The Bahama Swimming Pigs Exploited For Tourists

Please help spread the word to let people know that Pig Island is no paradise for the pigs, but rather a tourist attraction not a whole lot different from Sea World or the Zoo. Instead of planning a trip to visit the swimming pigs, plan a trip to an animal sanctuary like Farm Sanctuary or Animal Place! There are hundreds of sanctuaries all around the world where you can visit pigs, rub their bellies, and support liberation rather than exploitation.

We can also put pressure on the government, tour companies, and local resorts to do better. There is currently no oversight or transparency. We really need to act now to stop this problem from growing (spreading to more islands), and also urge the government and tour companies to at the very least neuter the pigs, provide sturdy shelter to protect them from the storms, and assign someone to look out for their care and well being (food, water, sun protection, veterinary care, etc).