The Criminals/Con Men/ Profiteers of animal abuse Are Tudor Niciporuc, Dragos Vana and Nigel Cameron (most likely all one in the same)

The people who run the fraudulent sites do so to harvest email address and other contact info to sell to spammers and unscrupulous marketers. do not fall for their outdated causes, fake petitions created by fake, nonexistent people

Click here for a list of Legitimate Petition Sites  link to share legit petition sites:

What is their incentive in creating fake petition sites?

This is one of the reasons they create fake useless petitions:

Questionable\Fraudulent Petition Sites 🙁

  2. [latest scam site let me know if you have information to the contrary ]
  7. [there is no one named Kim]
  11. (Embassy Against Animal Abuse)
  12. (this is con man Joseph Dimitri’s site) not to be confused with the legitimate
  13.  (this is con man Joseph Dimitri’s site)


Same criminals run these facebook pages, all fraudulent, all meant to deceive, confuse, divert attention

***One person created all of these facebook pages, he goes by the name of Nigel Cameron (most likely an alias)***


the websites that verify the information about these frauds



   link to share legit petition sites:

Legitimate Petition Sites 🙂

  16. (not to be confused with the illegitimate



  1. Alice Cardenas
  2. [This site calls itself a safe petition watchdog site but was created by the fruads to do damage control]


Additional information…..

 âœ¦ ATTENTION: PETITION SITES TO AVOID – as of February 09, 2015 ✦


~ by Ted Owens

AS OF FEBRUARY 09, 2015!






✦ Yousign,

✦ yousignanimals,

✦ animalpetitions(dot)org,

✦ petitionhub(dot)org,

✦ kimspetitions(dot)com (Added Dec 17/2014)!

✦ HelpSignAnimals(dot)org (Added February 09, 2015)

TheYousign(dot)org Organization Is Comprised Of Yousign, Yousignanimals,Petitionhub, animalpetitions(dot)org!

2 Other Sites That Are Identical In Every way To Yousign (And Are Considered Suspect) Are: kimspetitions(dot)com, HelpSignAnimals(dot)org

They Have More, Including 2 Verified FB Groups & 2 Suspected FB Groups, But The Other Sites Deal With Real Estate And Food!


Scottsdale, Arizona Is The Location Of

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of

this site, or your dealings with this site, please contact us at:| Contact Information

str.Aviator Badescu, nr. 26, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania, Zip Code:




PrivacyPolicy |

The Contact Person Is: Adina Badescu.

Frequently Asked Questions about

Who are you guys? The organization was founded by Dragos Vanaand & Tudor Niciporuc in 2012.

Where are you based? We are based the in European Union, in Romania, but most of our traffic and petitions come from the United

States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.


My Original Post About These 3 Sites:

(From November 2014)



Please Read The Info About,, Romania:,,,, Change!

Do Not S/S Their Petitions!

Background: is registered to a Romanian businessman, who is not known as an animal friend . The other two sites have the same

layout and post the same petitions such as on These two sites are registered on a contact address of which offers a Web site registration on the company’s own address.

In other words, it is intentionally disguised who is behind these two Web pages! Unfortunately, it is assumed that in Romania big money

is earned with animal suffering!

Each time someone clicks on these Web pages/petitions, operators of Web pages get money from advertisers.

We will definitely NOT support these dubious ways of getting rich over sensational animal abuse articles!!!!!

Please spread this info and let the cruel animal images NOT affect you and NOT push you to fall into their trap!!! This info can reproduce itself.

Click to name, E.g. enter the Web pages, then click submit.

Here you’ll get listed the person, on which the Website is registered. On, you can read about what services this

company offers.

INFORMATION ABOUT YOUSIGN.ORG organization was founded by Dragos Vana and Tudor Niciporuc in 2012. Initially started as a PhD thesis project, we

have since grown exponentially but still both founders are actively involved with the development of the website. Dragos, a University

Associate Professor is also a website developer and has earned a PhD degree in web content management systems. Thus he is

covering all areas concerning the technical issues of the website.

Tudor is currently studying for his PhD degree in online marketing and heads the marketing department.

Neither Of The Founders Are Linked To Any Well Known ARA’s On Facebook!

Founder #1

Dragos Vana(Cocu)

Lives in Cluj-Napoca

From Cluj-Napoca

Current City Cluj-Napoca

Hometown Cluj-Napoca

Facebook /vanadragos

Gender Male


Romanian, English, French and Spanish Other Names


Founder #2

Tudor Niciporuc


Studied at Facultatea de Stiinte Economice si Gestiunea Afacerilor


Education Facultateade Stiinte Economice si Gestiunea Afacerilor

College 2007 – 2012

Liceul Teoretic, George Calinescu”

High School September2004 – September 2007

CurrentCity Cluj-Napoca

Hometown Constanta, Romania

ContactInfo Mobile +40 765 484818

Facebook /tudor.niciporuc

Basic Info

Birthday February 17, 1989

Gender Male

Address ForYousign

Str.Aviator Badescu, nr. 26, Cluj-Napoca, jud. Cluj, Romania Zip Code: 400196

Animal Petitions

Part 2 Change

Advice for | Scam check for is


Facts You Should Know About The Site[-] Collapse

Title: Signatures for Change |

Description: The power to make a positive change in the world lies

within each of us and only together

Domain Age:143 Days

WebsiteSpeed: Very Fast

Organisation: Domains By Proxy, LLC

Owner: Registration Private


Owner City: Scottsdale

OwnerPostcode: 85260

PhoneNumber: +1.4806242599

Phone Type: geographic: Phoenix, AZ Qwest Corporation


OwnerCountry : Hidden

WebsiteLocation: United States

Probablewebsite origin:-

88%; Unknown

12%; UnitedStates


*The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity

*This web site is 143 Days old

*The web site expected life (365 days) is relatively short.

*The website appears to be less than six months old

Analysis Details:-

*This website is very new, and as such doesn’t have an online reputation yet. *As with all new businesses, we suggest that you

take care and if necessary get in contact with the owners before placing an order of value. *This site is using an anonymous service – which prevents us from identifying the site owner. This can sometimes be just so that the owner does not receive spam, but be aware that many scam sites

use this asa method to hide their identify. If this is an e-commerce site – we would suggest you confirm the business address with the

website owners.

*The website has been newly registered with a short life expectancy, which follows the pattern used by many fraudulent and

fake selling websites. Please be vigilant and take extra care before providing any payment information.

Via:Reliable Source

30/03/2014 22:47




the website should have an SSL certificate, this protects the data of users of the site so the data being transferred from your computer

to YouSign doesn’t get hacked into and other people get your personal information. You will know that it has the SSL thing

because the web link should be  but instead its which is unsafe for users where a website is

collecting personal information. Also from the law that was passed in 2011, all websites should have an agreement to the user when they

enter the site if they allow or disallow the website to collect cookies from your computer. The cookies basically take what you have been

doing on the site and passing them around to other companies and websites


they haven’t left us with a way to deactivate our accounts but if you take a look the only info they have of you will be your name and

email address, of which you can always block them but what I would do is go to your facebook settings, top right-hand side of

your screen, where you log in & out, click settings, then click the apps tab and delete them if you see them there in your applications,

they will then no longer be able to connect with you via facebook.

They are a totally dodgy company that, in fact, are involved in dodgy real estate activity in Romania and are partnered with at least

another two other makeshift companies and included also. They use petitions as a platform so that they can profiteer

from the advertising space that they rent out, no other petition site behaves in this way, sadly 95% of all their petitions are created by

only a handful of people, the same people, just 6 of them, who all joined facebook on the same day together (isn’t that funny), just

December 2013  and all create several petitions each day and post them, they all work for, they only ever post petitions, never any from any other petition site, never communicate even if you tag them and never sign a single petition

because in fact the are fake people made up by this dodgy company, the more petitions they post the more money they make

out of advertising space, sadly I do not think they care about the petitions, they just care about creating a platform to sell advertising

space and sadly I do not think many of the petition signatures will ever get to their original targets. Here are the people to look out for,

fake, take a look at their profile pages and see how many petitions they are creating, loads and load and loads

each day, it is not normal activity, not for anybody and is so wrong because they are stealing and disrupting our cause and harming the animals..–christine.daviss.5–gabi.douglas.3–profile.php?id=10000-7-215155540

and alsolookout for the names:

John Smith,, England

Richard Gibbs,, America,

they also create the petitions and there is another girl but I cannot

think of her name right now.

OnlinePetition | The Online Petition Platform |

Start  a petition campaign that provokes social change. Web

platform that helps you start an online petition.

OnlinePetition | The Online Petition Platform |

Start a petition campaign that provokes social change. Web

platform that helps you start an online petition.

*******WORD OF WARNING********

These people will cyberbully and harass you into submission if you go up against them!

Please screenshot any correspondence, threats, etc and post them here if you wish.

WE DO NOT TAKE LIGHTLY Scams or Frauds that use Animals as their main money making scheme,

and we shall report these people to their local authorities with proof.


Add Yours
      • HRM resident

        The final chance for appeal is gone and Brindi is with a new family now.

        However, there is still at least one gofundme account still drawing contributions from people thinking they are helping Ms. Rogier appeal her case.

    • Lavinia Rojas

      Yes, 100% -I guarantee it. I have SUCCESSFul gathered signatures and presented in two countries. You may see the result in my timeline. They were with Yousignanimals org I like them because one can SHARE to many groups and really help the animals. That is why I use them.

  1. Lavinia Rojas

    The information given in this blog is wrong. GoDaddy is located in Arizona. YS like most websites use this business. YS is located in Romania. I will try to explain; if you have a website but do not want your address and phone # etc shown around the world (who wants that?) pay a fee and instead of Your real address…Godaddy uses their address. They are Not hiding anything. Most business/websites opt for that option; PRIVACY – Spams comes to mind. All platforms such as Care2, Avaaz, Change org, etc they are BUSINESS. No one offer Free service. They make $$ by offering space in their websites. They need to pay their staff, offices, programmers, etc. NO one sell your emails.

    • Alafair

      Lavinia you don’t know that they don’t harvest and sell names and email addresses to spammers. I have talked to so many people who have told me right after they signed a yousign, petitionhub petition they started getting spam and or all kinds of adverts sent to them

      • Lavinia Rojas

        I have been using the websites in question, and I have not received Any spams…ever. Im very carefully when I Accept friends. There are a lot of scammers everywhere, and they Do ask to be your friend. I check their Timeline Very carefully. Having say this i take this opportunity to advise Any Single female here to be careful when a dashing man single or widower ask to b your friend. In particular they use a Military person with Medals. Watch out!

  2. Lavinia Rojas

    Alafair, did you say that YS is run by people who do not care for animals? YS is just a business, just like any other. Change org, Care2, Avaaz, etc… they are all just business. People just like you and me we post petitions in these sites to help the animals. They are just providing a website for us to use. They make money by allowing business/corporations to advertise in their websites.

  3. Lavinia Rojas

    The website platforms are ALL legits. You can have a programmer to build a platform just like Change org, Avaaz, or any other, then have people and even yourself post cases of animal abuse to gather signatures and present them to your local government, police, or anyone with authority. You need to read the Petition line by line. You will find a link for the newspaper, TV or magazine story of the different cases where Monsters torment and abuse animals. It is like a newspaper for us to read in the internet. if you want to get involved, of course you sign. When the creator of the petition complete to gather the signatures he/she can deliver them or they can ask to the owner of YS who also deliver them, if asked. .. Just like avaaz, change org etc. I feel that many people are wasting their time with this type of blog. The time could be use instead signing petitions to help those who need it. Anymore questions and I’ll try to explain further.

      • miraiordanescu

        Hi, sorry to comment here, it is about the list with bad petition platforms, I think that “forechange(.)org ” and “animalpetitions(.)org” should be added …too…Same style, texts look like “deja-vu” , most petitions ask authorities to do what THEY HAVE ALREADY DONE, many petition creators have no clue about the outcome of their causes, nor about legislation for animals in the countries they target. Basically people should TRUST< sign and share , first and most petitions created by legitimate organisations. ( local, national and/or international) on their official websites or on other platforms, trusted and tested, and petitions created by LOCAL ACTIVISTS ( in their official language, so to speak…) I doubt that an official from , let's say Spain, will give any attention to a petition written by a resident from , let's say Tanganyika…sorry…It never happened.

  4. Lavinia Rojas

    the person who posted the petition is either still collecting signatures, or abandoned it. It is not up to the owner to remove them. It is the responsibility of the creator of the petition to do so.

  5. Lavinia Rojas

    Alafair…did u actually said that “animal abuse is not a business”? Hmmm Is that what I said? May I suggest that you read again my comment? Perhaps all the problem reside in that people do not read carefully or do not understand what is being said. I will leave this forum because i am busy trying to help the animals. Cheers.

    I just noted that you said that Nigel created Safepetitions. That would be wrong. But sorry my friend, I am leaving now.

  6. Lavinia Rojas

    Trolling Overview

    What’s an internet troll?
    Internet trolls usually aim to disrupt normal online activities by a persistent series of insulting or aggressive posts and messages. These inflammatory comments usually have no substance but often include cruel and destructive attacks on someone’s physical appearance or personality, with the aim of making the target believe them.

    Trolls rely on anonymity and deception and sometimes use grossly embarrassing and altered photos to humiliate their target. They get an emotional payoff from those who respond to their posts or messages.

    Get more information about the definition of trolling.

    – See more at:

    • Yen

      Same here…it is inpossible to tell what is righ and what is wrong so I just stopted signing untill someone can gives me some real evidence about the fale petition sites !!

      • Lavinia Rojas

        Hi Yen, i feel compelled to reply to you. Most definitely. Check my timeline. There you wlll see the petitions that I successfully presented to the gov of BC in Canada, Quebec, and Chile. I just completed another petition re “Chile stop the mistreatment of horses” and I ll be delivering them in the next couple of days or so. I’ll then post Again the response from the Gov of Chile. These petitions were posted with Yousignanimals and Petitionhub. I use them cause they are the only ones that were efficient. I have had posted with Avaaz, Care2, and Change org …I did not get Anywhere. And worse still….they never responded to me when I asked questions. This is the reason for which I like to post my petitions with Petiiion hub and YS …I dont care if they make money. I am here to help the animals not to criticize how people make their living.

  7. Nancy Meute

    Alafair, I’ve been following your ‘conversation’ with Lavinia. I am one who signed some of the petitions from a couple of the notorious sites (before I knew about them – the last one was SOSVOX). Even though you haven’t posted that they are bad for certain, I began receiving spam in my email inbox very quickly. I unsubscribed to SOSVOX (and POPVOX) and deleted all of their emails. I have tried to unsubscribe to all the ‘newsletter’ spam emails without any luck. I’m still getting them. I have decided to just move them, unopened, to my spam folder and let my server take care of them. As far as animalsaustralia goes, I sign their petitions and will until I hear different. Keep up the good work!

  8. Larry K

    Alifair, I think you’re being trolled by Lavinia. She seems to have successfully flooded the comment section here. Let me give you the results of my first hand investigation of a yousignanimals petition that just didn’t sit right with me. It was in reference to a case in 2014 where an author left her beloved pit bull, Sugar to be cared for by her dog walker while she went on a business trip. Tragically, upon her return, the walker claimed that Sugar “went missing”. Unlike other suspicious petitions, I was fortunate to be able to trace the actual victim of the crime listed in the “petition”. But I’ve gotten any litter ahead of the story.

    The yousignanimals petition was targeted at the New York County Procecutor’s office and was drafted and published in May/June of 2015. It alleged that the dog walker was believed to have delivered Sugar into the hands of a dog fighting organization as payment for a drug debt. I was able to find multiple stories about the crime in a number of New York City print and television media sources. The story was also picked up by the Associated Press and even received coverage in a few print media outlets in London, England. The reason this particular case received so much media coverage was because Sugar’s owner is a famous author.

    Getting back to the fraudulent petition, the first publishing of the petition had a goal of 2,000 signatures. That was the first red flag. Why only 2,000 signatures for a well covered, high profile animal abduction case? As soon as that goal was met, the signature goal was changed to 5,000 signatures. That was the second red flag. The “petition” sourced the London media only in the body of the petition, which was very condensed and lacking most of the details that were readily available from the multiple NY media sources, not today mention a few major inconsistencies even from the London story. Moreh red flags. The “petition” went on to, “Demand that the prosecutor immediately do their duty and file charges against the dog walker and not ignore the case just because poor Sugar is a pit bull”.

    As I said earlier, I was fortunate enough to be able to locate and speak with the actual victim in this case. Sugar’s owner, Ms Fogel. In my initial contact, I asked Ms Fogel the obvious first question- has Sugar been found? She said no and ask if I was the new lead investigator on her case. When I told her I was just a concerned fellow animal lover who came across Sugar’s story when a petition four its way into my Facebook news feed. Needless to say, it was at this point that both of our interests were peaked. She said that she was completely unaware of the petition. I then asked her if, by chance she knew the woman who was listed as the host of the petition. Again, the answer was no. She then asked me what the petition said. When I told her about the demand to arrest and charge the dog walker, she advised me that he, in fact, had been arrested several months prior to the date on the petition and was facing numerous charges in addition to the theft of Sugar and was out on bond awaiting trial. She went on to point out other major inaccuracies in the “petition”. Assuming the petition originated in NYC, because the listed host said she was in NYC. Of course, this “host” only said NYC with no direct contact information. When I advised her that the organization behind the petition was located in Romania, she said that she felt victimized all over again. I sent her a hyperlink to the petition for her to pass on to police, if she so desired.

    So let’s just recap.
    1) A high profile dog abduction takes place in NYC and gets a lot of local TV and print media coverage. Not just because of the celebrity victim, but also about the abduction being facilitated by a trusted dog walker. Add in the alleged drug, gang & dog fighting aspects and it stayed in the news cycle and will likely re-emerge during the trial of the dog walker.

    2) The police do their job and identify the (formerly) trusted dog walker, build a case against him and arrest & charge him with a number of offenses in addition to the victims who are the focus of this “petition” which is drafted and published several months later.
    3) They are using this case (a precisely because it has garnered a lot of media attention in one of largest cities in the US, but they choose to use enticing, but vague snippets and blurbs from overseas print media, rather than any of the dozens of local, detailed stories that include the actual victims.

    4) They use inflammatory language to engage and enrage as many people as possible so they will act on emotions rather than common sense. In this case, they allege the police and district attorney of prejudice against the victim because her beloved Sugar is a pit bull to get animal rights individuals and bully breed advocacy groups all worked up, so they’ll distribute the “petition” among their members and other advocacy groups who in turn network the their friends, families, members, etc.

    5) After seeing more than one red flag (as well as inconsistencies on this and other “petitions”), I decide to conduct my own investigation and unlike previous times, I actually locate the victims.

    6) My interview with the victim uncovers the following false claims…

    ● Accusations of willful neglect by the police

    ● That the alleged perpetrator was walking around scot free.

    ● They primary victim did not even know that a petition was being circulated for her benefit, much less consent to its existence.

    ● The victim does not know the person listed as the host of the petition and there is no way to contact said “host”(or the publisher of the “petition”, for that matter) to address the glaring inaccurate claims being made in her name.

    ● The “signature goals”. Not just because of the fact that they change at the whim of someone in Romania, but also, compared to LEGITIMATE petition sites,these “signature goals” are ridiculously low. I have been a signatory in the 300,000’s on petition sites, such as ThePetitionSite, Change(dot)org, and a couple dozen other sites that have been fully vetted and are not only legitimate, but they are also safe to use.

    Now that we’ve gotten through some of the items that were specific to this example, please allow me to close with a couple of common sense questions and a couple more quick observations I’ve madein my dealings with yousignanimals, Petitionhub and the rest of the fraudulent petition sites listed here.

    Question #1
    This one refers back to the ridiculously low signature goals. Pick a city- any American city. Now pick a crime against an animal. Do you honestly think that law enforcement is going to sit around for months on end waiting on a petition to arrive from Romania, signed by a few hundred to a few thousand people from… well…heaven only knows where from, before they deciding to investigate open cases? Really?

    Question #2
    Have you ever wondered why whenever you click on one of the fraudulent sites while on Facebook, at least 2 or 3 of the suggested links warns against the very same sites that are warned against in this fraud alert?

    Just a couple closing thoughts. The story of poor Sugar is a tragedy. A loving devoted companion that most likely died an unspeakable death as a bait animal to train the fighters. She was condemned to this savage end because her walker got into hock with a drug dealer/gang and these despicable lowlifes saw Sugar’s demise and the deep emotional pain that her mom lives with, day in and day out as an opportunity to exploit this tragedy to cash in with their email harvesting scam.

    Sugar’s circumstances are one of most lucrative situations. Well covered an as a result, very easy to build a scam around.

    Another popular scenario that’s very popular with these fraudsters is to build some “petitions” around old cases that have bee long since adjudicated. They find old cases online. Do a little copy/paste and doctoring of documents. A couple heartbreaking photos and voila! Another convincing ruse to pull good hearted into the world of super spamming.

    Speaking of heartwrenching photos and videos. That’s probably their biggest moneymaker. Their are literally millions of photos and videos of animals being tortured and killed in the most heinous and many times graphic ways. These images play upon a purely emotional, irrational and if it goes as planned, will elicit and totally knee jerk reaction.

    In conclusion, some ask where or when did my investigative skills come from. Well during my 20+ years in finance, I did some of that time as a fraud investigator. Am I the best in the world? No. But I was, and still am pretty good at it.

  9. Larry K

    Alifair, I think I have a couple of pictures of Vana Dragos torturing a calf. I’d rather send them to you privately android let you decide whether or not you want to publish them (plus, I don’t know how to add them here. I’m sure you’re aware that there have been allegations that the thugs in Romania have from time to time tortured and killed animals solely for the purpose of generating some of the horrific pictures to build petitions around.

    I look forward to hear1

  10. Lavinia Rojas

    I am interested, who created this Blog. And also interested in the reason/s why they do not show their full names??

  11. Nancy Meute

    Lavinia, tired of your ramblings! If you have nothing important to contribute, please stop posting messages on this site! You can sign whatever petitions you would like. Just don’t tell anyone what to do! Go somewhere else with all this! Please do NOT respond to this reply! (I’m certain you will anyway!) Thank you!!!

  12. Lavinia Rojas

    You people are affecting the innocent animals that I am trying to help. I wont lower myself anylonger talking with your kind.

    • Elke Winkler

      … about those petitions and helping animals… I signed recently a petition on “petitionhub” from Nigel Cameron, about a starving dog in Spain. For me the petition was senseless, because the animal needed help immediately! So I contacted a friend in Spain (she is the president of an animal welfare organisation) and she contacted people near that place. She told me they are ready to send the police over to get the dog out of there, but we needed more information. So I contacted Nigel Cameron asking him to contact the petitioner (she should from somewhere have her informations -normally-). There was NO answer from him not even one word, even I wrote also on his postings several times, my friend tried to contact him as well… For me THIS is a real proof that there is something foul about it. It surely is not a petition to help animals!! He is a deceiver! Who knows where this video came from, if it was old or new… I only hope for the dog that it could be saved by a real animal lover !!!!! SHAME on those people who use the suffering of the animals for their advantage !

  13. Lavinia Rojas

    Just before I leave this “forum”.. I do not Just sign petitions. I do Create petitions- Are you aware that the websites are there for people to Create petitions?

  14. Lavinia Rojas

    Hello…It cleary says ” Prosecuter the owner” : 404 – Page Not Found
    We searched but we couldn’t find it:

    This page was not found on

    • Tina White

      I have a question for everyone here. If its off topic i am sorry but i need an answer. Anyway, I saved a stray from the streets and found him a good home! Problem is, i could be going to jail because that dog was reported as stolen! He had no collar, no tags…but yet my ass is going to go to jail for helping a stray? We have many of them here too! How was i suppose to know this pup belonged to someone without proper identification? Now this couple and their 5 year old daughter is sad because the pup had to be returned to my not best friend anymore! Since when is it illegal to help a homeless animal? That is my question. I am being harrassed, told that i am going to jail, etc! I dont regret saving the pup! If i go to jail then so be it! I DID NOTHING WRONG!

      • Lynn

        Not every stray is actually a stray. Fiirst you should take them to be scanned for a chip. Vets and animal control will do it for free. Next you report to animal control that you found the animal and will hold on to it. Sometimes you have to go in and write it in a book. Then dependant on your location after 2 weeks to a month you can legally claim the pup. What made you think a puppy was a stray? You are not an expert . I have seen dogs stolen then dumped or recovered in other states. There are many reasons for a pup to be on the street and they are not all about being dumped by owner. Had you followed the law you wouldn’t be throwing a pity party now. If you are going to be rescuing animals then you need to check the laws in your areas. Real rescues do. You did a lot wrong you assumed and didn’t cover your bases. You didn’t look for an owner. You stole the dog because you did not do everything to look for an owner before you decided to give it away

      • Lavinia Rojas

        I did click Elke. Thanks. But the tittle it says it all; “Prosecute the owner”…That is what the author of the petition wanted. Not Nigel the owner of the platform/website. Hope this clears? I believe in communication. And I do appreciate people keeping the eyes open. Cheers!

      • Elke Winkler

        Yes that I understand very well… But I think as an owner of this page he surely has the contacts to the petitioners. And that is what we wanted – that he either gives us the contact of the petition or contacts her himself and asking for more informations – but there was no word… Even if he strangely doesn’t have a contact he could have said so. Our aim was to rescue that poor dog so I think if he really is interested in animals, he would have made an effort and supported us in finding more informations about that dog and owner.

  15. Lavinia Rojas

    Sorry Nancy if my information is for you “rambling” But I am animal advocate.
    It seems that some people do not know that the owner of a website is there to give you a platform for people to CREATE petitions. Just like yourself or any of you can and should help animals trying to convict the monsters. IF you care for animals you are to advocate by Creating petitions, then pursue the authorities or governments. But it is You who need to do this… not the owners of Change org, or any other website. BTW, Change org is a corporation making millions of dollars and have thousands of employees. They are successful because they are the Older platforms and the Media knows them. Same with Care2, Avaaz, etc etc. They are Only WEbsites for you guys to advocate. People work for these websites, such as programmers, and office people – they all get paid. Who knows whether they care for animals or not…

    • Nancy Meute

      I know exactly how petitions sites work. I have created petitions, and I personally never had to pay one cent to create the petitions, nor for the sites to promote the petitions (I did that myself because the petitions represented MY passion). It is wonderful that there are petition sites available for those of us with a true passion, whether it be for animals, environment, etc. And the really great (valid) sites do not result in a bunch of spam emails being sent to anyone’s email address! It sounds as if you are in ‘business’ to promote and advocate for certain petitions sites, not animals. We’ve heard the same verbiage from you now for quite some time – Enough Is Enough! Follow through with what you have said – leave the forum and promote/advocate on some other forum please.

  16. Lavinia Rojas

    Eike, no one can collect thousands of signatures in one day. My understanding that in most countries is illegal to break n people’s houses. Except for Chile! That is where I was bor and raised. The activists are super daring and climb spikes metal fences and remove animals in distress. So in other countries the only thing that one can do is to bring the owner to justice. OR be brave enough and break into that house and remove the dog. Please tell me if you dont agree or not understand what Im trying to convey.

  17. Lavinia Rojas

    Eike, I can understand your frustration. But again petitions are to approach the Authorities, and the Governments. He could have been more helpful. Perhaps he is not such an animal loving person since he did not make an effort in contacting the author. But the same have happened to me with other platforms such as Change, Avaaz. It was critical that i speak to the authors of certain petitions…at least two, and I had no means to get through. And many creators/authors one cannot find. So I know what you mean. But All the websites are in fact Business…$$ We cannot expect anything from them, except to send us the signatures when i s completed we will then work with that.

  18. Lavinia Rojas

    Nancy, LOL… it is exactly the opposite. Since you are devoted to “put websites down”.. you are promoting for people Not to sign the petitions. THis works against the animals. I have Never put anyone nor any websites down. It seems that you need to learn How to really help the innocent animals. And by the way, stop telling me what to do.

    • Nancy Meute

      I’m not telling you what to do – I’m only reiterating what you had already said you were going to do. Leave this forum is what you said previously. I’m not putting any websites down. I’m just saying that I choose only certain Petition Sites to use for my petitions, and I choose to put my ‘signature’ only on their petitions. After all, the petition sites do not compose the petitions themselves; they are composed by individuals like me. You, Lavinia, can sign petitions on whichever sites you wish. Just as I can choose the sites I prefer. I not only sign many petitions to help with a wide variety of animals and environmental issues, but also have taken several animals into my home who needed someplace to live, proper care and love.

      • Lavinia Rojas

        Nancy, I sign All petitions, regardless of where they come from. Be from AVaaz, YS, Change, Petitionhub, etc etc. I Never asked anyone Not to sign. Since I am the creator of several petitions and ongoing as we are talking, and during the procedure of discussing the animal abuse matters with different countries…the governments.. the constant advice of asking people Not to sign….they Do affect my work. I would appreciate this to stop. You want me to leave this forum. Why?

  19. Lavinia Rojas

    Btw, when i began to create petitions I started with Change org and Avaaz. I did not get anywhere. I hardly got any signatures. I was asked to pay to promote them. The websites that you guys do not like are moving my petitions quickly. That is the reason why I like to work with them. I am getting success. I will shortly post the newest so that you see the Evidence.

  20. Alice Susan Harding

    I would very much like to know why you have removed my comments about Yousign etc. from this page? The only reason I can think of it is because you are listening to hate campaigners who have among their number various trolls, shills, minions and drones, including hunters and dog meat trade advocates, etc. who are viciously attacking those people making a stand on social media – not only against the abuse and all the killing but also against the corruption in animal rights – and doing their utmost to discredit them?

    One of their tactics is to contact ppl with various barefaced lies and faked documentation to get them to remove anything that might put that person or org in a good light, while doing their utmost to take action in any way possible to harass them, counter their work and discredit them. This is on social media and the internet generally such as WordPress blogs, but also in the ‘real’ world, phoning up to cancel their parking permit so they get a ticket, etc., and it’s a very long list. If you hadn’t already heard of it, please look up “Cointelpro”.

    I was the one of the first who researched about the petitions and who passed that information to Mary Robbins to write her articles about the petition companies as I did not then have enough time to put the articles together myself.

    That you have apparently acted in this way is sad for many reasons, but most of all that would have hoped that someone who works with the ALF would have known better. Do you really believe the hunters, farms and shelter killers, intend to allow the AR movement to remove their perceived right to kill without doing everything in their power to counter the AR movement or to get control over it with their puppets? Do not underestimate them, they want you to think they are dumb and disorganised, when the very opposite is true.

  21. jdels

    Any petition site loaded with commercial ads must be ignored. Yousign, Petition Hub, Kimpetitions….
    I actually have a proof that Kimpetitions is a fake site. They used a case I worked on and have petition on Change,org. The case gained serious popularity in Bulgaria and overseas and my petition attracted over 130K signatures. The perpetrator was arrested and convicted. Almost a year after the court case I saw petition about the same case on Kimspetitions. She was “demanding” the perpetrator to be found and punished. She used the names of the officials I have addressed in my petition, only that they have been replaced by new people after elections. When I confronted her she was arrogant. I keep very interesting online chat with this person and screenshots of her fraudulent petition.

  22. Nancy Meute

    Thank you for the update on this particular petition site. I’ve never seen it, but I will know now to avoid it.

  23. Anoop kumar Sharma

    thanks for the information. i can’t believe bad people like these exist on the cruel world.
    thanks again for doing so much research and letting us know the truth.
    god bless you.

  24. premilastunkel

    Hello everyone! I believe the list of fraudulent petitions has been updated by Mr.Ted Owens. I understand Avaaz and ForceCharge are not legit. So, is it possible to update this blog, please? And everyone want to know why Avaaz and Forcechange are fraudulent. I believe they use GoDaddy. Kindly respond. Thanks.

  25. premilastunkel

    Hello once again! Ok! I am feeling a little disturbed, confused and frustrated! I don’t mean to offend anyone, but the list of fraudulent sites has not been updated yet! Avaaz and ForceCharge…..Fraudulent….Yes? No? Please respond! Please work on updating this list as soon as possible! Thanks!

  26. Texan Advocate

    Lavina is the mouth piece for YS and PH. Long time friends with Tudor and Nigel, she will say anything in defense of those two. Keep digging around on Lavina, Alafair you’ll find dirt on her.

      • S.S.

        Alafair, I find it interesting you simply thank “Texan Advocate” without asking for some actual evidence or more information. You accept Texan Advocate’s ‘words’ as true or as fact, and don’t bother asking for more info. More importantly, if you are interested in finding out the truth, why not collaborate on a strategy? Such as taking screen shots of petitions so that IF a site like YouSign posts a repeat, it can be evidenced by the fact that the old number of signatures shown on the original doesn’t match the current repeat? Perhaps it’s time to find some actual evidence?

      • S.S.

        Alafair, I apologize if I sounded incriminating. That is not my intent. I believe that if you and Lavinia and others posting here are devoted to helping animals it would be best to all collaborate towards a strategy to find some actual evidence.

    • Texan Advocate

      @ S.S
      What is your problem with me? Did I some how cross you in the past, or are you one of the P.O.S I helped exposed?

      Alafair knows how to do her research. She and I are conversing in private about this exact issue yet that is not your business. What and who she speaks to in private now is it.

      • S.S.

        If you two are conversing in private, fine. My problem is not with you, but that it seems that people on this site are trying to lead people to believe things one way or the other and there is no actual evidence to back any of this up. Just word of mouth. Statements of certainty should not be made without offering reasons or evidence…. and people saying “I heard from a trustworthy source” or that you believe you will find dirt on someone without saying why is not helpful. If you make statements in public, and you are wrong, you risk misleading a lot of other people. I’m just concerned with divisions and feuds happening unnecessarily when there should be a common goal uniting people instead.

      • Texan Advocate

        It seemed you did have an issue with me, S.S. However, I assure you I am relaying information to, Alafair. I’m sure when she has more time she will write a report for this issue. If not, I will oblige and revive past articles of this issue. That does have and include screenshots of their dirty deeds done, including their harassment of ARA individuals.

  27. S.S.

    To make my last post into a general comment: to find out the truth, evidence is needed. If you think YouSign or another site is creating repeat posts of old news, start taking screen shots and saving them. That way IF it is true that they do this, you will have evidence to show everyone (i.e., you can compare the old petition with, say, 1000 signatures to the new repeat which could have far less). All the best!

  28. kimturnage

    I have seen over&over again petitions on legit sites and then months or years later the exact same petitions on yousign and petitionhub site.I found out online that they steal petitions from reputable sites to scam and spam people’s email like they did mine,which causes the original petitions to lose signatures and animals to suffer so this Dragos dude can profit from it.I also used to be on a blog with people who know this dude that had nothing to do with animals or petitions who said he is a con artist who likes to mess with peoples minds.He was kicked off the site for starting a bunch crap.Please beware.

  29. kimturnage

    Yousign steals petitions from other sites,I have seen it.They spam your email.They did it to me.The guy running is is not trustworthy and nor a nice person.I used to be on a blog with him not related to animals or petitions.I am very wary of Yousign&petitionhub.Just sayin’!!

  30. premilastunkel

    Hello, once again! Does anyone here know anything about the 3 sites I’m about to type out here?,,and I’m unsure about these sites, and I sense they’re not legit/good! Your thoughts, please? Alafair, I’m somehow not convinced about shopforyourcause! I’m not quite sure what to do! So, before anyone thinks I’m being paranoid or something,please allow me to explain! Let’s just say, I’d like to get things right! Having said that, I’m aware that can be tricky…somewhat! I hope someone will help me clear my doubts, please? Thank you!

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