emaciated dog in Spain. As I have contacts to an animal welfare organisaton in Spain, I asked them if they could not help immediately because the dog doesn’t look as if he would be alive for much longer. They are ready to help and to send the police to this place to take the dog away. So I contacted Nigel Cameron and guess… no answer. I am VERY angry about this now. I left also severely comments under his postings and will do now a very nasty one. I found the same petition a bit different text with YousSign. Both peititoners have postet more then 50 petiitons which is already strange. So where do they get the petitions from? I tried in the internet to find something about that, but I couldn’t, even I spent hours. Fact is, the dog needs help – does somebody have an idea how one can find the person behind the video ??? I will post the link to the petition the video is on it :
    At least that prooves that there is something fishy with those petitions !

  28. premilastunkel

    Hello everyone! I understand that there’s a controvesy going on about Avaaz. If you have time, please update this blog. And is there a connection between MoveOn and Avaaz?

  29. concordiaproductions

    There are multiple issues here, for instance even if petition sites are ‘legit’ what exactly is the point of having so many parallel petitions for the same thing? Surely that is completely self defeating, and will certainly leave the authorities cold. Today I signed on a UK gov site, your vote is only counted after receiving and verifying by email, and in turn we know what the result is; it can go to parliament for debate. What are these other petitions sites doing with the votes? Even that gov site is useless because gov will not change a thing even with 500,000+ signs (see Trump banned from UK for proof- they will not stop him). So don’t you think there are wider issues of organisation and info? Your site is, after all, about that isn’t it Alafair? A lot of animal lovers are not necessarily that educated or computer literate and it seems to me that we have the numbers but are severely lacking in direction and organisation. I’m here spending my time, not because I need to be told, because I know what you know already, I’m here to try to increase this good initiative and if this offer isn’t taken seriously and taken up I will be cross and know that it is futile to try to organise ppl who would rather flap about like kites in hurricane crying and not able to do a single effective thing with their time, money and emotion! The only ppl who seem to last are ‘Cpt’ Watson types that make a career out of it, this is a very cynical world and you need to see it as such (you have a good start here) and direct efforts into a sharp point if it’s the animals you want to help.

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