Cult Leader Jim Shockey Encourages Parents to Teach their Kids to Kill

Parents proud of their kids becoming killers
Cult leader Jim Shockey giving parents kudos that their kids are becoming killers
Jaylen Fryberg Avid hunter and fisher prior to opening fire on and killing his school mates

Similarities Between Trophy Hunters And Serial Killers

Trophy Hunters & Serial Killers:
  • Compelled to keep a trophy souvenir from their victims
  • The killing is addictive and leads to more killings
  • They seek fame, attention, and notoriety
  • The kills are premeditated (who, what, where, how)
  • The killing gives a surge of adrenalin (“thrill kill”)
  • Stalking the victim gives a feeling of excitement
  • Killing becomes a compulsion (addiction)
  • The killing is seen as a “sport” or “game”
  • There’s a down time (“cooling off” period) between killings
  • Gives the killer a feeling of power, dominance, and control over their victim
  • They are titillated by “the hunt” and fantasize about the kill
  • Many document their kills via photos and/or videos to gratify themselves later
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