Create a federal law making it a felony to purposely breed a dog or cat for profit.



The US Government spends more than a BILLION DOLLARS a year to pick up, house and euthanize dogs in the USA. 10,000 dogs and 4,000 cats are euthanized EVERY SINGLE DAY in American shelters.
This surplus of dogs and cats make for an easy accessible storehouse for criminally sadistic individuals such as in today’s news a man admits to adopting a dog off Craigslist for the sole purpose of burning her alive.
This type of cruelty is all too common and similar events are a daily occurrence in the USA.
In addition to the other negative aspects of this issue of purposely breeding dogs is that over the years, a breed of animal, a dog, that was at one point in time completely self-sufficient and wild is now almost completely dependent on humans.
When society fails laws must be enacted!


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Sonia Talette Shavers Tossed Kittens out of her Car on Freeway

A deputy later located the driver on FM 3098 and identified the woman as Shaver’s. “The Bowie County Sheriff’s Office is appreciative of any citizen cooperation that leads to the arrest of criminal offenders. The information provided to the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office by this citizen facilitated the arrest of the person responsible for this heinous crime,” Shavers’ bond is set at $10,000

Sonia Talette Shavers, threw kittens out of a moving vehicle, was then arrested May 24 by deputies in Texas. Shavers is charged with cruelty to “non-livestock animals”. She was booked into the Bi-State Jail. According to the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office, the incident occurred May 24 on Highway 67 West and County Road 1215.

Deputies responded to the area after receiving a call that someone was throwing kittens from a moving vehicle. “The caller had unsuccessfully tried to avoid striking a kitten before noticing that several kittens were being thrown out of the vehicle in front of her,”