Derrick Moran and Brandon Juneau used a nail gun to shoot nails through a snakes head


Derrick was bragging about it by saying “this was a good shot”

Serial Killers in training

These two morons used a nail gun to kill a snake then thought if would be funny to post on Facebook.  Tables are turned and now i’m exposing your ugly mugs to the world, to show the latest serial killers in the making.

Derrick_Moran                          brandon_Juneau

Derrick Moran and Brandon Juneau


Since they are so proud of their work and the fact that they love to kill animals here is all their information:

Brandon Juneau
2341 Highway 452
Marksville, Louisiana 71351-3459
Avoyelles Parrish
(318) 264-8709

They also practice defrauding the government in an Indian check fraud scandal, they are James Bryant, Brandon Juneau, Jay-lynn Goudeau, Jon Jon Decuir,Derrick Moran, Mike Flex James and many others