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  1. Under your menu heading, then in,Imposters Pretending to help Animals heading– u have listed the following sights that are also listed under ur Top Clicks heading:
    Petitionhub.org and Yousignanimsls.org. Are these fraudulent sites or are they not? Thnx. I’m trying to spread the word.

  2. Yes I know of a neglected horse that I have been trying for months to get help,no help what so ever an makes me sick to drive by an see him in this situation.

  3. Thank you for your work, Alafair. The world is filled with brutality that requires awareness. Here is one that has been on Facebook.

    A Gaston County teen is facing charges after inhumanely destroying his ex-girlfriend’s dog by tossing him 15 feet into the air and later dropping him from the second floor of a stairwell at an apartment.

    19-year-old Quavon Ryan Diaz of Dallas, North Carolina is facing two counts of animal mistreatment.

    Diaz was in a domestic dispute with his former girlfriend when her Chihuahua was thrown about 15 feet into the air and later dropped from the second flood of a stairwell at an apartment, destroying the puppy on the spot.

    Diaz is in the Gaston County Jail under a $50, 000 bond.

    Take action and demand the maximum penalty in this case and see that Diaz gets the harshest penalty there is for destroying the innocent dog in fit of rage! Act now and demand justice!

  4. More societal trash:

    Bradenton, Fl, Man Beat and Tormented His Dog For Making A Mess In The House! Demand The Max Penalty!

    A dog suffered a bleeding eye, bloody nose and broken tooth after a man beat him for defecating inside the house.

    The investigators said it got a call Sunday from a veterinarian about a dog brought in for treatment. The dog had injuries consistent with being abused.
    Detectives talked to people at the house where the dog was injured and found out 22-year-old Anthony Kidd was the abuser. He denied injuring the dog at first, but later admitted to he was mad because the dog defecated in the house and threw it outside.

    Kidd is now facing animal cruelty charges which is a third degree felony and might face jail time if found guilty.

    Take action and demand the maximum penalty for Anthony Kidd and see that he gets what he deserves for beating the poor dog. Demand a harsh punishment and see that justice is served!

  5. Punish couple that hit their 4-month-old gentle puppy until eye popped out of socket

    On April 6th, the woman pictured on the left put her dog Terrace, a 4-month-old puppy in a box, shortly before she attack the defenseless creature with stones (for no obvious reason whatsoever). A couple of shocked neighbors intervened and tried to stop the woman; but the owner instructed them to move away, or else she will be setting the box on fire.

    The woman proceeded to hit the puppy again a few times more, before finally someone managed to stop the deranged woman. The dog was quickly snatched away from her and taken to a vet.

    This did not stop the woman and her husband from laughing and enjoying themselves (as you can see in the photo on the left, they don’t seem to be concerned at all about the puppy’s wellbeing).

    Vets were left in dismay about what this gentle puppy had to endure. One of his eyes popped out of his socket and, sadly, he will lose it. He has fractures on all over his body – some are new, some are older, which means this is not the first time this ruthless couple mistreat the puppy. Both back legs are broken it an least one place. He is so anemic that his gums are bright white. He was full of fleas and ticks and before they took him out to viciously hit him they kept him in a cage so small he couldn’t lay down. (Think of the meat trade dogs pics crammed in).

    There has been a police report filed, but this woman is a monster who should be publically shamed and shared. One can assume this is not the first or last animal she has harmed, and God knows what she has done to people.

    Please sign and share the petition to ensure this woman will be brought to justice! She must pay for all the suffering she has caused to this poor creature!

    The woman lives in Tijuana, Mexico. Demand justice now!

    Source: https://www.facebook.com/rebekahsnyder82/posts/1066155153441189

  6. Louisiana man accused of beating dog with a shovel

    A man in Louisiana is facing an animal cruelty charge after he allegedly beat a dog repeatedly with a shovel, reported Thursday’s publication of the News Star. A witness reached out to the authorities in Ouachita Parish after the suspect, 47-year-old George Dewain Stennett of West Monroe, allegedly grabbed a dog by the neck and then repeatedly hit the dog with a shovel.

  7. How can I send you a video that was shared with me on Facebook, depicting the horrific torture of a dog. The video was shared in the hopes of finding the psychopathic perpetrator and I was wondering if you would be able to help with this search.

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