Christopher Simpson is a Monster

The Monster, Christopher Simpson, that beat a five-month-old puppyAxel-e1518107861785-475x313 to death on Christmas day was taken back into custody Tuesday afternoon following a drama-filled court appearance.

Christopher Simpson, 21, was arrested Monday and charged with one felony count of cruelty to animals and one misdemeanor count of cruelty to animals. He was released from jail after posting a $2,500 bond.

Note the evil in his eyes

During Simpson’s first court appearance, prosecutors asked the judge to increase Simpson’s bond to $50,000 because they claimed he and his girlfriend, Alyssa Croom, would flee to Florida to escape the charges.

Before the judge ruled, Simpson spoke to the court and apologized for his actions. [LIAR]

The judge decided to increase Simpson’s bond to $100,000 and ordered him not to be in the presence of any animal should he make bond.

The ruling sparked audible reactions, including applause, from some in attendance which were quickly silenced by the judge and bailiffs.   As Simpson was being arrested, his idiot girlfriend, Alyssa Croom, stormed out of the courtroom, slamming the door open. The judge ordered deputies to bring Croom back into court where the judge reprimanded her for her behavior.  Simpson beat to death a Labrador puppy named Axel who was recently adopted from the New Hanover County Animal Shelter by Croom’s parents.

According to officials with the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, Simpson admitted to his girlfriend that Axel peed on the floor and bit him and that he didn’t realize his own strength while he was disciplining the dog. [The puppy is 5 months old and was not even his dog to discipline and he had to go to the bathroom while he was busy playing idiot video games and the local veterinarian who performed the necropsy noted that it was the worst case of animal abuse he has ever seen. He claimed that Axel’s liver resembled “ground hamburger.” ]

In July 2015, arrest warrants out of Brunswick County state that Simpson was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty after he abused and injured a three-month-old kitten. On the same date, he was also charged with assault on his dumbass girlfriend, who is still with him, and battery of an unborn child. District Attorney Jon David said all the charges were dropped after his girlfriend declined to cooperate with prosecutors.

Christopher Simpson, 21, pleaded guilty to one count of felony cruelty to animals. He was given a 6-17 month suspended sentence and 3 years of probation.

COWARD appears in court with IDIOT girlfriend Alyssa Croom

Simpson’s girlfriend’s family adopted the dog, named Axel, from New Hanover County
Animal Services on Dec. 1.

On Christmas, Simpson went over to the family’s house to visit. While there, the family decided to go visit other family members for the holiday; however, Simpson did not want to go and the family let him stay home and play video games.

While they were gone, Simpson called his girlfriend and told her that Axel peed on the floor. Simpson said he popped the dog on the butt and it bit him. When the family returned, they couldn’t find Axel. That’s when they called their daughter and she told them Simpson “didn’t know his own strength and killed the dog when he punched it.”

As part of his sentencing, Simpson will also have to complete a mental health assessment, anger management courses and a substance abuse screening. He cannot own a pet while on probation. [he should never be around an animal again and it is only a matter of time before this ticking timebomb kills a person preferably his idiot girlfriend and not some innocent person; remember Luka Magnotta?]

The prosecution requested bail be increased … citing Simpson’s prior charges of animal cruelty, the extremity of the dog’s injuries in the current case, and text messages between Simpson and his girlfriend indicating plans to flee to Florida.

Far left: Christopher Anthony Simpson. Far right: District Judge Lindsey McKee Luther. (Port City Daily photo | BENJAMIN SCHACHTMAN)

Under Susie’s Law, Simpson will face up to 10 months in jail.

Susie’s Law, passed in 2010 as HB 1690, made animal cruelty a more serious felony offense. Named for Susie, a pit-bull mix that was tortured and set on fire in Greensboro in 2009. Susie survived, but under the state laws of the time LaShawn Whitehead, the man who abused her, would have escaped prison time.

The prosecution requested Christopher Anthony Simpson's bail from $2,500 to $50,000. Judge Lindsey McKee Luther raised it to $100,000. Simpson was taken into custody immediately afterwards. (Port City Daily photo | BENJAMIN SCHACHTMAN)







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  1. Both he and his pathetic girlfriend should be locked away. They don’t deserve to walk among decent people. They are both scum of the earth.

    1. Yes really pathetic so he best the crap out of his girlfriend when she was pregnant but she refused to testify so he walked, then he abused his girlfriends family 3 month old kitten and again she refused to testify, as she was the only witness to the kitten being abused. And this latest he said he just tapped the 5 month old puppy on the butt for peeing on the floor and dipshit girlfriend tells her parents and authorities he didn’t realize his own strength! And that is how the puppy’s liver looked like ground hamburger saif the vet who did the necropsy.

    2. I’d like 5 minutes alone with these piece of shit cowards. In my opinion they should be punished the same way they treated those dogs and cats. There is no nasty name or swear word that does any justice to what these assholes really are. Their just piece of shit cowards.

  2. The Judge who handled this case should get a swift kick in the ass, this loser is a repeat offender and should be treated as one. The real problem lies with the court system , their stupidity and inaction to do what,s right only incourages this kind of inhumane behavior.

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