List of Monsters

  1.  El Escobar farm in Spain workers who stabbed and tortured pigs
  2. Kendall Jones
  3. Brandon Juneau and  Derrick Moran: The guys who used a nail-gun to punch nails through a snakes head
  4. Tieesha Cogdell
  5. Gemma Richards
  6. Andrew Nason, 28, and Julie Custer, 25 Dayton Ohio murdered Klonda Richey
  7. Chloe Hopkins
  8. Daniella Riches
  9. The man in cumbria (uk) who put the 2 rats in a microwave
  10. The people who dragged the foal to its death with a car
  11. All the PLRS employees and owners
  12. Those two monsters Ross and Maselli, the hoarders who taped the dog’s mouths so they couldn’t cry.
  13. Mike Vick
  14. Sharon McDounough
  15. Sarah Palin
  16. Pedophiles
  17. Terrorists
  18. Vivisectors
  19. Vacuum kitten killer Lucas rocco magnotta (1 boy 2 kittens)
  20. Delois Hayward, The man who has Alice the dog that was fed nothing but bread for 6 years
  21. John Matheson, the magistrate in Toombs County GA who refuses to allow charges against the woman who “owns” Alice.
  22. Pete Usher, of Toombs County AC, who backs up the magistrate.
  23. puppy thrower-tossed baby puppys in a river
  24. Svujanus Benuik-threw Pepper off a bridge and died a week later from internal bleeding
  25. Wolfie Blackheart(wolfgirl)- of Texas who beheaded Rigsby
  26. the Asian Monster who crushed the kittys n puppies
  27. Kenny Glenn-cat abuser (Dusty)
  28. Mike Motari-the soldier who tied a puppys paws and threw the poor baby offa cliff
  29. Steve Moreno-who dragged Buddy the GSD to his death
  30. Tyler Weiman from Florida who killed 19 cats and got away with it
  31. the 2 twins Travers n Tremayne Johnson from Baltimore who burned Phoenix
  32.  Mayor Jose Vicente Maicavares who allowed Casmiro the lion to rot to death in that horrible zoo
  33. poachers-hunters-thrill killers-trophy hunters-
  34. Troy Gentry for killing Cubby the bear
  35. Rebecca Francis-Huntress
  36. China-Asia-Korea-for skinning animals alive and eating  cats and dogs
  37. the 2 monsters who left poor Chamberlin to die-but he was rescued
  38. the whale and dolphin slayers and seal clubbers-rodeo and circus-horse and tiger slaughterers-Matadors
  39. Nepal-they kill millions of innocent animals for rituals and sacrifices
  40. The people and fisherman of Taiji  for murdering milliond of dolphins
  41. The people who club baby harp seals actually all the people who kill any seal
  42. The 400 lb guy who beat up a little 3 pound dog in california
  44. Douglas Spink-for running a Beastiality farm abusing animals
  45. Anyone who has sex with an animal
  46. People who don’t have their dogs and cats altered
  47. Sophia Loren Blackglama FURHAG
  48. Marlene Dietrich Blackglama FURHAG
  49.  Elizabeth Taylor Blackglama FURHAG
  50.  Diana Ross Blackglama FURHAG
  51.  Lauren Bacall Blackglama FURHAG
  52.  Lena Horne Blackglama FURHAG
  53.  Liza Minelli Blackglama FURHAG
  54.  Judy Garland Blackglama FURHAG
  55.  Faye Dunaway Blackglama FURHAG
  56.  Joan Rivers Blackglama FURHAG
  57.  Lillian Gish Blackglama FURHAG
  58.  Audrey Hepburn Blackglama FURHAG
  59.  Cindy Crawford Blackglama FURHAG
  60.  Elizabeth Hurley Blackglama FURHAG
  61.  Naomi Campbell Blackglama FURHAG
  62.  Elle Macpherson Blackglama FURHAG
  63.  Giselle Bundchen Blackglama FURHAG
  64.  Linda Evangelista Blackglama FURHAG
  66. Brandon Vongthongthip FOR HAVING SEX WITH DOGS
  67. Who ever tied up Buddy the Rottwiler with a hanger, clothsline and cell phone cord
  68. Giovanni Estrada the guy who shot the cat with a bb gun over 20 times then through it into the river
  69. Luis Moreno for kicking a Barn owl on the soccer field and killing it, POS
  70. Scott Smith of GREENSBURG, Pa. for raping a 5 month old baby
  71. Angie and Michael Patent of Sarasotta Fl for starving and neglecting Tovan the Great Dane
  72. Any  person who condones the animal  horror that takes place in China, stands by and does nothing, thinks it is normal and part of the culture  [Excluding all the innocent]
  73. Wilana Joenel Frazier, a 24-year-old pregnant woman, and her two young children for Children as young as 10 years old say they watched as a woman beat two kittens with a baseball bat before she and her two children kicked them numerous times. Once one of the animals appeared to have died, the body was thrown in a trash receptacle while one of the children poured water over it.


  1. on # 69 the kitten that lived was named Dexter. He died months later from a seizer caused by the brain damage he recieved from those bastards

    1. Conklin farm in Palin city. OHIO. It’s a dairy farm but for some reason think it’s OK to torchure the cows

  2. What a superb idea this website is! Expose these subhumans to the light of day with as much personal information as available and then let universal justice (as opposed to the sham that passes for it in this country) take its course. Bravo!

  3. This is a great idea. Abusers are abusers, and if abusers of humans get listed, so should abusers of animals. Perhaps further distribution of this list is in order. Maybe some major groups should repost.

  4. Well intentioned, and well researched, though depressing, site. But you lose credibility, and my support, when you ad TRANSGENDER to the list (#59), which has nothing whatsoever to do with animal cruelty, and call Janet Jackson (#63) a WHORE (only Janet, none of the other women, and obviously, none of the men). I don’t care for her, myself, but my opinion – and yours – have no bearing here. It’s misogynistic, borderline racist, and has absolutely nothing to do with what your site is supposed to be about. As I read the list, I see no other personal attacks, other than the two women and the FAT Mexican guy (#40). I’m not trying to play PC Police, but again, it really lowers your credibility when you post things like that. The disgusting facts relating to the abuses speak for themselves, without any further personal commentary or insults needed.

    1. Lol. I fixed them all! that list started out as a joke about 5 years ago; some friends and I were talking about making a site to expose animal abusers and we started pasting together that list and we were going to use it as a starting place, and the list got left up there and we laughed at it because it is so random. And it reads like everyone should know the diffetent cases but most have no details, i just left it there as sort of our private joke. I forgot it was even up there. But ive fixed all the derogatory remarks.

    1. They both wear fur, so they should get a pass? I think not. Anyone with celebrity status has the perfect gift of opportunity to influence thousands of people to make good choices. Like it or not celebrities set trends and have a voice that can reach far, they have the ability to change minds and when they waste that chance with their selfish, self absorbed choices that is when they lose all credibility and my respect. This is what they are responsible for:

  5. Good list! Great to expose these scumbags. I will add the list to my page: ” Callous Animal Killers”…… I listed your fine page on mine, also.

  6. How about the governments that regularly kill wolves, mountain lions, and bears because the ranchers are too lazy to get off their asses and guard their herds. Instead, they pay the governments of western states and provinces in Canada to kill these innocent animals for them with absolutely no justification.

  7. More to add to the list:
    73. Ingrid “A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy” Newkirk is both the leader of a dirty rotten money-hungry vegan cult that allegedly stands for ethical treatment of animals AND the world’s dumbest animal abuser thanks to her group’s practice of killing countless animals for no reason while attacking people who kill animals for ANY reason
    74. Gary Yourofsky
    75. Losers who kill animals for no reason while attacking people who kill animals for ANY reason (I just HAD to mention this twice)
    76. Freddy Krueger
    77. Hitler
    78. Saddam Hussein
    79. Osama Bin Laden
    80. Poor pitiful clueless idiots involved in cockfighting (since dogfighting is already mentioned)
    81. Nonhuman predators are monsters in the eyes of their prey (no sense limiting this list to members of just one species)

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