Animals have a disadvantage in this world, they are abused beyond belief, they are exploited by greed, hit, kicked, burned, punched, spit on, choked, stabbed, raped, decapitated, impaled, hunted, shot, ground up alive, boiled alive, hung, trapped, snared, strangled, drowned, ran over, dragged behind cars, eaten, thrown from planes, thrown from cars, poisoned and They suffer in silence. All you need to know about me is that if you hurt an animal I will expose you!

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  1. As Celeste says, thank you for giving our non-human animal friends a voice. You do, indeed, rock! My heart aches daily for all the suffering inflicted upon the helpless by the only deliberately cruel animals on this planet: the sick and twisted human beings who walk amongst us.

  2. You have the wrong address listed for Larry knowlten on the Corey knowlton article–that’s our address!!! Please look up tax records. We’re not the knowltons and also not monsters!

  3. I am all for protecting animals and non-cruelty. But to be honest, your page THRIVES on there being cruelty to report or else you would have no page. Kind of like how if there were no racism, Jesse Jackson would be out of work and out of the spotlight. I kind of see your point but doesn’t cruelty actually give YOU a forum, and without it, you would do what? Have an actual job helping animals, maybe a veterinarian? Just saying…

    1. I dont only do this for your information; I do rescue, attend protests, write hundreds of emails, I educate. I would give my life if cruelty to animals stopped. So who are you to judge me and what the hell is your point? And what exactly do you do for thr animals???

    2. Patrick do you think this is all I do? This Blog is the least I do, I fight for animals every second of everyday so i don’t get your point. I would love and rejoice if this blog was no longer needed. How dare you insinuate that i have the slightest enjoyment from this blog. This blog is one of my weapons as abuser like to abuse in secret and i will not let them they will forever have their name connected with what they did. Do you think i give a shit about having a forum?????? I DO NOT. So until you get it, and know about the issue of animal cruelty and abusers and how they work best to do some research. You state in the beginning of your post that you are all for protecting animals and non-cruelty. Let me ask you this; are you vegan?

    3. Are you kidding me, i would love to not have this blog. If i had my way God would take every single animal off the earth so then our disgusting species would have nothing to torment. animals need to be completely left alone, and the animals that need help are the ones who suffer at the hands of hunters, vivisectors, circuses, fisherman, breeders, seaworld etc. etc. The only way people will stop being cruel to animals is when it is not socially acceptable any longer and that is my goal to expose the cruelty, to expose those that are cruel, Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any way, i will fight to change the sickening attitude that is held by impotent hunters or those that think they have some dominance over animals.
      People are so lazy, unimaginative, zombie-like, they can’t think out of the box. Their entire life they have been brought up to always go to animals for their needs, food, fur, clothes, sport, sadism, everything. we have become so dependant on animals that it is so pathetic. Think out of the box, step out of your comfort zone, what right do you have to take another life? Because you can speak and they cannot?

  4. I respect what you do but there are so many HUMANS who are abused and need help too. Our household takes care of 8 feral cats that we have taken in, feed, give medicine too when needed, shelter and love. I just think it’s strange when someone says they value animal life over their own species. You also exhibit a great deal of anger and that solves nothing.

  5. btw, I STILL think that dolphin was dead and I gave factual reasons why. Before people JUMP to conclusions, maybe gather all the facts. Hundreds of dolphins washed up on shore in S.A. recently. WHY? THAT is the bigger question to me. If we are all wiped out due to radiation from Fukishima Nuclear Plant in Japan, then does any of this really matter?

    1. The callousness of those teens whether the dolphins were dead or alive makes them monsters in my book. I know if that was me I would be mourning over their bodies not playing with them

  6. I do admire what you are doing, don’t get me wrong. The pit bull they cut the ears off was awful. I hope they at least gave the dog painkillers. There are many sick humans among us. I guess what you do is useful and brave. Some of these animals(humans) would probably try and hurt YOU for exposing them. Very brave. I say Keep it up. I take back what I said about being too concerned about animals. It’s awful what some people are capable of!

  7. I shared your site on my FB page. “If you care about animals at all, check out what this woman does to expose people who abuse and torture and mistreat animals. Not for the faint of heart but it needs to be known. I admire her bravery.

  8. I know these pitbull owners think short ears give the dogs that mean look but if they are going to do something like that, you can take them to a Vet and have it done w/o causing pain to the dog. Of course that cost money and they need that for thier booze! Just wrong!

  9. Just found this site from tracking the Lima dolphin story. Thank you. I support everything you do. I love that you expose these psycopaths. I read a lot of negative comments directed to you, and you shouldn’t feel the need to defend yourself to anyone. What you are doing is beyond many people. Animal cruelty represents some of the most immoral behavior I can think of, and these monsters need to think twice before they act. In addition, they need to be punished. Keep it up and thank you.

  10. I just want to thank you for your blog. SO NEEDED. I would also encourage you to have a FB page. Animal awareness on FB is getting bigger each day. I found your blog by seeing a post on the guy in the UK who starved the dog “Fly”. Then I googled for more on it and found this excellent blog. Good work!

  11. I applaud your guts and mission here. Ever day we see more and more monsters rearing their heads, exposed by their gruesome crimes against the natural world. Thank you from the heart! Onward…

  12. Aloha. I want to tell you about THEATRICUS, a theatre company I direct in Honolulu, Hawaii. In the fall we’re premiering a new series, utilizing a global network of artists, connected via the internet to focus attention on man’s impact on our natural world. It’s called Otherwyrld: Short form, speculative fiction. Think Twilight Zone meets guerrilla street theatre. A core company will reside here, but actors, directors, dancers, musicians, painters, poets, photographers, singers etc will work all or in part to tell the stories that need to be told. My personal priority is in the fight against animal abuse. If you have contacts or information about artists and writers that might be interested…I would love to hear from them. All of the performances will be free to the public and free to watch online. So no money is exchanged and no one is paid. This is artists rising up to join their voices in unison. This is the truth. This is the picture. This is Otherwyrld! Any questions or for information: theatricus.brett@gmail.com http://www.theatricus.com/otherwyrld/

  13. Thank you for trying to expose these psychopaths. Likely they would hurt humans too if they were as vulnerable. Most likely many do hurt humans whenever they can, the more vulnerable ones. People like you make me a little hopeful. xxx

  14. Thank you for what you are doing by publishing details about these “monsters among us”. They each deserve a bullet in the head and until that starts happening on a regular basis, the idea that there is any kind of “justice” in the world of humankind is farcical. This site is the ultimate antidote to humanist claptrap about the “innate goodness” of people. It should be required reading for all the media Pollyannas who drone on mindlessly about the magnificence of the human spirit.

  15. I had no idea this website existed. I ran across it from a story on Linkedin. Reading some of these, no reading all these stories is stomach turning and make me want to seek justice for those innocent animals and people. People need to know the actual sickness of humanity and the abuse that man can do. God Damn them all to Hell.

    1. Hi Leonard the reason I do it is because the animal they tortured never received justice, or the right amount of justice so I take their name and details of what they did and the keywords that Google will pick up on and tags, there address, phone, spouses name, parents name, kids name, employer whatever I can find. And then when a new employer or new love interest googles their name it will pop up on page one, usually the first search engine listing and what they did and all the horror will be presented to follow them for the rest of my life.

  16. Your doing a great service for those who suffer and have no voice. The best way to avenge the death and mistreatment of these Animals is to get the names and personal information out there so they cannot do these sick things behind closed doors like cowards. Keep up the work and hope you keep the site update frequently because people who love Animal WILL voice their opinion and that will expose these sick people. It will have a profound impact on their lives in a negative way I am sure. Thanks for your efforts and don’t give up with this!

  17. Where killing baby’s and that’s ok, but we’re all but hurt about killing an anamal. What is wrong with you people?

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