Phil Brown sociopathic serial killer

5737 Meadeville Rd Gap PA 17527-9304 Phone: (717) 768-3673

This guy needs to be skinned and exported to China
Phil Brown of Gap, PA is a horrible monster exporting all the murdered foxes and sent them to China and Europe. He was paid $25 for each murdered fox.
– 1202 fox caught in 90 days
– 1200 caught in 89 days
– 9247 traps check in 90 days
– 13 fox average a day for 90 days

And if Paul Browns hatred of animals wasn’t clear by all the foxes he murdered, his other business is killing other wildlife which he refers to as pests.


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I told you about these horses over a year ago and tonight I’m driving and on the radio is Susan Ash of  @HavasupaiHorses talking about the horrors still going on there.  I naively thought my exposing them that tourists would choose a different destination for their vacation, not so! PLEASE take action and help these starved, abused, kicked, whipped, rarely given water horses.

They are literally worked to death; they steal baby horses from the wild before they are ready to be taken away from their mother, work them till they drop dead on trail leave them there because they’ll just get another. I will be posting places and people to contact. From listening to Susan tonight it seems that the best action we can take is to discouraged patrons of this trail, to find alternate ways of getting to the top of the mountain; there are helicopters rides for 90 bucks

Links about the issue

Monsters on horseback bully the moms just trying to nurse their babies


By Buffalo Field Campaign

Government hazers descended upon our soon-to-be national mammal this Monday, marking the season’s first forced removal operation west of Yellowstone National Park. Agents with the Montana Department of Livestock (DOL) and Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) disturbed and chased forty-four buffalo with about twelve newborns from lands west of the South Fork of the Madison, in the Denny Creek area, a place buffalo love. Unfortunately, this is one of the last strongholds for the few seasonal private and public lands ranchers in the Hebgen Basin. However, no cattle occupy these lands until mid to late June. They are gone by October. Because of the short-term presence of cattle, these lands were excluded from the Governor’s year-round buffalo habitat designation. Ranchers like to use the excuse of brucellosis, but the real reason buffalo are chased out of this area is because the ranchers don’t want to share grass with the native buffalo.

BFC patrols were out in force documenting from multiple angles. The buffalo were chased across the South Fork of the Madison, then down a long power line trail which eventually led to the Madison Arm Road, where they hazed them further down the dusty gravel road, bullying them across the Madison River, and over to the bluffs that lead to Horse Butte, where buffalo are now safe from such abusive harassment. The buffalo were pushed at least ten miles, the tiny calves trying desperately to keep up with their moms and the rest of the herd. Our bike patrols followed, documenting everything, and tried to appeal to whatever compassion the hazers might have had to give these baby buffalo a rest and chance to nurse. When buffalo are left alone, newborn calves will take naps every five minutes, getting up to nurse for a few moments, maybe romp around for a bit, then quickly bed down for another nap. While the hazers went at a slower pace than usual, it was still too much for those little buffalo. Hazing, no matter the pace, is always abusive — that is the nature of it, to make wildlife uncomfortable or frightened enough to leave the place of their choosing to escape the danger.

The calves were growing more exhausted by the second. Their little legs were tiring, they were hungry, confused, and sticking close to their mothers. But the hazers wouldn’t relent. Nursing breaks and naps, which they sorely needed, were entirely out of the question. Surprisingly, a couple of hours into the haze, the hazers did stop for a moment. Did they actually hear our concerns? Did the buffalo reach a soft spot in their hearts? Of course not. The reason they stopped is because a couple of Yellowstone park rangers came through to observe. The rangers just drove through saying “nice and slow, that’s what we like to see,” and went on their way. As soon as they were out of sight, the cowboy tactics resumed. The rangers will likely report that the haze was “going well” but our footage will be able to show the truth of what really took place. It’s hard to know, but we hope that this first haze will also be the last of the season.

The buffalo hazed this week were part of the first large group to venture to this part of the basin this spring. In past years we have seen many more. In fact, there are very few buffalo in the entire Hebgen Basin right now, which is a source of concern. It’s also ironic, as this is the first time they are permitted to be here without the threat of hazing. In years past it was not uncommon to see between 400 and 600 buffalo, while currently there are barely 200. On a recent trip into the park we counted only forty buffalo between West Yellowstone and the Madison Junction, making us wonder if the hunt, slaughter, and winter kill had combined to severely impact the central herd, which migrates both north into the Gardiner Basin and west into the Hebgen Basin.

Fearing the worst, I called Yellowstone’s bison biologist who confirmed that management actions and winter kill had taken a heavy toll on the central herd, but he indicated that there were also some unusual weather patterns this year that may have contributed to so few buffalo being in the Hebgen Basin, changes that lead the buffalo to use the landscape differently than we normally see. Changing weather patterns are just a small piece of it, though. While natural forces are formidable enough, when combpounded with annual kills through indiscriminate boundary hunting and capture-for-slaughter, the population becomes increasingly vulnerable to collapse. Without understanding how their management decisions and climate change are combining to affect the health and viability of these herds, the agencies are threatening the future of America’s last wild bison.

Being on the ground, with the buffalo, observing them in their habitat, learning how and when they use the areas they choose to use, observing their behavior, family structures, and dynamics allows us to see the patterns and subtle changes that may hold significant meaning, and it puts BFC in an extremely unique position to be the strongest and most educated advocates for the country’s last wild buffalo.

Horrific Child Abuse Caught on Camera please help identify this woman

~Note: is it any wonder where the Animal Abuse comes from with a culture that cares so little for the life of another~

Troubling footage out of China shows a stepmother relentlessly beating a young girl because the child wet herself. The stepmother kicks, punches, and whips the girl for over four minutes as the child screams.

The video begins with the woman whipping the girl on the front of her legs repeatedly with the stick. She pauses periodically to scold the girl before resuming the beating.

The abuse goes on for several minutes as the mother transitions from whipping the girl to punching and kicking her. The child screams as she is knocked to the ground multiple times, but her agony elicits no reaction from the stepmother. Here is the footage:

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is not known if the stepmother will face any legal action for the abuse. MailOnline claims police are aware of the footage but are declining to charge the woman, but the site provides no source for this claim. One MailOnline commenter says Chinese media outlets report that the woman has, in fact, been arrested, but we are unable to verify this claim. Child abuse is illegal in China, though the country admits it needs more infrastructure in place to care for abused children.

1413821760453_wps_67_Pic_shows_Woman_brutally_ 1413821756989_wps_66_Pic_shows_Woman_brutally_ 1413822025214_wps_72_Pic_shows_Woman_brutally_ 1413821986295_wps_71_Pic_shows_Woman_beats_a_y 1413821928279_wps_70_Pic_shows_Woman_brutally_ 1413821812400_wps_68_Pic_shows_Woman_brutally_ beating2

Sources: MailOnline, CCTV News, South China Morning Post

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*UPDATE* Katy Gammon Starved a Dog to Death * ONLY GETS 18 WEEKS IN JAIL*


Trainee Lawyer Jailed Over Dog’s Death
Sky News – Wed, Apr 9, 2014
A trainee solicitor has been jailed for 18 weeks after being convicted of locking her pet dog in a kitchen and leaving it to die.
Katy Gammon, 27, abandoned five-year-old boxer Roxy without food or water when she left her home in Bristol.
The dog’s remains were not found for 10 weeks until neighbors reported a large number of flies around the property.
RSPCA inspectors were forced to remove Roxy’s remains from the kitchen floor with a snow shovel.
The dog suffered a “prolonged and painful” death over a six-day period, a post-mortem examination found.
Bristol Magistrates’ Court was told that the dog had shredded part of the kitchen door in an attempt to escape and emptied
mops and buckets from cupboards to find water.
Shockingly, Gammon had piled tins of dog food and dog treats outside the kitchen – just feet away from where Roxy was
locked inside.
Gammon later admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the dog and failing to prevent causing unnecessary suffering to an
Dressed in a black suit, she remained emotionless in the dock as she was told her actions were “deliberate”.
“This was prolonged neglect of a dog where she was locked in a house and left to die of starvation and dehydration,” said Rod
Mayall, chair of the bench.
“You have shown limited remorse. Although you were somewhat depressed, you failed to take up at least two offers of
alternative housing for the dog. You failed to act as any normal person would.
“This is the most serious incident of animal cruelty that we have encountered in these courts.”
Gammon was also banned from keeping animals for life.
The trainee solicitor, whose career is now at an end, had acquired Roxy while living with her boyfriend, Adam Taylor, in
December 2012. The couple separated in April 2013.
In a victim impact statement, Mr. Taylor said he had felt “physically sick” after seeing photographs of Roxy’s remains in the
“Roxy was mistreated by her previous owner. She used to panic if she was left alone and would become distressed,” he told
the court.
“I don’t understand why Katy did this. She had so many friends and family who would have taken Roxy and would have
helped her.”

Katy Gammon, a vile disgusting, subhuman faces prison after leaving her pet dog to starve to death locked in a kitchen for more than a week when she went to live with her mother at LAWRENCE WESTON – leaving her five-year-old boxer Roxy trapped without food and water.


She failed to check on the dog for a week – during which time the animal died in agony.

The ex-boyfriend of the murderer who left a dog to die speaks out: “Why didn’t she ask for help with the dog we took in?”
“Justice for Roxy”: Petition seeks a jail sentence for Bristol woman who left a dog to die
The dog lay undiscovered for ten weeks by which time her body was so decomposed an RSPCA inspector had to use a snow shovel to “scrape her off the floor”.

RSPCA inspector Chris James told how a stream of maggots had crawled from the kitchen down the hallway – to where there were unopened tins of dog food on a table.

Gammon, 27, trapped the dog in her home on Campbell Farm Drive in Bristol by tying a rope to the kitchen door handle and fixing it to a hook in the hallway.


Roxy had frantically clawed at the door and the floor, trying in vain to escape before dying – a process that would have taken around six days.


Gammon faked a few tears as she admitted two counts of animal cruelty at Bristol Magistrates’ Court this morning.

She pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to the dog and failing to prevent causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.


Lindi Meyer, prosecuting for the RPSCA, told Bristol magistrates how Gammon and her boyfriend “took in” the dog in December 2012.

When they split up Gammon was left as the sole carer and left Roxy alone all day as she went to work at her job, which she has since been fired from, at Lyons Davidson Solicitors 51 Victoria St, Bristol, City of Bristol BS1 6AD. Tel: 0117 904 6000 .


She said Roxy began to urinate and defecate in the house in Campbells Farm Drive so Gammon confined it to the kitchen while she was out – locking it in with the rope.

At the end of August last year, Gammon started staying with her mother in nearby Capel Road, Lawrence Weston and initially began returning to feed Roxy.

But she then dislocated her knee and told her mother that her ex-boyfriend was feeding the animal.

Miss Meyer said that was a lie and on November 3 a neighbor alerted police after seeing flies swarming in the kitchen of Gammon’s house.

Police arrived and were greeted by a strong smell of decomposition and the kitchen still closed with the rope.

They called the RSPCA and the remains of Roxy were removed for a post-mortem.

A vet said Roxy would have taken up to six days to die gradually, painfully, first becoming blind and falling into a coma before finally passing away.

Gammon was interviewed and admitted leaving Roxy for a week before going back to check on her – and finding a stench coming from her home.

She told RSPCA Inspector Miranda Albinson she had looked through the letterbox and been greeted by a smell so awful she couldn’t bear to go into the house.

Gammon said: “I assumed she was dead – I never went back.”

Ms. Albinson asked her: “You deliberately locked her in the kitchen and left her for a week to die, that correct?” Gammon replied: “Yes, basically.”

Joanna Lyons, defending, said Gammon now had “genuine remorse” for the suffering she had caused and was “absolutely mortified on every level”. NOT!

She said Gammon appeared to have ‘some psychiatric issues’  (MORE LIKE PURE EVIL) and asked for sentencing to be adjourned for the preparing of a pre-sentence report.

Gammon was told she would be sentenced on April 9 and given unconditional bail.

Patricia Lee, chairwoman of the bench, told her: “This is a very serious offense – so serious that there is no way we can sentence today.

Gammon, who wore a dark suit and appeared on crutches, left without comment.

Afterwards RSPCA Inspector Albinson added: “This is one of the worst cases we have ever come across.

“The police who attended the scene were genuinely upset by it and they investigate human murders.

“She showed no remorse whatsoever in interview.


“A Requiem for Roxy” from Lee Gaskin on Vimeo.

What the egg industry does to baby male chicks

Thrown, dropped, mutilated, and ground-up alive. This is the shocking reality faced by hundreds of thousands of chicks each day at the world’s largest egg-laying breed hatchery – Hy-Line International in Spencer, Iowa.

New hidden camera footage obtained at this facility during a Mercy For Animals undercover investigation gives a disturbing glimpse into the cruel and industrialized reality of modern hatcheries.

The warm, comforting, and protective wings of these newly hatched chicks’ mothers have been replaced with massive machines, quickly moving conveyor belts, harsh handling, and distressing noise. These young animals are sorted, discarded, and handled like mere cogs in a machine.

For the nearly 150,000 male chicks who hatch every 24 hours at this Hy-Line facility, their lives begin and end the same day. Grabbed by their fragile wings by workers known as “sexers,” who separate males from females, these young animals are callously thrown into chutes and hauled away to their deaths. They are destined to die on day one because they cannot produce eggs and do not grow large or fast enough to be raised profitably for meat. Their lives are cut short when they are dropped into a grinding machine – tossed around by a spinning auger before being torn to pieces by a high-pressure macerator.

Over 30 million male chicks meet their fate this way each year at this facility.

For the surviving females, this is the beginning of a life of cruelty and confinement at the hands of the egg industry. Before even leaving the hatchery they will be snapped by their heads into a spinning debeaker – a portion of their sensitive beaks removed by a laser. Workers toss and rummage through them before they are placed 100 per crowded box and shipped across the country.

The callous disregard for animal welfare at this facility is not isolated. In fact, the conditions documented during this investigation are completely standard and acceptable within the commercial egg industry. Referred to by Hy-Line corporate leaders as mere “genetic products,” these chicks are treated just as they are viewed – as inanimate objects, rather than the sentient creatures they are.

Egg producers have gone to great lengths to hide their cruel practices from consumers. Grocery aisles from coast-to-coast are stocked with egg cartons featuring idyllic images of free-roaming hens and crowing roosters. These deceptive marketing gimmicks conceal the cruel and violent nature of industrial hatcheries and egg factory farms.

Consumers have a right to know the truth behind egg production.

Citing the troubling findings of this investigation, Mercy For Animals is calling on the nation’s 50 largest grocery chains to require that all eggs sold in their stores bear a label reading, “Warning: Male chicks are ground-up alive by the egg industry.”

Hopefully, armed with the sobering truth, consumers nationwide will be able to make informed and compassionate food choices.

Driven by consumer demand, the egg industry will continue to exploit, abuse, and kill day-old animals as long as doing so remains profitable. Empowered consumers can put their ethics on the table by choosing kindness over cruelty at each meal by adopting an animal-friendly vegan diet.


Prosecute Lima Teenagers that Used a Distressed Dolphin as a Toy

Prosecute Lima Teenagers that Used a Distress Dolphin as a Toy

THE MONSTERS HERE ARE Judith Maribel Uriol Silva and Jonathan Ramos Torres, BOTH LIVE IN LIMA PERU.
These two teenagers had a lot of fun with this distressed dolphin on the beaches of Lima, and then uploaded the pictures on Facebook. It is unclear if the dolphin had died before reaching the beach, or passed away after being used as a toy by these unconscious people.

We can’t understand why these two would fail to alert the authorities and instead chose to harm the poor marine mammal.

The names of the two culprits are Judith Maribel Uriol Silva and Jonathan Ramos Torres. Both live in Lima, according to their Facebook accounts.

We ask Peru Police to investigate and prosecute these two for their heartless actions!

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Michael Jones and Reid of Fontaine Herkimer County, New York state RAPE cows

Cows from a farm in Herkimer County, New York state, were behaving oddly and weren’t producing the usual quantity of milk. The owner of the farm installed a surveillance camera to check out the situation.Image
35-year-old Michael Jones and 31-year-old Reid Fontaine RAPE COWS

Imagines captured on tape were appalling: he discovered that two men had been breaking into his barn at night and filming themselves having sex with his cows
The farmer – who ask to remain unidentified – immediately alerted the police, who started investigating. 35-year-old Michael Jones and 31-year-old Reid Fontaine were arrested for misconduct, but were eventually released on an appearance ticket.
We ask the honourable sentencing judge from Herkimer County Supreme Court to apply the maximum penalty available under the current laws
Please Sign the Petition and help convict these people. We demand a punishment that fits the crime!