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Ronnie Purcella is a Monster, He Loves Poisoning Prairie Dogs

The tiny little prairie dogs just want to live, and they have every right to life as every other living being on this earth. There are some who have the opinion that the planet is only there for them. One of these selfish speciest jerks is Ronnie Dean Purcella; he feels the planet was made only for him and feels all other lifeforms are pests and need to be poisoned. Did you know the planet cannot manage poison. Poison was never meant to be introduced to the planet. Poison cannot be contained when used anywhere it always damages the environment. Each critter has a predator and poison only upsets the balance of nature. Nature is a marvelous thing it takes care of its own and there is enough planet for all. THE PRAIRIE DOGS HAVE A GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO THIS PLANET!

Sara Wilson and Roy Ling Rape a Puppy and their 5-year-old child

SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, CA (WCMH) – A California couple is behind bars, accused of sexually abusing their then five-year-old son. According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, in August 2013 the five-year-old victim reported being sexually abused by his biological parents, Roy Ling and Sara Wilson. The Sheriff’s department said the victim and the parents were […]

ASSHOLES Keaton Miller and Joshua White broke both of a newly adopted puppy’s legs and ripped away the ligaments for going potty on the floor

Charlie, a Tennessee hound adopted from the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office’s Animal Services Unit, had to be euthanized after the dog’s owners abused him.

Dogs are Beaten into Submission to Walk Upright Wearing Human Clothes This is an Asian Amusement that needs Awareness to stop them from doing it.

These dogs are beaten into submission to walk upright and made to wear idiot clothes by idiots who are have black hearts and dark souls.

Clinton Lamont McQueen smashed his dogs head in with a hammer

ASHEBORO, N.C. —Clinton Lamont McQueen has been charged with animal cruelty after smashing his dog in the head with a hammer, according to a press release from the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office. Clinton Lamont McQueen, 48, was booked earlier this month into the Randolph County Jail under a $20,000 secured bond. On Jan. 9, authorities […]

So the monsters of this story are bee slavemasters Justin and Tori Engelhardt and the 2 little shits who did the actual murder.

note: i don’t care about the business that had these bees working as slaves; had they been free they would still be alive so i blame the slave masters that ran this operation. I am sad for the murder of the 1/2 million bees that lost their lives because they lived in slavery. Bees are […]