Steven Sadler and Boots Stanley from Hamburg Arkansas SLIT A DOG’S THROAT FOR FUN

Boots Stanley and friend Steven Sadler can be seen harassing a Pit Bull type dog. One of the men put the dog on the back of a horse and attempt to ride over some obstacles, with the dog clinging to the back of the horse, a rope tied around its neck holding it tightly onto the saddle horn. The next scene shows Steven Sadler holding the dog on the ground and then repeatedly slitting its throat with a knife.

Animal Rights Group Looking for Man Sledgehammering Hogs

An undercover video that captured a man known as “Elvin” butchering pigs alive has Animal Recovery Mission investigators trying to find the culprit. “Taking sledgehammers and beating them one after the other with sledgehammers, holding them down, stabbing them repeatedly, gutting them alive,” Richard Cuoto, ARM lead investigator, said while describing what the video showed. …

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