Thomas Ward is a Monster

Thomas Ward, A 71-year-old Pensacola man has been sentenced 9 to 90 days in jail for dragging his dog behind his truck, ultimately killing him. Witnesses told authorities that on Aug. 11, they saw Thomas Ward driving his truck and dragging his dog, which was tied to the vehicle’s hitch, according to a news release from State Attorney Bill Eddins’ office. Witnesses followed Ward home and saw him remove the dog’s lifeless body and put it in a shed on his property, according to the release. Over Ward’s objection, law enforcement retrieved the dog’s body and discovered the animal had already died. The results of a necropsy revealed the dog died from asphyxiation and wounds consistent with road rash. Ward pleaded no contest to one count of aggravated animal cruelty on Oct. 25. In addition to 90 days in jail, he was also sentenced Friday to one year of community control and two years of probation. He was also ordered to not possess any animals. 9:46 a.m. PDT June 11, 2018

There is never an excuse for dragging a defenseless animal behind a car #NEVER before taking your anger out on an animal, walk away, give the animal to someone, take the animal to the vet, hit a punching bag, tell someone. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT ON EARTH TO DO THIS!

27 thoughts on “Thomas Ward is a Monster

  1. Tie this POS to the back of a truck and be done with him! Why are we wasting tax payers money of excrement like this scumbag. He pollutes the air good people breath. I hope this scumbag’s family disowns him. Anyone capable of such cruelty should not be around children.

    1. Most likely they are defending him, in researching to make this post I had a look at all his family members on facebook and there was recent “happy” photos and to them he is Santa at Christmas and grandpa the rest of the time and I cringe when I see him in photos with other dogs.

  2. 90 days is nowhere even near the punishment he deserves for what he did. what,s wrong with our system of justice ? whoever the judge was that handled this case should be removed from the bench. “The Punishment Should Fit The Crime” !!!!!!!!

  3. Why are these Monsters allowed to get light sentences or none at all for such a horrible crime. When are the laws going to change? I don’t give a damn if they are Santa Claus or a Sainted family member…protect those poor helpless animals.

  4. I’m still not convinced it was DELIBERATE. Does this man seriously look like a “monster” to you? Not in the farthest realm of possibility! Answer me this: Why do NONE of the reports give a motive? Why did he plead “No Contest” which is NOT an admission of guilt? Why would he do this out in the open, publicly, if it was an act of cruelty (which I am sure he knew it would attract attention)???

    Does it not make more sense that this is just more “fake news” click bait? Think about it. A befuddled 71 yr old senior hurt and feeling extremely guilty over the loss, embarrassed by his own carelessness, judged and convicted in the court of public opinion, wouldn’t he be eager to put this behind him? He could likely have been convicted and would be sentenced even harsher? And don’t forget the expense of a lawyer etc.

    1. That’s a good point/possibility. Crossed my mind. But when I think about it, you don’t think if it were an accident, at any point he would have seen in a side mirror or rear view (likely when turning) his dog behind his truck? Or that he may have heard whimpering or crying? Or how he was being followed by, probably animal loving people, that you don’t think they would have been flagging him down or yelling at him to pull over? I imagine they were, and he was ignoring them.

      1. I too thought about things like that but remember it was tied to his trailer hitch which makes it practically impossible to have been seen. And only one person followed him that I read about. Sounds?? hmm.. dunno but there wouldn’t have been many or loud I don’t imagine. Radio?

    2. Why, why, why? you ask because he killed an animal, not a human. Ted Bundy didn’t look like a serial killer, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka didn’t look like rapists and killers. Jodi Arias doesn’t look like a killer. Do you have to look like a biker for people to think that you are a deranged killer? Wake up.

      1. I totally agree. Is there a soul behind those eyes. Probably not if he did something that disturbing to his own dog. He’s demented or lacking in something. Nobody in their right minds commits this kind of crime. And the judge doing the sentencing I won’t go there.

    3. Omg I spoke w the people who saw him intentionally drag his dog behind his truck. For one thing my blog is anything but fake news. You are probably a relative

  5. John Vanmunster do you see one ad on this blog? No you do not! I hate click bait and that is the reason I chose not to monetize this blog. So this blows your theory right out of the water. Fake news and clickbait are for advertisers to make money, I make no money on this blog

    1. I wasn’t implying that you were (or I wouldn’t have posted here). Sorry if it came across like that. I was referring to the many, many reprints of exactly the same content being proliferated across the internet that make this man out to be a ‘monster’. I do believe it’s possible though that this man is being persecuted unjustly (I have no way of finding out – I live in Canada – and no, he’s not ‘family’). There’s just no verifiable information that it was deliberate is all.

  6. First of all you do not know the story and I would appreciated my children’s picture removed from this post. My kids shouldn’t be attached to this. I can tell you that you see the white dog in this picture. Yes because she is with him everywhere. He is a Vietnam vet and she is allowed to be with him or was allowed to be with him everywhere. He treated he better than most treat other humans. I’m not going to get into details but you should be ashamed of yourself for posting this. You must be bored. Does he look like a vicious animal killer. Also you are helping spread hate. You post his phone
    Numbers and home address. …. like his disabled wife isn’t already terrified and going thru hell with him who cares for her being in jail. So now those crazy people out there can go and do things. What kind of person are you is what you need to be asking

    1. And what kind of person am I you ask; I am an empathetic, justice motivated activist that will protect and advocate for those that are abused and killed by evil people.

    2. If I was you, I would sue the pos that published this expose. There ARE laws that prohibit this kind of slanderous false information.

  7. You are joking right? You tell me what a person who drags a dog to his death looks like.
    I should be ashamed of myself? For what? I am protecting animals,and publically sharing as a form of justice and a deterrent to the next monster who decides to take their anger out on an innocent life. You wouldn’t be so defensive if he dragged your child from the back of a truck! So save your attempts at trying to evoke some misplaced emotion, its not going to happen!

    1. Like the man said “you do not know the story”. As a matter of fact, It’s obvious now that you know nothing! No first hand knowledge of facts; innuendo, second-hand rumors and click bait “news” articles. Yet you feel justified in publicly crucifying a war vet with a handicapped wife. Who is the REAL ‘monster’ here? Look in the mirror…

  8. I may be a little late on these comments. But I have something to add. I’ve known this man for 30 years. He is not the cruel man you have painted him to be. I am completely convinced this was a complete accident. That is why there is no motive. Because it wasn’t planned or intended. Without knowing exactly why he plead no contest I am going to assume it was because he felt responsible even though it was an accident. This man is a war hero. He has been kind to me and my family over the years and I know he loves his dogs like children. He has honor in taking responsibility. Just because you read a store doesn’t mean all the facts are evident. His own pain will scar him for life.

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