Monsters in Arkansas shoot and decapitate Millie Jean, $2000 dollar reward for the names of who did this

Article copied from Cindy Marabito American Pit Bull Examiner Justice for Millie Jean, find the monsters responsible: “$2,000 REWARD – CASH!!!! I want the names of those involved in this horrific, and vile act!!!!” Rocky Viazzani

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Millie Jean and Samantha Akin-Davis

Genoa, Arkansas: Hog hunters are suspected of murdering Samantha Akin-Davis’ pet companion, Millie Jean. Akins let Millie outside at 6 a.m. December 14 to relieve herself. When Millie was not back by 7:30 and was not coming when called, Akins began searching. What she found will haunt her and other animal lovers for the rest of her life. Samantha took her dog Weezer and binoculars to find Millie. Nearby “in the back part of ARTEX HILLS, off MC 18 and MC 252..” she found Millie … or what was left of Millie. Says one horrified Facebook observer, “It saddens me to even share with you but I think people need to know. Someone shot a dog 5 times, in Genoa, AR that was someones baby, not just a pet. Not only did they shoot it 5 times but then decapitated it and threw it on the train tracks. If that person can do something so heartless, what will they do to humans.”

Akin-Davis relied on the help of her son and daughter-in-law to collect Millie’s body and body parts so the family could bury her. “…if my son Tyler Davis, my daughter-in-law Alana Bryant-Davis and cousin Keith Crabtree weren’t here to help bring her hm and bury her, I would have totally lost what’s left of my sanity.”

No animal or their human companion should ever experience what happened to Millie and Samantha Akin-Davis. Akin-Davis’ Facebook page is filled with comments from horrified animal lovers around the world.

American Pit Bull Examiner hears so many stories about mistreated animals and animals in distress, but Millie’s story is one of the most evil if not the most horrific tale of animal cruelty and abuse APBE has ever encountered.

We are hoping for a petition to demand justice for Millie and her family. Please share your comments and check the article for a petition link.

Until then, Samantha has issued a thank you to the supporters reaching out to her during this time:

“ok FB. I finally fell asleep about 7 a.m. from exhaustion. Took me forever to get there. Everytime I closed my eyes, I seen her face and what happened to her. I am awake now, running on very little sleep and waiting on family to come help me deal w/calling police and reporters and dog rescue ppl. Hope everyone understands the pain I am trying to deal with while trying to get back to everyone…I am overwelmed with amount of love and help from everyone, but I also need to greive for my baby and keep my sanity …trying to get back to everyone. Thank u all. Just plz let me catch my breath. much love and appreciation to everyone — feeling sad.”