Michelle Martens watched and was sexually aroused as her 10-year-old daughter was raped, murdered, dismembered and burned

In August 2016 MONSTER Michelle Martens sat back and watched as her 10-year-old daughter Victoria was raped while she begged for mercy then killed and dismembered by her mom’s boyfriend Fabian Gonzales and his cousin, Jessica Kelley. Martens said she then had sex with Gonzales 20 minutes later. she also told police that she ‘liked watching Victoria being raped’ by her partner and Kelley.


Nicholas C Beder 4859 State Road 175, Hartford, WI 53027 (262) 644-8023, (262) 644-7946 A side note to the ignorant [Nick Beder] Opossums; They’re nature’s little sanitation engineers, they are more resistant to rabies than any other mammal including man. They help to maintain a clean and healthy environment. They eat all types of insects including cockroaches crickets […]

Joseph Regis Jr. left his dog Elisha in a hot car for 7 hours where she died in 130 degree heat

MURDERER BELMONT, Calif. — An 8-year-old German shepherd died after its owner left it in a truck for at least seven hours in high temperatures in a Belmont motel parking lot Monday, according to police.Officers responded to a call reporting a dog in distress shut inside a parked truck in the 1100 block of Shoreway […]

More Proof that animal cruelty leads to murder

‘Gothic kittens’ pet groomer charged in shooting deaths of Luzerne County father, son The Associated Press By The Associated Press on April 24, 2014 at 11:13 AM, updated April 24, 2014 at 11:15 AM HUNLOCK CREEK, Pa. — Authorities have released the names of a father and son found shot to death in their northeastern Pennsylvania home. State […]

Two EVIL SADISTIC teens charged with setting possum on fire

Kalob Jennings Hubbard, 18, of Stonewall Lane, Tobaccoville, and Jared Raymond Rose, 17, of Glenwood Lane, King Three teenagers face animal cruelty charges after investigators with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office were alerted to a video posted on a social media site of an opossum being burned alive. Kalob Jennings Hubbard, 18, of Stonewall Lane, […]


November 12, 2013 · by Greece Exposed (News-Media-Web) · in Animals Abused. · MOTHER STABBED TO DEATH GIVING BIRTH Florica TSIROGIANNI, President of the group FILOZOIKOS VOLOU WORLD ASSOCIATION AND NATURE “Kosmos kai Fysi” (means World and Nature) has reported the horrific details of a mother found stabbed to death whilst giving birth to her babies in Alikes,  Volos, Greece. A local resident in the area […]

Derrick Moran and Brandon Juneau used a nail gun to shoot nails through a snakes head

Derrick was bragging about it by saying “this was a good shot” Serial Killers in training These two morons used a nail gun to kill a snake then thought if would be funny to post on Facebook.  Tables are turned and now i’m exposing your ugly mugs to the world, to show the latest serial […]

The Most Evil ~ Kayla Bourque – How soon we forget, [Luka Magnotta]

http://bc.ctvnews.ca/convicted-animal-killer-to-be-released-in-months-1.1061741 A 22-year-old former Simon Fraser University student who killed animals and allegedly fantasized about murdering homeless people will be released from custody in just two months. Kayla Bourque was sentenced to eight months in jail this week after pleading guilty to injuring an animal, causing unnecessary suffering and pain to an animal and possession […]